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Why You Will Love Our Website Builder

Fast & Instant

A website design in minutes and FREE? Yes, our web design maker is fast and can help you create your website in minutes. Why bother with web designers who will take eons to create your website design, when you have DesignMantics web builder, and create your website for FREE!

Just enter your company name, and browse themes after themes, and select the one for your business website instantly. Choose a website design, edit to your hearts content in our website builder, and get your site up and running instantly. Get your website now for FREE!

Beautiful Layouts

Confused with colors and layouts? There are plenty of options to choose from. From bright energetic red to go with entertainment or advertising businesses to dull yellow to go with your new café, or solid black to give a sophisticated look to your realtor’s website design. All of this is within your reach and for FREE!

You have plenty of layout options to choose from – you can change the color theme, the fonts, image, logo or simply swap for a different theme. With our website builder you can customize website design layouts to suit your taste and business needs, within minutes. Get your website now, for FREE!

Easy Tool

Website design is too technical? Codes and technical jargons should no longer be your headache. Let our HTML5 website builder to handle the background work, while you concentrate on getting your website up and running. And if it’s FREE, it would be even better!

Our HTML5 website design tool is extremely easy to use and most importantly FREE. Drag, drop, or upload to customize your website to perfection, or edit, delete and start over. With our website builder you can’t go wrong. You don’t need to be an expert in web design now, you need our website builder tool. Get your website now, for FREE!

Build Your Website Now

With DesignMantic’s website builder you can realize your dream to own a business online. You don’t have to search for a web designer, quotations and a long waiting time to set up your website. All you have to do is enter your company’s name and get started.

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