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A Comprehensive Guide to Designing Palatable Bakery Logos

Author: Evan Brown

A simple glance at a stunning logo design can make customers feel the urge to walk into a bakery and being ambushed by the sweet aroma of freshly baked goods. In an era where frozen foods and packaged treats dominate the retail grocery industry, a unique bakery logo design can make all the difference as a retreat for those craving enchanting sweet treats. Not to mention, with the opening of bakeries every now and then in the US (2,500 commercial bakeries to be precise, according to the business analysis firm Hoovers) branding in the bakery industry has never been more indispensable. As bakeries are usually the top choice of customers for sweet stuff, a scrumptious bakeshop logo design can make all the difference.


Can you rightly identify the true nature of a bakery by having a look at its logo design – is it a commercial one or the bakery that functions from social media like home bakeries? Does the bakery specialize in occasional cakes or whole-some staples like Bagels, baguettes, rye breads, and pretzels? The logo for your bakery should radiate the essence of the type of your bakery business and specialties like home-baked style scones filled with cream and jam or hearty apple pies loaded with cinnamon and nutmeg aroma. Or perhaps gourmet, hard-to-pronounce French delicacies like eclair au chocolat, tarte tatin, and mille-feuille.

Let’s discuss some tips to keep in mind while designing a bakery logo using a logo maker. And we promise you the end result will be a logo that is simple, adaptable, powerful, and blends perfectly with your brand strategy.


A diligently designed bakery logo is a foreplay of creative skills. If your logo designer or a logo maker has done the job right, the logo design for your bakery should suggest something about what lays beyond the doors of your bakery business. Leveraging the power of only a few words and images, your logo can seek to communicate the texture and taste of your products.

A lot more than baking goes into designing bakery logos. Rather than butter, flour, and sugar, you should be armed with the power of imagery, words, and colors. All these factors, when combined, can help you come up with inspirational and creative designs for bakery logos. Here are some tips how you can design delectable bakery logos.

how to create a perfect bakery logo

1. Using the Right Images to Whet the Sweet Tooth

Eyes lead the way and the tongue simply follows. Inside, you may pack your meticulously frosted cupcakes in intricate packaging to please the visual palate, but from outside, your logo has to provide a feast for the eyes. When you think of a bakery, images of pastries, cupcakes, and other drool-worthy paraphernalia spring to mind, and this is why so many bakeries leverage these images in their logos as a whispered promise of what lays inside. On the other hand, a plethora of famous bakeries and patisseries have been seen capitalizing on images of baking utensils or bakers in apron to lend a homely feel to their logos, and a subtle hint at the diligence and care that go into baking each morsel.

infographic for bakery logos  - Using the right images to whet the sweet tooth

2. The Use of Colors to Make them all “Rumbly in their Tumbly”

The use of colors can make all the difference between a memorable and run-of-the-mill logo, and between the desirability of a bakery or the instinct to steer clear off it. Colors have deep psychological implications, and the use of a colors can either fortify the message you are aspiring to communicate across or make it come off on the wrong foot. A plethora of bakeries employ natural or pastel colors. Such logos convey an underlying message of traditions of baking, and delve into baked confectionaries with sugary frostings. On the other hand, contemporary bakeries leverage the psychology of colors by experimenting with non-traditional, unconventional colors to make their logos stand out amidst the crowd of other logos.

Dark and somber colors

Evoke seriousness of emotions and gravity of a message. They are far from being suited to represent the positive feelings and sheer mirth linked to relishing in baked goodies. In addition, drab and lackluster colors can contradict your promise of freshness in products, and make your items come off as stale.

Vibrant and Animated Hues
Revamp the look and feel of your logo. A color scheme that is eye-catching and warm, such as shades of appetizing pinks, lip-smacking browns, tempting oranges, and fresh blues, dominate most bakery and patisserie logos. If you want to stress your emphasis on healthy produce, green may be your color of the year.
colors for bakery logos

These DesignMantic logo designs are colored to perfection and make us feel all giddy while looking at them. The top-notch imagery, relevant fonts, and the perfect color palette make these logos a favorite with bakeries.

bakery logos by DesignMantic
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3. Flaunt Your Expertise

Despite having ventured into new dimensions, The Phoenix Bakery in Chinatown, LA, still draws throngs who wait in interminable lines to buy their uber-fluffy two-tier cake, oozing with fluffed up whipped cream and fresh strawberries, and encrusted with rings of almond slivers on the sides. While you can tout a line-up that is as incessant as it is scrumptious, if your bakery has a specialty that makes you puff up with pride, it should be represented in your bakery logo to acquaint customers with it even before the launch.

bakery logo design
Behind the Scene: Logo Design Case Study

Entrepreneur and baker du jour Jason Sigala aspired to launch his bakery in the heart of Southern California, offering old-fashioned, quality American desserts prepared from scratch. The design brief entailed the branding to incorporate a decidedly mid-century East Coast look and feel. Designer Tim Frame designed a unique shape for the logo that incorporated the script type. With a unique shape, a script typeface that mimics styling consistent with the 40’s, and line work that resembles decorative icing, the logo has the appearance of typical signage from the ’40s. A pale blue palette was chosen, which seamlessly blends in with the nostalgic theme.

