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Get your audience excited for your new entertainment venture by using our entertainment logo maker. Whether you are a local party planning business or an indie movie studio, our entertainment logo gallery is a great place to find your favorite designs. Use our free logo maker today and enjoy the best rates!

How Does a Music Logo Maker Work?

DesignMantic’s logo creator is an AI-powered online design tool. You add in your company name here and the system starts generating entertainment logo templates that you can use for your business. Each of our design is hand-crafted and created for perfection. You also have tons of editing options to create a truly unique movie or music logo. When you press Download, your musician logo design is delivered right in your inbox at highly affordable rates. The process is super smooth and as easy as a breeze.

Best Entertainment Logo Maker on the Go

If there is one industry that truly grasps the importance of sending out the right image, it’s the entertainment industry. So, show the best side of what you do with a lively and inspiring entertainment company logo design.

Thanks to our talented graphic design artists, creating entertainment logos is a friction-free process now. Just add your company name in the button below to access the latest and most contemporary party planner logo ideas, movie logo templates, and music record company logos. Explore our logo gallery till you find the exact design you are looking for. Plus, with no prior graphic design experience required, our logo maker is great for any and everyone who wants a unique entertainment business logo with zero hassle.

How to Create a Music Company Logo in Minute


Explore our music entertainment logo gallery to find the designs of your preference. All of our designs are created by trained professionals and we add new music logo templates every day.


Customize your chosen music logo design with our editing tool. You can add new icons, change colors and fonts, and also make use of advanced design options. All the editing is simple, easy, and click-based.


Once you have created a music company logo design that you feel great about, head towards Download. Pay to receive original vector files of your entertainment and music logo. Vector files make for instant printable designs.

A Show-Stopping Entertainment Logo Design

An entertainment company logo design covers a whole universe of brand identity concepts. Whether you are looking for a music logo or a magician logo, event planner logo or DJ logo, radio station logo, etc. all of it is about entertainment.

With that in mind, we have created an exquisite range of show-stopping and ridiculously attractive entertainment logo templates that’ll get your creative juices running. We have dance school logos, along with movie reel logos, camera logos, music note logos, and play button logos, and so much more. Suffice to say, whether you are running a music workshop, a jazz club, an acting studio, or just an event planning company, we have designs for all of your brand identity needs. To check out some of our designs, press the button below.

Over 2300 Entertainment & Music Logo Templates to Choose From

Do you want to see for yourself what our entertainment logo creator has in store? With tons of new logos and a super smooth logo generation process, finding the right logo for your business is now easy and efficient. We also encourage you to take a look at our client reviews and see what our customers have to say about us. Our FAQs sections are another great source for those who want to learn more about logo designing. Before you head out, however, do check out our blog where we do exciting stories for our readers. We cover design, marketing, startup, and branding news. Experts weigh in; we also create exciting infographics; and share entertaining videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use an entertainment and music logo maker?

Nothing. Using our entertainment and music logo maker is absolutely free. You can browse and even make changes to our designs without any fee or even signup. You only pay for the logo design you buy.

The complete branding package plans we offer for our design services are super affordable. We have kept our prices low to ensure that the small business owners who cannot afford high-end graphic designers can still enjoy the perks of having a unique brand identity. Therefore, if budget is one of your concerns, do check out our offers today and create an entertainment logo without emptying your pockets.

What branding options do you offer with entertainment logos?

Letterhead designs, business envelope designs as well as websites, social headers, and email signature designs are a few of the branding options we offer with our entertainment logos as well as all other industry logos, too.

Since every single one of our entertainment logo vectors is available for purchase, branding your business with our logo file is fast and convenient. We deliver vector files in PDF format so you can print and paste them in the sizes of your choice without harming the quality.

Along with these basic branding options, we also offer branding on t-shirts, staff uniforms, and office stationery for a wholly professional look.

What goes into creating a fun entertainment logo?

Colors are the most visual aspects of a logo. So if you want a fun entertainment logo, pay attention to colors. Use bright and inviting color palettes to make sure that your entertainment logo looks exciting and engaging.

Our entertainment logo gallery is a treasure trove of cool and fun logos to brand your music company. Our artists provide attractive combinations of icons, colors, and texts on our entertainment logo templates. You can edit those templates further to add even more fun to the design. Unique fonts are another great way to do it and we have tons of original fonts that you can try.

To check out what else you can do with your entertainment logo design, start browsing now.

What is the music logo aesthetic?

The modern music logo aesthetic is attractive without being too over the top. We’re talking about striking and bold colors but with minimal icons and imagery. The intent is to use a single icon as the hero image and use colors to entice the audience.

Since music is an exhilarating field in itself, you need design aesthetics that are equally exciting. A music note logo on the background of solid plum color, for example. If you want a transparent logo but still want to make a lasting impression, a music note and CD logo in black and blue colors is a great idea to start with.

How do I create a music logo in text?

With DesignMantic by your side, creating a free music logo in text is an incredibly easy task. Just look for logos that contain only alphabets or letters. You can then edit these logos according to your brand’s design brief and create a letter logo in no time.

However, what you need to keep in mind is the fact that type-based logos only work most effectively when brand names are revealing. If your brand name is something mysterious, and you use just letters in your logo, people will have a hard time understanding what you do just by looking at your logo.

Therefore, to make your text-based music logo more open and understandable, choose a name that is easy to understand and remember.