Best Community Logo Maker

Are you looking for a community logo design that binds people together? Create a wholesome, positive, and inclusive community brand with DesignMantic’s online logo maker tool. With hundreds of unique community logos, a resourceful editing studio, and an easy click-based design process, all your logo designs can now be created in under 5 minutes!

The Diversity of a Foundation Logo

A foundation logo portrays so many different ventures – charities, educational institutes, community drives, and many such causes. But our unique foundation logo templates have been created using icons that are relevant to many services-related industries. Therefore, you can use our foundation logo symbols for children foundation logos, peace organization logos, and education foundation logos as well. So, conclude your search for the ideal foundation logo symbols here and use our logo maker now.

Create Free Community Logo Design in 3 Steps


Browse thousands of attractive community logo designs from our library and shortlist as many as you want. Each design is created by a professional designer so you can not pick the wrong design.


Customize and edit your community logo template as per your preferences. You can change icons, colors, fonts, and layout. Each change is accessible within a few clicks.


Once you are done with all the changes, proceed to download your final community logo. You will get the logo in vector format to make sure that your entire branding is quick, easy, and scalable.

Does Your Association Need a Logo?

Yes, it does. A professionally designed association logo can promote your non-profit organization as authentic, competent, and professional. The right brand image will ensure that people trust your community endeavor and keep donating so you can help and care for those whom you support.

With the help of DesignMantic’s wide variety of association logos, you can portray the right brand image for your association services. Our association logo maker is quick, easy, and efficient to use. It also does not require any prior design knowledge or experience. The best thing: it’s as cheap as free!

The Right Foundation Logo for the Right Philanthropy Brand

The icons, colors, and fonts you choose for a foundation logo design will communicate specific messages about your brand. Is it local or international, what kind of services it provides, whether it is religious or more diverse? To get the most accurate representation of your brand, getting the design features right is critical. Our qualified professionals make each of our foundation logo templates perfectly balanced to convey the exactly right image. Our editing features help you customize the template as per your company’s needs. For SMBs as well as enterprises, our brand design packages are creative, flexible, and budget-friendly.

How to Brand with Community & Foundation Logo

By displaying your visual identity – such as your community health logo – you not only promote your organization but invite others to join your cause too. Consistent branding requires each of your marketing assets – business cards, t-shirts, brochures, and official letters, etc. – to display your logo in exactly the right way with exactly the right colors and such. Our vector-based community logo images help achieve this consistency in branding and allow you to promote a reliable brand message.

Over 780 Community Logo Images to Choose From

The design variety available here is extensive. From community wordmark logos to icon-based logos of various styles, we have something for everyone. No matter the size or scope of your local community center, our professionally designed logos can give you a competitive and impeccable brand image. Our Live Chat option is there to answer all your instant queries. We also have an FAQ page with each industry logo so you can get all the relevant information in one place. Plus, our famous blog has the most updated and actionable design and marketing advice to help SMBs every step of the way towards success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a community and foundation logo maker to design my logo?

A community and foundation logo maker is an AI-based system that takes actions to understand what you are looking for and learns your preferences. It then helps you show designs that you are likely to find more suitable to your needs.

To use DesignMantic’s logo maker to work for you, choose the Community and Foundation from the dropdown menu on the Logo Design toolbar. Choose a community logo template or a foundation logo design from the displayed designs and proceed to add custom touches to the logo. The customization will allow you to add changes to the template as per your brand’s requirements. Once you are done, download the logo by choosing a payment plan.

The process takes just a few minutes and gives you unique and original designs.

Can I download a free foundation logo sample?

At DesignMantic, we offer highly affordable graphic design solutions to SMBs, startups, and budding entrepreneurs. Since our prices are already low, we do not currently offer free foundation logo samples.

However, if you are looking for a foundation or charity logo design but do not feel certain about a single look, take advantage of our customization panel. It allows you to make extensive changes to each logo template, so you end up with a design that you are sure about. You can also shortlist multiple foundation logo templates before you finalize one.

Do you have custom foundation logo designs?

Sure, we do. A custom foundation logo design is an exclusive design created for a company following an original design brief. To order your custom logos, please look at the top of our toolbar and click on the Custom Graphic Design tab.

The tab will lead you to a page where you can see details of what goes into a custom design project. You can fill up our Contact Us form to get in touch with us to start the process. We currently offer four design packages, each offering original design concepts, quick delivery times, and a satisfaction guarantee, too.

To find out more about our custom foundation logos, you can connect with our Support Team too available on chat or call 855-752-5503.

Do you give discounts on charity logos?

Whether you are looking for a charity logo, a community logo, or a foundation logo, our pricing plans are extremely affordable and economical for a range of business needs.

While we do not have a discount deal on logo designs right now, our Basic design package only costs $37, which is super affordable. This package will get you a unique charity logo vector in high-res format. The vector format is unique in the sense that it allows you to print or reproduce your logo on multiple media - social media design, signboards, or a business card, etc. - without harming the image quality.

So, if the price is a factor for you, choose our Basic logo design package to get a unique logo for under $40.

What should my community service logo look like?

Our brain understands shapes better and more quickly than any other element present in a logo design. Therefore, to create a community service logo, pay close attention to the symbols and icons you’ll use in the logo.

Choose images that communicate a sense of coming together and belongingness. People icons, holding hands logos, and a growing tree logo are some examples of such images. Then, choose colors that convey warmth and invitation. Yellow, orange, peach, and green are some of the best shades to use. Similarly, your fonts should be modern, simple, and not too elaborate. Keep the design minimal so that the elements don’t override the message you’re trying to convey. For inspiration, check out our community and foundation logo gallery today.