Ask yourself what your strong suit is. Are you more predisposed towards donuts, artisan breads, specialty cakes, or frosted to perfection cupcakes? Or perhaps your bakery is centered on a particular style, such as delicacies from a specific culinary zone, going gluten free, or all-organic? If so, it’s prudent to design around those qualities so that you can reach the intended audience aspiring to scour those traits. The more specialized your bakery products are, the more vital it becomes to make your bakery logo specific and distinct.

4. Fonts to Tingle the Taste Buds

The font of your logo serves as your surrogate voice, and different font types vary in intonations, cadence, and inflections when articulating your business message to your customers. Think of a rustic, grunge font for the logo of an exquisite French Patisserie; sounds more like dressing up a petite maiden in rough spun and chainmail!

font infographic

Since every font style conveys a different message, it is prudent to choose diligently, so that your logo font sets the right mood for the patrons before they even walk in through your doors. In addition to selecting a viable font style, also make sure that the font style is easily legible and usable across myriad branding mediums and scalable at various sizes. The font style also shouldn’t conflict with the background or imagery as it would wreak havoc on the design aesthetics.

Using the correct fonts is indispensable as the choice of your font can say a lot about your bakery even before the customers have had the chance to step over the threshold and delve into the scrumptious treats.

wha font choice says about your bakery logo infographic

5. Playing the Word Game with Tempting Taglines

Diligently crafted taglines are akin to sweet whisperings of tender affection and passionate promises. If you want your logo to market your bakery without having to announce it over and over again or splurge a fortune to impinge your bakery brand on the minds of the customers, a catchy tagline can come in quite handy; not to mention, it renders your logo memorable, witty, and appealing. After all, a million dollar face, zero cent brain is so archaic!

Replete with puns or an underlying insinuation, a catchy tagline can fill your patrons with glee and leave them more likely to remember your brand. The tagline of your logo can be a stanza that you have penned down to make your customers flip their heads for a second look, a cake-mantic rhyme, or a few words explaining what you have to offer. To put it in a nutshell, the tagline should incorporate the essence of your bakery so your customers take something away from it.

famous bakery taglines

How To Design A Bakery Logo?

Here are three steps to follow when designing a logo for bakery:

1. Write a Logo Brief

Diligently designed logos exude a clear impression of your bakery and help foster your image by communicating consistent messages to your customers. However, the design industry is replete with the diversity of styles, options, and design inspirations, making the process of logo design a complicated and mind-numbing one.

In addition, when you factor in the smallest of details, the process may leave one pulling their hair out in confusion:

So, write a design brief and address these questions before moving on to the next step.

2. Logo Maker vs. Custom Logo Design

Something as seemingly innocuous as a logo could mean months of struggling, tiffs with designers and agencies, and sleepless nights reading between the lines, trying to make sure your logo won’t rub clients the wrong way. Furthermore, since the owner of a bakery may have his own notions about the final logo design, which may or may not align with that of the designers or the audience, more trouble ensues and the process is ceaselessly lined up for a verdict.

While it is occasionally hyped that expensive custom logo designs permit bakeries to be as ingenious as possible and express their creativity, a logo design software is irrefutably unparalleled in terms of time, cost, and a promise of a hassle-free navigation.

Designing a logo for bakeries and coming up with a relevant bakery logo design idea can be a daunting task for many especially for the start-ups. But thanks to many logo makers and logo making websites with a variety of options and hundreds of bakery logo designs that have made logo designing a lot easier for many. Instead of getting stuck in a rut and running after the designers, wasting your time and hard-earned money, DIY your bakery logo design using tailor-brand logo maker for a logo of your choice.

Using DesignMantic to Whip up a Ravishing Bakery Logo

Leveraging the Designmantic logo maker is one of the most viable ways of creating an effective logo for your bakery; one that makes people stop over in their tracks.

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The escalating rage of creating artistic, inspired, and symbolic logos, using pre-made templates online, allows bakery owners to explore an ever sprawling array of design options in a cost-effective manner. Logo makers have rendered it a breeze even for bakeries operating on a shoestring budget to garner a great logo without splurging a fortune on a graphic designer. With the additional perks of super-fast editing, vast libraries of symbols, and instant industry compliance, leveraging the Designmantic logo maker for your business can help you fortify your brand’s image with a logo that reflects your individuality.

3. Design, Redesign and Improve

Logo design is a process. When designing a logo, don’t aim for perfection. Instead, aim for a logo that is relevant to the target audience and strikes attention. Based on reception and feedback, you can always redesign or tweak your logo to make it more effective.


Defining the face of your bakery is the first step towards standing out from your competitors. A plethora of bakeries may offer the same delicacies in the same niche, but how they brand themselves and make an impression set them apart. However, staying abreast of the latest developments and trends in the logo design industry, keeping up with the essential principles of logo designs, wrecking your brains to come up with a logo that resonates with your customers, and splurging a fortune on hiring graphic designers to design your logo can prove to be too bothersome, exasperating, and time consuming for bakery owners, and like most others, they give up and maintain a low profile.

On the other hand, DesignMantic offers a complete brand design package that allows bakeries to define their entire marketing strategy using viable tools available at affordable costs. Be it bakery logo design, business cards, letterheads, business envelopes, and social media covers, DesignMantic brand design tools take care of them all. Since you are designing all your branding elements on the same platform, you can rest assured that consistency and integrity will receive a paramount position.

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