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Cloud Logos

When we think of clouds, imagination, creativity, happiness, dreams and connectivity comes to mind. Clouds are symbols for the human imagination, for pushing the proverbial boundaries and for companionable groups or communities. A cloud can be used by almost any business in their logo. However, some of the typical streams which make use of this symbol include:

Travel agencies: Want to visit the places of your wildest dreams and float on cloud nine? What better way to say that than through a cloud symbol!

Hosting companies: A cloud symbol provides a direct reference to cloud storage and connectivity here.

Connectivity businesses: Whether you are a networking company or a connectivity app, a cloud symbolizes a sense of "grouping" and "community", giving a message of being linked.

Audio Companies: Music companies often make use of a cloud logo because of its reference to creativity and imagination.

Religious Organizations: We naturally assume heaven to be above the clouds or in the clouds –thus the use of cloud shapes in logos.

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