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Make Art Logos in Minutes

Show off the buzz and creativity of your art business with an equally lively logo. Use DesignMantic’s online logo maker tool to access hundreds of unique and awesome art logo designs. Each design is created with perfection and is customizable. So, give your art brand the vibrant life it deserves and start planning your art logo design today.

What is an Art Logo?

An art logo is a combination of various design elements – symbols, fonts, colors – that come together to give your art-related business a visual identity. People will look at your unique combo of these elements and immediately connect it with your services. And that’s called brand recognition and recall, which only a well-designed art logo can give you.

At DesignMantic, you will find all sorts of creative art logo designs that you can use as an art gallery logo, art studio, art consultancy business, art school logo, and art supplies store logo. We have artist logos containing paintbrush icons, paint palette icons, and paint splash icons, among others. We also offer abstract art logos which include colored lines, colorful frames, etc. You can also use our art logo templates for makeup artist logos, textile logos, and art education logos, and any other business that thrives on artistic creativity.

So, feel ready to design yet?

Get Started with a Creative Art Logo


Explore our art logo gallery for the latest and most amazing designs. Browsing is completely free and you can shortlist as many designs as you like.


Edit the art logo template you have selected with complete ease and freedom. You can change colors, add effects, insert a tagline, change the layout, and do so much more.


Proceed to download the best art logo design you’ve just created. With a single click, get your logo file downloaded to your device in multiple formats for complete branding!

Design a Brand with Your Art Logo

Do you run a craft store, a high-end art-and-design school, or teach young people art in your spare time? No matter the type or size of your arts-related business, you need a brand image to build a solid and thriving business. This brand image will tell your audience all it needs to know about who you are. So, take charge of this storytelling and build your brand message with a well-crafted art logo design right now. Our AI-powered process is super-easy and hassle-free.

Why DIY an Art Logo Design

With DesignMantic’s online art logo maker, the process is artfully easy. You don’t need to have prior education, or experience, in graphic design to DIY your art logo image. Simply head over to our logo design gallery, choose the right template, and customize! We have a variety of art logo symbols and icons in beautiful and vibrant colors suitable for all kinds of art-related businesses. With DIY, you don’t have to worry about back-and-forth emails, time-consuming processes, and hefty designer fees. Use our DIY art logo generator for an affordable and convenient design solution.

Select your art logo template, customize it according to your brand strategy, and continue to download. Our affordable and creative art logo designs are professionally-crafted and fit for all brand needs to a T.

Branding Your Business with an Art Logo Design

From logo design to website design and promotional designs on coffee mugs, etc., our services come equipped with the latest graphic design knowledge and experience to help you build a commanding brand presence.

Our art logo vectors help you establish your brand identity consistently. With business card designs, social media headers, and a stellar logo, we take care of all your art logo brand needs from A to Z.

Our art logo designs printed on t-shirts serve as the perfect promotional material to handout during office events, corporate festivals, trade shows, and more. It is a cost-effective branding asset that enhances brand recognition.

Over 330 Art Logo Templates to Choose From

Our art logo library is over 3-hundred unique designs strong, and we add more each day! But our design services are much more than logos. Our complete branding allows you to enjoy the perks of having a successful presence in the market with our design solutions such as website designs, social media designs, flyer designs, and so much more. Our Live Chat option and FAQs page are great resources to get your design queries answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an art awards logo with a logo maker?

Click on the logo maker app at the top of our Home Page. In the search bar, type ‘art awards logo’ and press Enter. You will be directed to our art logo gallery, where you can browse and shortlist logo templates for your art awards brand.

You can now make custom changes to your shortlisted art logo templates using our customization tools. To create a look that makes your art award logo design look stately and impressive, choose golds and silver shades in your logo and pick fonts that are imposing and look high-end. Most Serif fonts can achieve this goal.

Does your art logo maker offer business card designs?

We do. Not only business card designs, our art logo maker also offers other branding designs such as website designs, flyer designs, t-shirt designs, and more.

To look at the latest business card design templates, check out our design gallery and select your favorite design. We have hundreds of unique and modern designs that you can use to create impressive branding. In addition to regular info such as name, address, phone, and email, you can also add your art business logo to the card design. Each card can have a unique back design, to make your business card look more attractive.

We also offer art logo design packages that include business card design as part of the complete branding.

How soon can I get an art gallery logo if I order today?

That depends if you’ve ordered a custom art logo or are using our logo maker app. With the logo maker, you can get your art gallery logo delivered to your inbox directly. But if you have ordered a custom design, it might take a few days to get made.

If you are pressed for time, we recommend using one of our hundreds of art logo templates to create your brand identity design. The design process is quick and can take only a few minutes. However, if you are looking for a more exclusive design, a custom logo may be your answer. Talk to our design expert through our online chat support to find out how long the process may take.

Do I need branding with my art academy logo?

If you are looking to create a cohesive brand identity for your art academy, you do need complete branding with your art academy logo.

Our complete branding solution consists of essential design assets such as art works logo design, website design, social header design, business card design, letterhead design, flyer design, and more. You receive a vector file when you buy a logo design from us. The art logo vector allows you to enhance your branding even more. You can use the vector file to print your logo on your store signboard, staff badges, and on product packaging, etc.

How to design an art club logo with your logo builder?

First off, you need to pick a logo template as your brand logo. Our art logo builder contains hundreds of unique icons that you can choose from. Everything from beautiful bird icons to color splashes and from other abstract art logos to more defined symbols such as studio lights are available.

When you finalize the art club logo template you want to use for your art club brand, proceed to customize the design. There, you can edit details such as icons, colors, and fonts, etc. to make the design look less general and more specific to your brand. You can also add a brand tagline.

When you are done with all the changes, proceed to download and receive the vector file directly into your inbox.