Eye Logos

The eye is used as a symbol of omniscience. It represents the all-seeing power of your business –which means your service takes in account anything and everything in a very vigilant manner. It can also be a direct reference to businesses that deal with eye care or photography. If you are looking to use an eye symbol on these niches, here are some more details:

Photography Business: A camera lens or an eye symbol incorporated inside a camera can be a good reference to the "eye" of your camera –and hence its nature to not miss out anything.

Media Eye: Media companies can use the eye symbol or the “media eye” to say how they are watchful over everything –often such logos are rendered in orange, blues and reds and blacks.

Eye Care: Whether you are an ophthalmologist or have an optics store that sells lens and glasses, eye care businesses across the board can make use of eye symbols. Such logos should be rendered in green, blue or black.

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