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Tell people your commitment to high-quality education with our high-quality education institution logos . Choose from hundreds of unique logo designs created by professional artists. Our logo generation process is easy, efficient, and supremely powerful. AI will help you connect with the best of our designs and spoil you for choice. Ready to give it a go?

Is DIY the Right Way to Design an Education Logo?

You bet! Conventional logo design processes are time-consuming and ever-expensive. Our DIY education logo maker removes all that hassle from the process. Our AI-powered system learns your logo design preferences and helps you find school and college logo designs that you are sure to love. Editing is click-based and can be as extensive or as simple as you want – our customization tool is huge. Once you like what you have created, click Download, and an instantly printable logo is delivered to your inbox. It really is as easy as it sounds.

The Value of a Professional School Logo Design

For an education venture to prosper and to invite the most promising minds to its folds, generating the right image is critical. A professional school logo needs to communicate trust, excellence, and distinction. Inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility are also essential concepts that best education logo images must carry.

That’s a tall order to fulfill and may require an expensive graphic designer to do the job. But that’s where we come in. We help you find the most well-balanced and beautifully crafted designs that can communicate your brand message with perfection. Our services are affordable with no compromise on quality. So if you are looking for the best school logos , our designs are just a click away.

Design an Education Logo in 3 Simple Steps


Explore our gallery and find the most relevant education logo designs that suit your business. Browsing is free and you can shortlist multiple designs for the next stage.


Edit the features of your education logo template using our customization tool. You can change the icons, colors, fonts, and even the layout. Advanced options allow you to add shadows, see the grid, and do so much more.


Click on Download once you are happy with what you have created. After choosing your pricing plan, the printable education logo vector will be sent directly to your inbox for instant branding.

The Signs of the Perfect Education Logo

It is extremely important to get the details right when you are designing an education logo . For a university logo , choose graduation cap icons , shield icons, and quilt icons, etc. Bee logo icons , owl logo symbols , glasses icons, and book logo icons , etc. also signify studying and learning. Colorful pens, crayons, and star icons are usually reserved for kindergarten logos but can also be used as daycare or preschool logos . Laurel wreath with stars and arms reaching upwards to the sky are some other popular education logo symbols . So, when you are choosing the right logo for your education business logo, ensure to select details that best match your business needs.

Over 540 Educational Logo Templates to Choose From

So, do you feel ready to explore our education logo gallery now? All you have to do is add your school or college name and let our logo generator do the rest. If you feel stuck at any stage, feel free to get in touch for a quick consult. Use our FAQs section for the hottest questions the Internet has regarding education logo images. And don’t forget to check out our blog. We are forever adding new material there whether it’s branding, design, or marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an education logo?

One of the most economical and convenient methods to create an education logo is to use an online logo maker tool.

DesignMantic’s online logo maker gives you access to hundreds of unique education logo templates . Each template is created by a professional. Just add your company name to it, edit it to bring it closer to your design brief, and you are done. The whole thing is simple and can be done with a few clicks of a button. Once you are happy with the way your new education logo looks, you can continue to download it.

The whole process is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Does your education logo maker have custom designs?

We do. In addition to offering convenient design solutions with the help of our education logo maker , we also offer custom designs for clients who want exclusive brand identities.

Our custom logo designs are original, one-of-a-kind designs created exclusively for a business. The process doesn't use any templates and works on real design briefs provided by clients. If you are interested in our custom design packages, we are currently offering four. Each package includes original design concepts, strong collaboration, and a satisfaction guarantee.

To find more about our custom education logos , contact our Support and Sales team

How do I differentiate my online education logo from others?

Our customization studio allows you to make extensive changes to your online education logo template so each design is different from the next.

To start the process, choose the logo template that you want to use as your online education logo . Click on it to open the customization panel. There, you can change colors, text, and even the main icon of the logo to use something entirely different. You can also add a tagline, change the layout, and even go back a few paces using the Undo button when you’ve made a mistake.

Our 24/7 customer services are also there to help you out if you need expert advice.

Can an education logo for a website be in black and white?

That depends on the audience of your education business. For example, if your logo is representing an elementary school , a bit of bright color will be better than something as stark as black-and-white.

On the other hand, if you represent advanced education or mastery in a subject, a sophisticated black and white education logo design may add prominence to your brand. To find out if your brand name and character go well with a black and white look, try our customization panel to experiment with some coloring. You can also share logo options with a focus group to know what people think.

If all goes well, maybe you can get a unique look for your school or college logo .

How do I get a free education logo?

There are not many places that will offer you a free education logo , because somebody has to pay the designer who has created that logo. Most places that offer a free logo do not provide original logo files or give you subpar image quality.

Therefore, if the price is a factor for you, use a logo maker software like DesignMantic, to create a professionally designed and high-quality education logo design at an extremely affordable cost. Our prices are economical because we want to help small businesses, like yours, that do not have large graphic design budgets to spare.

To check out our pricing plans, start creating your school logo now and see how easy and affordable it is.