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Partner with DesignMantic’s smart AI to create a brand logo you’ll love. Just enter your company name, choose your industry, and see the logo magic unfold!

A great brand story starts with a good logo design

Design a cool business logo in 6 simple steps:

Business Name

1. Enter your brand name

Add your brand, company, or organization name. Include a tagline if you’ve got one, and let the designs come rolling.

Logo Industry

2. Select your logo industry

Choose your industry so our free AI-powered gallery can give you the most relevant designs.

Logo Design Ideas

3. Choose your logo design

See instant logo magic with hundreds of AI-generated logos in different styles, shapes, and forms. Select the one closest to your dream design.

Logo Customization

4. Edit your business logo

Enjoy full creative control as you edit and customize your logo. No graphic design skills are needed. Let our AI co-worker do all the heavy lifting.

Business Branding

5. Bring your brand to life!

Use our branding solutions to get your brand logo on t-shirts, coffee mugs, stationery, and business cards.

Download Logo

6. Download & print your logo!

Download your brand logo in high-resolution vector files and promote your business to the world!

Fabulous logos made by the best in AI design

Get inspired by our future-proof AI and give your brand the tools to succeed. Bring your brand to life with DesignMantic’s Complete Branding, and see your logo on t-shirts, mugs, flyers, and more.

360-degree AI Logo Generator

Your brand’s online logo branding evolution starts here …

Take your brand from bland to brilliant! Use DesignMantic’s AI design tool to access features that will transform your brand online.

A personalized logo

  • Access to our free AI design platform
  • 100s of custom logos to choose from
  • All industry logos available, from advertising to logistics
  • Choose logo styles from abstract, minimal, retro, and more
  • Browse by keywords for more specific results

Smart customization

  • Change your logo colors, fonts, and icons
  • Make changes with just a click; no technical skills needed
  • Modify the layout and add more shapes
  • Choose from unlimited customization options
  • Preview the logo before you finalize

High-quality vector files

  • Each logo design is made with vector graphics
  • High-resolution files in PDF, JPEG, and PNG
  • Get your logo in the best sizes for digital and print use
  • Vector files protect the quality as you resize your logo
  • Grayscale to Transparent Background Variations

All-in-one branding

  • Professional logos with all-in-one branding tools
  • See your logo on brand merch like t-shirts, mugs, and more
  • Envelope design & flier designs for full-scale marketing
  • Visually consistent branding on all marketing assets
  • Custom email signature with your business logo

Website design and building

  • Build your website with a custom domain name
  • Easy-to-use web builder with premade templates
  • Use our smart AI tool for free web design themes
  • Responsive design that fits any screen size and orientation
  • Fast and instant web building at your fingertips

Business card designs

  • Plenty of unique business card templates
  • Stylish, unique, and fresh new designs to choose from
  • See your brand logo in action with your name, contact, and website
  • Or just get a business card minus the brand logo
  • High-quality design files ready for printing

Create Custom Logos for Your Industry with DesignMantic's AI

The core values of a good logo design

Learn what makes a good logo. Use our logo AI platform to create logos that fulfill these fundamental ideals.


Forget looking familiar. Design a superstar logo that stops people in their tracks. Show off your character, flaunt your personality, and display your quirks! Tell them what you stand for and dazzle them with what you can do!

Logo Personality

 Logo Audienc


Turn your brand customers into brand champions. Generate a logo that resonates with your audience and brings your brand closer to its people. Invest in connections that last!


In logo design, colors are not nouns. They are adjectives. Use color to wear your heart on the sleeve. Display your feelings and emotions with a brand color that’s loud and proud.

Logo Color

Logo Font


Sleek and angular or something more comfy and round? Play with fonts, mix and match, and add some drama. Express your brand values with typography choices that accelerate your brand message.


Do you want a minimal logo, a contemporary logo, or a vintage logo? Choose from the classics or opt for a trendy look. 100s of fresh designs to choose from. Stay true to your brand character and get a style that matches your vibe.

Logo Style

Responsive Logo


Don’t squish your logo just because the display space is tight. Keep your design intact and show it off to the world with not a piece missing. Use our AI power to create logos that fit any size and screen!

Testimonials from DesignMantic Users!

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Logo Design Software

Get answers to some of your most burning questions about DesignMantic’s superpower AI. Learn their benefits and limitations.

