Make a Jewelry Logo

Sweep your clients off their feet with a stunning jewelry logo for your shop or accessories store. Use our jewelry logo maker today to get your hands on the finest and most iconic jewelry logo images you can find online. If you are ready to take your brand from drab to dazzling, we have the logo designs that are just right for you.

Pick the Right Jewelry Logo for Your Shop

You create flawless jewelry and we create flawless designs – it’s a match made in heaven! Get this partnership on the road with a sensational jewelry logo icon that you cannot find anywhere else. Each of our designs is hand-crafted and adds value to the image you are trying to communicate. Using our jewellery logo maker tool is also incredibly simple, easy, and intuitive. Just add your business name and see the hundreds of mockups of your jeweler logo design to get an idea of what the real thing will look like. Click on the button below to get started.

How to Use a Jewellery Logo Creator


Browse our jewellery logo library for the latest and most suitable templates. Choose the designs that make the most sense for your brand.


Change the colors, font, and shape of the logo to bring it closer to what your brand wants. You can modify various parts of the jeweller logo for the most impact.


After the changes are made, proceed to download the jewellery logo PNG. We offer outstanding design packages at affordable rates.

How Does a Jewelry Logo Maker Work?

Using our jewelry logo creator is fabulously easy. You don’t need any design knowledge or a ton of free hours to get the job done. All you need to do is add your company name in the required space and see tons of free jewelry logo templates created for businesses just like yours.

In the next step, put the finishing touches on your jewelry logo image, make any changes you want to it, and proceed to download it. Choose the payment plan that works for you and receive an original and editable jewelry logo vector delivered right to your inbox. Strangely easy, right? So go on, give it a try and create your own jewelry store logo today.

Look for the Perfect Jewelry Logo

Delight your audience with the most fitting symbol for your jewelry business logo. Visit our jewelry logo library and find hundreds of unique icons to represent your brand. Choose from a variety of ring logos diamond jewelry logos, gemstone logos, and so much more! Each of our designs is a perfect match for any business that deals with jewelry. From goldsmiths to online jewelry resellers, we have a logo to match your needs. So, click on the button below and see our latest jewelry logo collection today.

Polish Up Your Branding

Outshine your competition with vigorous branding of your jewelry business. From your social media profiles to business cards, and from the jewelry cases to customized bags, display your jewelry brand logo everywhere! Use the logo’s vector files to print, reproduce, and display your logo, keeping the image quality tightly intact.

Business cards are great marketing assets. Decorate them with your stunning jewelry logo and hand them over with flourish to anyone you meet.

Brand your jewelry cases as well as other packaging materials with your jewelry store logos. It not only is a great branding practice but adds a touch of personalization, too.

Over 991 Jewelry Logo Templates to Choose From

A jewelry logo business is all about handling intricate details. At DesignMantic, we know a thing or two about focusing on details and creating perfect designs in the process. So, let us join you in your branding journey and help you create the most magnificent brand identity for your new jewelry venture. All of our designs are hand-crafted and edited to perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a jewelry logo?

Depending on your skill set and budget, there are a few ways to go about making a jewelry logo design. You can hire a designer to create a jewelry logo for your business if you’ve got the budget. Or, you can create the logo yourself if you know how to.

The easiest and most affordable option, however, is to use a jewelry logo maker like ours. It doesn’t require any graphic design skills and is the quickest way to get a jewelry logo ready in minutes. But the speed does not mean a dip in quality. Just the reverse, each of our designs is professionally made and will turn your simple jewelry business into a sensational brand.

Can I create business cards with your jewelry logo maker?

Absolutely. In fact, not only business cards, our jewelry logo maker offers a whole suite of branding solutions. These include web development, social header designs, letterhead design and many more.

If you are only looking to design only the business cards at the moment, please choose ‘Business Card’ from the Select Service drop-down form on the Home page. Then select your industry: Jewelry, and see the designs flooding your browser. We have hundreds of stylish and sophisticated designs for you to choose from. Pick what you like the best for your brand and proceed to personalize.

We also suggest using our branding services to create your flyer design and letterhead designs to launch your business properly.

Can I use my jewelry shop logo as a watermark?

Of course, you can. To use your jewelry shop logo as your watermark on digital images, you need to have the vector files of your logo design with you.

As a design rule, we provide vector files to all the clients when they buy a design from us. To use it as a watermark, pay attention to the program you are using. If you are using Microsoft Word and want your jewelry store logo to be part of your official documents, click on the Design tab. In the Insert Watermark box, browse and select your jewelry store logo design.

Following the rest of the steps will result in your jewelry logo image presented as a watermark on your documents, making everything look more organized and professional.

Which font should I use for my handmade jewelry logo?

A piece of handmade jewelry signifies craftsmanship, talent, and intimacy. Depending on whether you want the intimacy part to dominate others, using a script font for your handmade jewelry logo is the best idea.

A script font is the most personalized typeface style, compared to serifs and sans serifs. It looks like cursive handwriting and will make your handmade jewelry logo look more personal and the brand more endearing. The top three fonts we recommend to highlight the handmade jewelry logo flair of your business include Honey Script Light, Playball, and Highline. Each of these fonts is beautiful, legible, and looks as pretty as a picture!

How to make jewelry business logo design look unisex?

Jewelry is a gender-neutral fashion. Therefore, creating a jewelry business logo design that looks professional and unisex is important to most jewelry brands.

To achieve that, choose jewelry business logo templates that are not too feminine. Avoid using female silhouettes or necklace or ring icons that are designed for females. Instead, choose symbols with more flexible and fluid meanings. Gemstone logos, a diamond logo a medallion logo, or gold logos with angled shapes such as squares, will look more unisex and inclusive. Pay attention to colors, too. Stick with blue, white, beige, black, and purple. These colors are universally liked with no gender biases and are associated with feelings of wealth, stability, and sophistication. With fonts, stick with serifs and sans serifs - no scripts.