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Impress your guests with a charming hotel logo long before they ever set foot into your hotel. Choose from 100s of unique hospitality logos to find the one that suits you the best. Start now and get the most amazing deals!

Browse Cheerful Hospitality Logo Ideas

Take a trip to our hospitality logo gallery to find the right symbol for your holiday and travel brand. Whether you run a bed and breakfast, a boutique hotel, or a grand beach resort, our hospitality logo icons are rich and diverse. From hotel logos to beach logos we have it all. Browse our hospitality logos for inspiration today and find what works for you. Whether you are looking for a wildlife safari logo or something more restful, our logo collection has everything you need, and then some!

How to Design a Great Hospitality Logo

Every logo says something, and for a hospitality logo design to work perfectly, it must say all the right things. For most design-novice and business owners, it is a difficult feat to accomplish. This is where DesignMantic’s logo maker comes in! Use it to create a warm and inviting brand identity for your entertainment and hospitality business without breaking the budget, and in less than 5 minutes! And if you don’t know how to design, no big deal. Our AI-powered online logo maker tool is easy to use and super fun to work with. Just add your company name and see how it works.


Use our hospitality logo gallery to look at the latest, most popular hotel management logos. Shortlist as per your brand preferences and move on to the next step.


Change the design as per your brand needs. Customize the font, colors, and symbols. You can also add a tagline for the most impact.


Once all changes are made, your hospitality logo template is ready for download. Just click the button and get your brand new logo right in your inbox.

Ways to Brand Your Hospitality Management Logo

Communicate your brand promise every time you interact with your guests. From your do-not-disturb signs to the room service menu, display your hotel or bed and breakfast logo everywhere. Use our hospitality logo vector files for flawless resizing and printing.

Your luxury hotel logo should be clearly displayed on staff uniforms and name tags. It’ll help the guests recognize the employees easily and make them more accessible.

Whether you are a large hotel or small, deliveries are a part of the trade. Make sure to proudly exhibit your logo at the side of your delivery truck so everyone can remember your name.

Over 1508 Hospitality Logo Templates to Choose From

At DesignMantic, logo making is only the tip of the iceberg. We also offer our clients the full range of branding solutions, the latest design knowledge, and the most exclusive brand identity fixes in the form of custom hotel logos. These hospitality logos are original, unique, and made just for you. Before you make up your mind, check out the fantastic reviews our clients always leave for us. For those who are interested in becoming a part of the graphic design world, our blog is the most live and enthralling place to be. We share tips, news, trends, and analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly does a hospitality logo maker work?

If you have a clear idea in mind, a hospitality logo maker can get your brand new logo design ready in less than 5 minutes. The longest time is spent finding the right design, but our template variety will ensure that you don’t have to search for long.

The customization process where you personalize your hospitality logo is also pretty quick and intuitive. Every change can be made with a simple click of a button, so no time is wasted there either.

To save time, we suggest having a bit of a design idea in mind. It’ll make your logo search more focused and if you have got that part covered, the rest will be as quick as a flash.

Why is the pineapple a symbol of hospitality?

Before pineapple became the symbol of hospitality, it was exalted as a mark of luxury and unattainable wealth at the start of the 16th century. European royal households and aristocracy used to spend thousands of dollars to import this Caribbean fruit.

It was done to impress the guests and to show them that no expense has been spared by the host. In early America, the revolutionaries started growing pineapples as a sign of individuality, attainable independence, and self-sufficiency. Pretty soon, it was freely seen at parties, celebrations, and Christmas dinners and transformed from a symbol of imperialism to warm welcomes and genuine hospitality.

To use pineapple or any other fruit as an outstanding hospitality logo icon, contact our custom logo design services.

Should I use simple icons for a bed and breakfast logo?

Compared to hotels or motels, a bed and breakfast is a more intimate and personal setting. Therefore, a more understated icon will suit your bed and breakfast logo more than something stately or impersonal.

To create a perfectly cozy and friendly-looking bed and breakfast logo, we suggest using icons or symbols that are personal to you or your town. A river logo if your property is near a famous local river, for example. Or, you can use an egg logo a fork and spoon logo, sun and birds logo or something equally intimate and low-key. So many B&B owners choose to use their names as their brand name, and that’s something you can also do for your bed and breakfast logo design.

How do I make a hotel logo more grand?

Pay attention to city skylines, luxurious-sounding brand names, and rich and saturated colors to create a hotel logo that is as grand as it gets.

Think of Ritz, The Plaza, and Burj Al Arab five star hotels. All these hotels boast a minimalistic brand name but a hotel logo design that is anything but simple. Richly carved emblems adorn all these three logos. Black and gold are used to add an air of wealth, exclusivity, and sophistication. Follow the examples of these famous brands and choose white, gold, silver, and black as your color palette. Use shield or emblem icons for your hotel brand logo and use serif fonts to finalize it.

How can I avoid creating a generic hospitality logo design?

The DesignMantic logo maker comes with a fully-equipped customization toolbar. It has a diverse range of design features that will never let you create a generic hospitality logo design.

Using the toolbar, you can change primary as well as accent colors of the logo. You can add or remove different icons in the hospitality logo template and also look through the fonts list to see which one suits your brand the best. Making these changes is easy and can be done with the click of a button, so don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of design skills.

The personalization process also allows you to add a tagline to make the logo more aligned with your brand. And by the time you are done with all these tweaks, you’ll have a unique and exclusive hotel logo design ready at your fingertips.