Create a Research & Development Logo

Attract the best brains in the field with a sensational new research logo for your lab! Choose from a range of unique logo templates and get your logo ready in minutes. Use our free logo maker today to create an R&D logo that’s groundbreaking and professional.

How to Make a Research & Development Logo Design

Creating a research and development logo design using our online logo generator is as easy as it gets. If you are looking for an affordable logo design solution that doesn’t cut corners when it comes to giving you the best, our logo maker fits the bill. We have created this convenient tool to help entrepreneurs like you to enjoy the many benefits of branding.

Making a Free R&D Logo Design Online


Tour our R&D logo gallery to choose the most perfect logo design samples for your research lab or facility. Select the design according to your brand preferences and proceed to edit.


Customize your research logo template by changing icons, altering colors, and modifying fonts. These changes will convert a simple template to a riveting brand logo.


Once you have made all the changes, move on to download your development logo image and receive original logo files in PDF, JPEG, and PNG formats.

Best Research Logo Ideas for Inspiration

Inspire your audience by the scientific leaps you are making in your field. Choose a research logo design template that communicates your passion and integrity. Use our online logo maker to create a research lab logo, a pharmacy logo, or a medical research center logo. We also have tons of research center logos containing a variety of diverse science and technology logo icons to get your technology startups the best in identity design. Check out our latest logo designs today and start creating.

A Winning Scientific Research Logo Image

Creating a science logo that’s engaging and exciting is what we offer you at DesignMantic. Every logo template you choose is hand-crafted with perfection to form a stimulating brand identity for several different kinds of scientific research projects. If you are looking to create a scientific research logo that perfectly captures your scientific vigor and passion, you’ve come to the right place. Our logo maker requires no design skills and makes the design process as easy as 1-2-3.

Branding Your R&D Business

Branding for a science-related business needs to be professional and subtle. Be strategic about your logo placement within the business. Medical overalls, clipboards, and specific locations within the facility are great places to display the logo for maximum impact.

Make sure your technology logo is clearly visible on all business documents. From notepads to letterheads, and from envelopes to social media headers, communicate your logo from a variety of business channels.

Over 435 Research & Development Logo Templates to Choose From

Choose from the best that our design community has to offer. Select from more than 400 unique research logo templates. Be inspired by our creativity and head over to customer reviews to see the great things our customers say about us. If you want to know more about research and development logos, scroll down to check out frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a professional research and development logo?

For a research and development logo to look all business-like, it must have three things:

  • Clarity
  • Minimal elements
  • Flat design

A research & development logo represents an industry of weighty importance. There’s very little room for unnecessary embellishments or flowery fonts. To create a logo that properly represents all that, use a research logo template that uses minimal colors, simple icons, and sturdy fonts. Stay with serifs and sans serif and do not go near scripts. A light bulb logo, puzzle logo, or chemical compound logo are all great examples of simple yet sophisticated research icons. Choose any to represent your endeavor.

How to make my research company logo look different?

You can use our customization toolbar to create a personalized research company logo or you can utilize our custom design solutions to create something one-of-a-kind.

With a custom design, you get a dedicated designer working on your project. You also get multiple concepts and a free revision. But it may take a few days and cost you a bit more. If either of these is a concern for you, use our customization panel to create something distinct for your research brand. The panel is equipped with the latest and most creative options and is easy to use. To see the toolbar in action, start creating a research company logo now and see how super smooth it is.

How do I personalize my R&D logo with a free logo maker?

A customization toolbar is what gets things done when personalization is the need of the hour. To personalize your R&D logo, take full advantage of our very own customization studio, which you can access on the 2nd step of your logo design journey here.

Once you have chosen the R&D logo template you want, you will be directed to the customization page. There you’ll see tons of design options to make changes to the template. Color changes, font changes, and icon changes are all there. You can also add your company tagline and even resize the whole thing. These changes will help transform the template into a distinct R&D logo design that you can proudly use for your research and development business.

Are stock photo sites good to find research logo ideas?

A stock photo website is as good a place as any to explore research logo ideas. When you finalize an idea and decide to use it as your brand logo, that’s when a stock photo website is no longer useful.

Therefore, we suggest using a logo maker like ours to get things going. Each of the templates you’ll find here has been purposely designed to represent a business, a brand, and a vocation. Therefore, unlike a stock image site, an online research logo gallery is a better place to not only browse for ideas but to see the logos in action.

To start creating a research logo design today, click this link and see how all of it works.

Which files do I need to print my research lab logo?

To keep the image quality of your research lab logo intact, you need a vector file for printing. The vector is a type of image that supports the resizing or scaling of the image without losing the quality.

The most common types of formats that support a vector file are .SVG, .PDF, and .EPS. As a design agency that’s committed to helping businesses brand professionally, DesignMantic offers .PDF file formats with every logo design. Whether you are creating a medical research logo, clinical research logo, or an R&D institute logo you get a vector file to print your logo on multiple surfaces without worrying about image quality distortion.