Create a Catering Logo in Minutes

You serve the best food and we serve the best designs. Together, we can create a delicious catering logo that’ll leave your competition vying for scraps. Use our quick and hassle-free logo maker to design your brand logo today!

What is a Catering Logo?

A good catering logo not only lets potential clients identify you but also convinces them of your expertise, taste in food, professionalism, and flexibility. To find the perfect catering logo for your business, figure out your niche. For a wedding caterer logo choose a romantic look with muted shades and floral details. A modern catering logo is more suitable for a company that only handles corporate events. Catering businesses that serve at more casual affairs or social functions can benefit from catering logo ideas that more laidback and friendlier.

Our catering logo gallery also hosts ethnic designs such as Indian catering logos We also have catering logo examples for Mexican food, Italian food, Chinese food, and others. No matter what your catering niche is, you can find something here that’ll suit your brand perfectly.

Creating a Catering Logo Design in 1-2-3 Steps


Explore our catering logo collection to shortlist the designs you like. Browsing is free and you’ll get to see tons of original designs created by professionals. Choose the ones that fit your brand requirements perfectly.


Tweak the catering logo template by adding your business name and tagline. You can also change its colors, choose a new font, add another icon, or make other changes available on the design panel.


Happy with the final look? Proceed towards checkout to download your catering logo vector. The final file will be sent directly to your inbox!

How a Catering Logo Serves Your Brand

A great catering logo is not just a signboard for your brand – it does so much more than that. It convinces people to give you a chance. Consider you a worthy candidate. Check out your menu. At least give you a call.

It basically lets your brand get a foot in the door.

For a catering logo design to be able to do that, its use of icons, colors, and fonts must be top-notch and balanced perfectly. Thanks to our teams of expert designers, this is exactly what we deliver: catering logo designs where you can practically taste the food and smell the aroma.

And we do that without fuss. Our browser-based catering logo maker is quick, intuitive, and absolutely pain-free. It doesn’t require any technical design knowledge – only a sense of aesthetics and some solid brand guidelines.

Let’s give it a try to see what we mean.

Branding Your Catering Logo Right

Convey your insistence on professionalism by printing your catering logo photo on t-shirt designs for staff. All you need is your catering logo vector to get printable files.

Enlarge your client network by handing out business cards to impressed guests at your catering events. Our branding packages include beautifully-designed business cards as well as other branding elements.

We all know how good the food tastes the next day? Pack the leftovers in a branded paper bag that has your catering logo displayed front and center!

Over 460 Catering Logo Templates to Choose From

Thanks to our talented designers, our database is a treasure trove of intelligent brand identity designs for catering companies and startups. Hundreds of entrepreneurs swear by our catering logo maker and we strive to make it better every day. If you have any questions or queries, you can check out our FAQs page or talk to our helpdesk here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a catering logo that looks modern?

Choose catering logo templates that are minimal in their aesthetic. Flat colors, sleek fonts, and only one or two icons should suffice.

Stay away from swooshes, swirls, and spirals. Use icons that appear steadfast but not stodgy. You want to send an image of sophistication without appearing like a snob. Pair sans serif fonts with an earthy color palette in your catering logo. Or choose a serif font but inject warmth with a friendlier icon, such as a chef hat. Remember, a modern logo is balanced. It needs to have a fresh appearance but should not look too casual or down-to-earth.

For the complete collection of our latest catering logos, check out our logo gallery now.

How affordable is your food catering logo maker?

Our pricing plans are unbelievably reasonable. If you have ever been concerned about high-quality graphic design being expensive, our food catering logo maker is proof that it is not so.

Our custom graphic design solutions start from $47 only. It is even more economical if you use one of our food catering logo templates to create your design. Prices start from $37 and you get high-resolution digital files plus a vector file for comprehensive branding.

So if design budget is a consideration for you, use our logo maker for your design needs at extremely affordable prices that do not compromise on quality.

How to create a catering business logo?

DesignMantic offers you two simple ways to get your catering business logo ready for work.

A. A custom design solution where you work with a dedicated graphic designer and we create an exclusive logo design for you.

B. Using our logo maker to create a personalized catering logo image for your business.

Plan B is easy and efficient and supports businesses that want quick results at reasonable prices.

To find out which of these ways to design a catering business logo is more natural to you, consider your brand needs. Check out our logo gallery as well as the Custom Design page to figure out which place has the answer that you are looking for. Make the decision that makes most sense to your brand.

Can I use cutlery icons for my catering business logo?

If you are looking for icons and symbols that are the most symbolic of a catering business logo, the cutlery icons are never a miss.

The logo gallery at DesignMantic has a variety of cutlery logo templates that you can use for your food business. We have pepper on fork and knife logos, kitchen logos with spoon and fork designs, and different letters merged with cutlery icons to add to the variety. All these designs are not only good at representing your catering business but can also be used as restaurant or food delivery logos when you plan to expand.

To look at more timeless logo icons, please visit our gallery for the complete collection.

What are the best catering logo fonts in your opinion?

In graphic design, what’s best usually depends on what your brand needs are. For example, your catering logo font for a neighborhood catering joint will be very different from a food catering firm that delivers to Hollywood parties.

Therefore, always keep your brand preferences first when you are looking to make identity design decisions. If you want a sleek and stylish logo for your catering business, go with Athene, Marcellus, or Alcubierre. For something more casual and friendly, Comfortaa and Roboto are great fonts to choose from. Remember, your catering logo image represents your inherent brand personality. Choose a font that can augment and support that.