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Personalized Mailbox for a Professional Look

Send messages with a personalized domain for your email addresses.

  • No Strings Attached
  • No Complications
  • No Fuss

Why a Personalized Mailbox?

Getting a personalized mailbox is important to authenticate your business as credible and genuine. DesignMantic now offers easy to generate personalized email domain for your business without any complications.

Whatever your domain

Whatever is your domain registered for your website, we offer you the same domain for your email address. Example: if your website is registered as, your email address will be like this: All done registering start designing your own website.

personalized email address

Whenever you like

As soon as you subscribe to personalized email mailbox you can immediately start using your email addresses. You can get them at the nominal price of $4.00 per month for 5 email addresses instantly.

personalized mailbox

Whatever you want

When you subscribe for a personalized email mailbox you get these awesome features that you won’t want anything more.

  • Personalized domain email
  • Webmail access
  • Up to 5GB mail storage
  • Affordable & Secure
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