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Whether you’re starting a business, website, application or blog you’re bound to need a logo design. Your logo is your identity in this vast online and offline universe, and you can’t risk looking unprofessional. You need an eye-catching and memorable logo to guarantee brand recall and outshine the competitors.

Luckily, with our DIY logo maker tool you can easily get a business logo icon without losing much sleep over it or worry about the technicality behind it. Our logo maker tool has tons of free logo design templates in our database that are categorized by:

  • Industry
  • Keywords
  • Alphabets

Regardless of the industry you’re in, or business type, you can be sure to get a logo design that’ll meet your needs.

  • Photography
  • Beauty
  • Real Estate
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Construction

Click here for the complete list of industry logos.

Tens of thousands of logo designs are waiting for you


Our free logo maker is a software tool that features a database of readymade free logo design templates, designed by professional logo designers who are well versed in the art of identity design. We’ve perfected our tool so that you can easily access the logos and customize the design according to your taste, preferences and requirements. Here’s how to get started with DesignMantic’s free logo maker:

Step 1

Enter Your Company Name

Enter your company name into the logo maker and select your industry from the given list. Click “Show My Designs” to get tons of free logo design templates. Pick one from the list of symbols and now you’re ready to customize your design.

Step 2

Customize Your Company Logo

Once you’re in the logo design studio, you can customize your company logo with a tagline, colors, additional shapes or text. You can even change the position of the text and shape as you require and hit “Continue” to login for check out and download.

Step 3

Download or More

Once done you can download your logo as it is in high resolution vector files by paying a nominal amount or continue for more options. You can use it to design a business card, email signature, stationery, social media cover images or launch your website in minutes!

Check out how our customers have successfully created their logo designs with our free logo maker!

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Ask any professional logo designer and you’ll get to hear a long list of considerations and technical jargons when designing a business logo. But guess what? You don’t have to learn all that to get a prefect logo. We’ve made it easy for you with these tips.

When you design your logo be sure to remember these commandments of logo design!

Choose the Right Color(s)

While our pre-set colors for our logo design templates are ideal, we know it’s not enough. When you search for that perfect color, refer to a color wheel for deciding on a color palette that will make your logo stand out without looking tacky. Check these combos for a start:

Be sure to understand color psychology and what they stand for as well as, whether they match your industry type or not. In our free logo maker studio, you can click on the color picker to play around with different colors and implement on your free logo design template.

Choose the Right Font

Choosing the right font is like choosing the right ingredient for your meal. While writing out your company name with any font will make it legible, but it won’t make your logo stand out.

Fonts are tricky because you have to understand how their combinations work to make the right choice. Consider these combos when you’re picking a font to go with your business logo or a logo for your website.

Choose the Right Symbol

Perhaps the most important of all tips in the logo design process is choosing the right symbol. After all, what do you want your brand identity to look like? A regal and authoritative lion; a cute and cuddly puppy; or simply your professional name?

The type of symbol impacts the logo design’s total impact and memorability. For example:

Selecting the symbol takes time but you know what, there is a trick to it. First off understand your brand’s personality, by listing its attributes. Secondly, consider the kind of brand voice you want your business to speak in, and the kind of impression you want to make on your target audience. And lastly, determine who your target audience is. These combined will give clues as to what type of symbol will look best for your brand identity.

Moreover, each industry has its own symbol type that automatically helps your customers associate your business with it. Browse through the following industries to find out how their symbols differentiate from each other.


For the simple reason that it is easy and free to use in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to go anywhere to get tons of logo design concepts. And it doesn’t cost you anything to play with unlimited and free logo design templates.

When your startup business is on a shoestring budget, you need a business logo that fits into it. DesignMantic provides you tons of options to choose from; you only pay for the logo design you like and customize for download.

With custom design you’ll have to pay a bomb to graphic designers who will make you wait for eons for your logo design. Make the wise choice and get your logo from DesignMantic!