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Want to brand your ad agency with a stellar advertising logo? Have a cool idea about a media logo design for your production house? You’ve landed at the right site. With tons of advertising and media logo designs hosted at our gallery, we offer you the best advertising logo design variety online.

Pick a professional advertisement logo template from our collection. Edit it to make your own, and download the high-quality logo image right into your device. It means no lengthy process, no hidden fee, and no compromise on quality.

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Icons and Symbols of Media Logos

If you work in media, you already know the importance of images and symbols when it comes to brand messages. Differences in icon shapes, colors, and fonts can all tell a different story. To make sure that your chosen media logo design is on-point with your brand message, we use design strategically.

For example, if you want to make a news agency logo, you’ll find our dynamic globe logos with reels around them as appropriate icon choices. If you are creating a videographer logo, you can use our video camera logos to brand your business. For ad agencies logos , talent houses, and modeling agencies logos, our icons and symbols collection consists of abstract play symbols, movie reel logos, stylish lettermarks, movie camera logos, and so much more.

We also have logo images for media houses, production facilities, communication businesses, and other entertainment-related setups. Browse our media logo collection now and start creating your design!

Create Advertising & Media Logo Designs Super Easily!


We have hundreds of advertising and media logo icons to help you in your search for the perfect ad logo created by our skilled designers. Just pick the one you love to use our fantastic advertising logo design studio.


To make your advertisement logo more relevant to your brand, you can edit the design by changing its icon, colors, or font. You can also introduce new spacing, effects, alignments, and other details.


Once you are satisfied with the media logo design or advertisement logo you have created, click on Download to receive your high-resolution logo files right into your desktop or phone.

Make Attractive Advertising Logo Designs

Your advertising brand image is the perception people have about your business. Is it a friendly business? Is it innovative? Is it big or small? How much does it value its customers? All of these are perceptions. And with the right kind of advertising logo, you can build the most favorable brand perceptions.

Our advertising logo designs carry the perfect harmony of various design elements, such as icons, colors, fonts, and alignment. It helps ad agencies create the most positive and attractive brand images. Color Psychology, as well as shapes psychology, go into creating the perfect advertising logo designs. These positive images trigger positive brand recall and help the audience associate pleasant feelings with the brand. Thanks to our customization studio, you can create readymade advertising logos or opt for custom advertising brand design and make them more aligned to your brand ideas just like these logos.

Advertising Logos That Enhance Your Brand Identity

Brand identity is all about the visual elements of your logo design. For your advertising company logo, this will include not only your logo but every part of it, from colors to fonts, and from shapes to symbols. When you display these visual markers all across your brand identity – on your website, office uniforms, packaging, and stationery design – you are getting involved in branding.

For new advertising media business, nailing perfect branding strategies can be overwhelming. Thanks to DesignMantic’s experienced branding professionals, we can make it easy for you. Our varied file formats, including advertising logo vectors, enable you to display your advertising business logos anywhere you choose with complete freedom.

By using our original media logo files, you can print your brand logo on many office stationery items such as envelope design, letterheads, notepads, and more or choose complete branding packages.

Our media logo branding tool allows you to print your official logo on your chosen business card designs. Having your brand logo on your business card elevates your stature as a serious professional.

Your branding is incomplete if your staff isn’t wearing your brand colors. Print your staff t-shirt designs using your advertising logo vector to ensure that your brand identity is getting maximum exposure.

Take advantage of our ad agency logo vectors to have scalable logo files which allows you to display your advertising logo on your office vehicles, city billboards, storefronts, and anywhere you want.

Over 470 Advertising Logo Templates

Whether you are looking for quality, quantity, or variety in your advertising logo templates, we have it all. With nearly 500 distinct advertising logo images to choose from, we guarantee that you’ll find a design that speaks to you. In addition to logo designs, we also have our design blog, which talks about the happenings in the graphic design world. We share news, trends, tips, advice, and more.

If you have further queries regarding any aspect of advertising or media logo design, please refer to our helpful FAQs for immediate answers. .

Frequently Asked Questions about Advertising Logos

How to create an advertising logo?

There are a few ways you can go about it. You can try creating an advertising logo yourself, from scratch, if you have a bit of design knowledge. Else, you can hire a graphic designer or can choose to DIY with an online logo maker app.

For entrepreneurs who are not very design-savvy, we recommend our online advertising logo maker that will take care of the whole process for you. Just browse our advertising logo templates, choose the one you like the best, add your business name to it, make any other changes you want, and that's it.

The pricing plans are affordable, and the process is as easy as 1-2-3.

Can I use my advertising logo png for digital marketing?

Of course, you can. An advertising logo png is the perfect format to take care of all your branding online. As it is a raster-based file, a png will never lose its quality when scaled. Therefore, it is a great format to be used to design social media profile images as well as a digital marketing logo. It is also useful for a variety of digital marketing campaigns.

When you buy your advertising logo design from us, all of our pricing plans include a png file too. It is to make sure that our clients can start their branding and brand marketing right away.

What advertising logo symbols do professionals recommend?

Our top designers recommend using advertising logo symbols and icons that fulfill 3-point criteria:

  • • Direct relevance
  • • Immediate understanding
  • • In harmony with brand voice/character

While there are tons of unique advertising logo ideas out there, it is your job to only focus on a few that hold direct relevance to your business, offer easy understanding at only a single glance, and must match with your brand image and character. For example, an advertising brand identity showing a radio logo with a chat bubble icon or a TV logo wearing headphones may look great for a podcast logo. Even a simple microphone logo presented creatively may work.

Only by combining these three points can you pull off a professional-looking, unique advertising logo.

What do you charge for a custom advertising agency logo design?

A custom advertising agency logo is costlier than premade advertising logo templates. Custom designs are unique to your business. It is a design created exclusively for you and tailor-made to suit your brand personality.

The prices of our custom advertising logo packages depend upon the scope of design work. Our basic plan will offer you two unique design concepts, with a design revision, quick delivery within three days, and a designer solely dedicated to your project. If you want more design concepts and would like to work with more than one designer, the prices may go up.

For details, do check out our custom logo design page.

I’m looking for advertising logo ideas. Can you help?

Certainly! Our logo design gallery is the perfect place to look for original and unique advertising logo ideas. Here, you will find everything from simple, contemporary, modern logos to more elaborate, vintage designs. We also have minimal, illustrative, line art logos, as well as abstract logos, and so much more.

Some of our best advertising logo images consist of abstract designs to provide your advertising business image a sophisticated look. Our line art logos help you create brilliant wordmarks for your advertising logos. Symbols and icons such as megaphone logos, microphones, radios, TVs, satellite logos, and similar are also great ideas to use in your advertising logo designs.

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