What is an AI logo?

An AI logo is a logo design generated with the help of artificial intelligence. Design platforms like DesignMantic use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help connect businesses with the most relevant, modern, and unique business logos.

These AI-generated logos are made in line with the foundational principles of logo design, and help businesses promote their brands confidently to the world. Each design is created with the perfect harmony of icons, colors, shapes, and fonts.

Logo design with AI facilitates the design process by making it quick, easy, and hassle-free.

How to edit an AI logo?

Let’s talk about the editing process in some detail. DesignMantic’s intelligent logo design tool has made all customization super accessible by ensuring all changes can be done with simple clicks and drags. No technical graphic design skills are needed. If you have a keen eye for design, you can create a stunning logo in just a few minutes.

With 100% click-based editing, you can change your logo colors, fonts, icons, shapes, and more. Using the grid, you can make super-specific changes. Everything from layout to background is editable, giving you complete creative control over your brand logo design.

How can I create my logo for free?

You can create your logo for free with a plethora of online AI-powered logo tools nowadays. A tool like this is typically software that is hosted on a website. You can access the logo software online to create your logo for free.

Due to the ease of user interface and design, you can create your logo in minutes. All you have to do is search the logo database, select from thousands of AI-generated logo design templates, make some color and text adjustments, and download.

Some tools offer completely free logos while others charge for the download of high-resolution files. You can try DesignMantic's free AI design tool to create your business logo right away. Search thousands of logo design templates now.

How to make a business logo stand out?

A business logo is not just a symbol; it's the face of your brand. To make your logo stand out from the crowd follow these steps:

Choose the Right Symbol

When choosing a symbol for your logo there are three things to consider.

  • Understand your brand’s personality or culture.
  • Understand your audience and target them for memorability.
  • Choose a design associated with your business industry.

Each industry has a symbol type that automatically helps your customers associate your business with it. Use our logo app to select one from thousands of symbols.

Choose the Right Color

To choose the right color for your brand logo, learn how to select colors for your logo, and refer to a color wheel. Make sure your logo color does not conflict with the brand message (refer to color psychology) and make sure they match your industry type or not.

In our free logo studio, you can click on the color picker to play around with the different colors and apply them to the free logo design template of your choice.

Choose the Right Font

Fonts can make your brand logo distinctive or dull. Choosing a font from the right family can make or break your brand image as certain combinations do not work well together. For example, understanding the difference between Geometric Sans more modern, and humanist sans go well with a non-profit, can help you make the right typeface choice for your logo.

How much does it cost to make a custom logo design?

To make a custom logo design, a business owner can pay anything from $100 to thousands of dollars. It depends on your budget and requirements.

  • If you need a quick logo to get your startup or website running, then use a logo design tool like DesignMantic to get your logo for just $37.
  • If you need a custom logo for copyrights and trademark of your small business brand identity then hire a graphic designer. DesignMantic offers custom logo design services too, starting from $47.
  • If you need to create a brand identity for medium to large enterprises, then you have the option of sticking with a well-known graphic designer or hiring a design agency.

You need to understand that when you design a custom logo, you get more design options for your brand identity including logo concepts, fonts, and colors.

Despite this, custom logos are expensive if you're a startup on a tight budget. The next best thing is to use a DIY logo design tool until your business can afford to splurge.

Do I own the copyright of the AI-generated logo design?

A logo design is a piece of creative work, and its copyright lies with the creator, who is the graphic designer.:

When you use an AI logo-making platform, the copyright of the logo belongs to the company that hosts the tool, like DesignMantic. This is because we hire professional graphic designers to create all of the designs, encode them in software, and host them on a server for users like you to access.

You don't own the copyright of the logo you download, even if you have paid for it because many other users have used the same AI logo template that you have selected.

If you want, you can pay an extra fee for the complete ownership of the design hosted in our database, but there is no guarantee that the design won’t be used by those who accessed it before you.

To learn more about copyrights, you can read our blog post on copyrights of a logo design or refer to our Terms.

Can I make changes to my vector logo after I download it?

When you design a logo using a tool, you customize a pre-made logo template.

While you can change colors, fonts, and texts and add more shapes, the basic logo template can’t be changed.

Once you finalize the logo and checkout for download, your vector logo is locked; you can’t change it. That’s why we advise you to check your design thoroughly before downloading it.