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You don’t want mediocre talent in your team, then why compromise with a subpar logo? Use our intelligent logo maker today to get the best HR logo you can ever dream of. All of our designs are hand-made, crafted by trained artists. Our HR logos affordable and our interface super smooth. Just click on the button below and get creating.

The Right Employment Logo for Every Business

There is one perfect employment logo for every business. Whether you are a small team or large, an employment firm or a recruiting enterprise, the sheer variety of unique employment logo designs in our database mean that you can leave here with the best employment logo for your business no matter what.

From team logos to recruitment agency logos, people logos, and tie logos among others. All of our staffing company logos carry a theme of connection, unity, and communication. So check out our logo maker today and find the best design representation for your HR firm.

Creating a Recruiter Logo is Easy


Start the process by browsing our recruiter logo gallery. Sift through our templates to find the designs that best match your purpose. Shortlist as many or as few designs as you like.


Have fun with our customization studio. Take advantage of tons of design options to change icons, colors, fonts, etc.. Add and delete till you create a recruiter logo design that you can’t wait to show off!


When you’ve finalized your logo design, proceed to Download. Choose a payment plan and receive a brand new recruiter logo design right in your box. As easy as it gets.

Why Go for a Top Quality Human Resources Logo

Human resources logos are important communication tools. People create lasting first impressions about your HR company by looking at its logo and other visual cues. Colors, layout, fonts, and the overall look of the visual identity help people form perceptions about the integrity and competency of a business. If you are running a human resources consultancy firm or any other HR business, having a strong human resources logo of a capable business entity is crucial.

Most brand owners are no graphic designers but if you hire a graphic designer, it can leave a huge hole in your budget. With DesignMantic’s online logo maker tool, you have a handy alternative. We use professionally created designs and leverage the power of artificial intelligence to help you find the most relevant logo templates. With extensive customization, you can turn a simple template into a stunning logo. If you are interested to find out more, visit our logo gallery today to see all the latest designs.

A Staffing Logo to Market Your Message

It’s important to tell people exactly who you are as a brand. Are you modern and inclusive? Do you support equal pay? Are you a niche-specific staffing agency? Tell people immediately what your deal is with the help of an effective HR or staffing company logo.

Each of our staffing logo design is a perfect balance of icons, colors, fonts, and other details. This finesse in work allows us to help a huge number of clients with all of their specific brand identity needs. If you are looking for a recruitment company logo that conveys the exact right message for your brand, try our logo maker today and see why we are gushing about it.

Complete Branding with Your Employment & HR Logo

Keep everything official by printing your HR logo design on all of your official documents. This includes files, folders, envelopes, letterhead designs, and even e-mail signature design. It not only improves your professionalism but allows for better brand consistency.

Don’t underestimate business cards in the modern world of digital communication. A beautifully designed business card that’s branded with your HR firm logo is an unbeatable marketing asset. Leaving a meeting with an exchange of business cards is as professional as it gets.

Brochures are needed for marketing, promotions, and even to hand over to prospective clients and employees to invite them to learn more about what you do. Our HR logo vectors help you display your brand on all of these important promotional flyer designs and official assets and improve your chances of success.

Over 450 Employment & HR Logo Templates to Choose From

All of this design variety comes from our talented designers who keep on adding new and latest designs to our employment logo gallery. These designs help us fulfill the branding needs of a multitude of customers. Do check out their testimonials and reviews. In addition to logo design, we also offer website design, business card designs, brochure designs, and more. To understand the design intricacies of employment and HR logos, take a look at our FAQs section. And for the latest news and information from the graphic design world, don’t forget to check out our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your employment and HR logo maker free?

Using our employment and HR logo maker is entirely free. Our pricing plans only apply to the design assets you buy from us, such as logos, business cards, social header designs, and others.

Unlike many similar services that offer convenient graphic design solutions, we do not require your credit card details or even a sign-up when you want to browse our collection. You can also shortlist HR logo or employment logo templates and make changes to them without any price obligation.

Only when you are sure that you’ve chosen a design you want to use and wish to proceed to download, we show you the different price packages and help you choose the right one.

What kind of HR logo images are available at your gallery?

We have an extensive variety of HR logo images displayed at our gallery, and we add more designs regularly. Some of the most sought-after HR logo icons you’ll find in our database include abstract people logos, figure icons, magnifying glass logos, and such.

For human resources, the focal point is the people. So you will see a lot of human imagery in employment and job search logos. A person logo with a tie, people icons designed around a circle or fitted together in a jigsaw, and even a tie, with a globe icon at its background, are also great looks for an employment logo design.

Do you have transparent human resource logos?

Yes. All of our human resource logos - and logos for other industries, as well - come exclusively with a transparent background.

We understand that each brand is different and they want to portray themselves differently. Therefore, we offer our HR logos with transparent backgrounds so the design can be reproduced on any material and surface without harming your brand’s visual identity. The transparent background also ensures that whenever you decide to put your logo on top of a colored background, the logo will fit nicely and won’t clash with its surroundings.

If you do not have much experience with logo designs or their applications, go with a transparent background to make your logo shine wherever it goes.

Which style do you recommend for a job placement logo?

To make the most impact with your job placement logo, choose a combination style of design. The combination logo uses icons plus text to cover all bases and makes sure that people cannot confuse your logo with any other business.

The combination style of logo design also allows you to be more open. Unlike text-based logos where you are dependent on text and color alone, icon-based logos allow you to use shapes and images to send a clearer brand message.

Can my HRM logo design be in several colors?

Find a balance between too bright and too bland. For an HRM logo, using 3-4 colors in a logo is fine as long as all the other details are not crowding the design. However, don’t use more because then it will result in design clutter.

The best combinations of colors you can choose for your HRM logo design can be blue-green-orange, purple-blue-white, or red-yellow-peach. These combinations make the most use of color psychology and instill themes of stability, excitement, and invitation in the logo. These are the themes that work best for people-centric organizations like human resources, for example.

Use them in your logo to show off your recruitment brand as trustworthy and active.

How do I create a music logo in text?

With DesignMantic by your side, creating a free music logo in text is an incredibly easy task. Just look for logos that contain only alphabets or letters. You can then edit these logos according to your brand’s design brief and create a letter logo in no time.

However, what you need to keep in mind is the fact that type-based logos only work most effectively when brand names are revealing. If your brand name is something mysterious, and you use just letters in your logo, people will have a hard time understanding what you do just by looking at your logo.

Therefore, to make your text-based music logo more open and understandable, choose a name that is easy to understand and remember.