Fabulous T-Shirt Design Maker

Design your promotional t-shirts with easy to use and simple t-shirt maker in minutes

Design Easily with T-Shirt Maker

Step 1

  • Choose your t-shirt type
  • Polo neck
  • Regular neck
  • Try it for FREE

Step 2

  • Select your style
  • Kids, women, men
  • Long or short sleeves
  • Front or back design

Step 3

  • Customize t-shirt design
  • Add a logo
  • Design with shapes
  • Select font & colors

Step 4

  • Download your created design
  • Save it for later
  • Purchase for print
  • Send to printer

Still Got Questions?

Is the t-shirt maker completely free?

Yes, our t-shirt design maker is completely free to use. You can create as many t-shirt designs as you like. Only purchase a design if you like it and want to get it printed.

Can I get my t-shirt design printed anywhere?

Definitely! Once downloaded, you can use your created t-shirt design for print with any printer as we provide high resolution files for this purpose. Or, you can get them printed right here on DesignMantic. Read more about our print services or just call Support.

Can I upload my company logo to the t-shirt design maker?

Unfortunately at the moment we do not have that feature. Instead, you can use our logo-maker to design one and add the logo to the t-shirt maker studio to create a unique branded t-shirt design.