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Abstract logos are all about representing emotions, feelings, and intents without being too literal. Whether you need a tech firm logo , a pre-school logo design, or a logo for a charity program, our abstract logo maker will help you narrow down your search for the best abstract logo possible for your brand. Head over to our abstract logo design gallery, pick your abstract logo template and get designing. No prior experience or design skills needed.

Get an Abstract Logo for Your Business

Our style of abstract logo design matches the range of application and functionality that abstract logos have. You can use abstract logo maker for your media agency logo, a wellness center logo, or an community center logo. The simplicity and clarity of the abstract logo designs make your brand memorable and easy to recall.

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Clear Message with an Abstract Logo

Since abstract logo designs consist of distinct shapes, they help you send a clear brand message. Our designers create abstract logos using various art forms: 3D, line art, minimal, flat, whichever you require. As you browse through our abstract logo gallery, you can see that our abstract logo images utilize all these and many other design forms too.

At DesignMantic, you can get abstract yoga logos, real estate logos, or even abstract education logos, and so much more. From abstract communication logos to information technology logos, and everything in between, we’ve got it all.

Creating Abstract Logo Design Made Super Simple

Choose Your Icon

Browse our logo gallery and pick an abstract icon that you want to use as your official brand logo. Browsing is free and we have tons of abstract logo samples to choose from.

Edit & Customize

Personalization is the key to brand success. Edit and customize the abstract logo template you’ve chosen. Resize, change color, add more icons, do whatever you want to personalize.


When you’re happy with the result, proceed to download and get your official abstract logo delivered right into your device. Now you are ready for branding!

One of These Abstract Logos Could be yours

Abstract logos, with the help of their distinct shapes, help brands to communicate their message clearly and purposefully. If you want to amplify your brand message, let DesignMantic be your champion. We have created our top-range, original, and diverse abstract logo designs for the sole purpose of enhancing your brand image, and to enable you to tell your story more artistically.

Our talented graphic designers create our abstract business logos with care. From icon choice to color palette, and from alignment to typography, our designers achieve the perfect balance between art and functionality. Using any of our abstract brand logos, you can send the right brand message to your competitors and customers alike.

Brand Your Abstract Logo

Using an abstract logo as your brand image is a surefire way to get noticed. But that notice can get lost in the noise if you’re not backing it up with some solid branding. Branding is the process of consistently and continuously showcasing your brand character through every interaction with your rivals, audience, and media.

With DesignMantic’s successful branding solutions at your perusal, you can create a winning strategy. Our complete branding packages enable businesses to gain maximum exposure. You can print your abstract company logos on business cards, flyers, office stationery, staff uniforms, and anywhere else you want.

Our business card design tool will help you select a unique design that’ll combine well with your abstract business logo. Depending on your pricing plan, you can get both these designs at a discounted price.

We realize the importance of having your logo present everywhere. That’s why we offer abstract logo vector files that enable you to print your logo anywhere without disrupting the image quality.

Flyers are essential marketing and promotional materials. With an abstract logo PDF file you can make a flyer design, every leaflet, and brand identity for your marketing campaigns.

Over 290 Abstract Logo Templates to Choose From

Are you ready to get down to business and design your first abstract logo? Our abstract logo design gallery contains a large variety of logo templates. Each of the professionally-designed templates fulfills all the design requirements of an effective business logo.

Frequently Asked Questions about Abstract Logos

What are abstract logos?

Abstract logos are simply logo designs that do not contain any literal or direct representations of the brand. Instead, an abstract logo design communicates the brand value.

Brand logos designed with an abstract approach can contain solid and symmetrical shape logos for quick communication of the message, or they can be artsier. Line art logos, illustrative shapes, geometrical forms, and many other styles are part of abstract logo forms.

Such designs are useful across industries and markets. From health and wellness brand logos to tech-startups, and from manufacturers to personal finance logos, abstract shapes cover a lot of ground.

How to make an abstract logo with a logo maker?

If you are using DesignMantic’s online logo maker, the process is quite easy. Begin by clicking on the Search Logo menu item. In the search bar, enter ‘abstract logo’ and press Enter.

The gallery will start displaying its collection of abstract logo templates. These logos can be in symmetrical shapes, unrecognizable forms, uniform patterns, line art, and other styles of design. Pick a variety including circle logos, swoosh logos , waves logos, dots logos, or even puzzle logos.

Enter the customization panel by clicking on any abstract logo image that you like. Here, you can edit the logo design to tailor it to match your brand needs. Change the color, size, add the company name, tagline, and so much more.

When done, click on Download and proceed to Checkout.

How can an abstract logo vector help me in branding?

An abstract logo vector is a perfect design for a business that wants a more sophisticated approach to brand identity and branding. Effective branding means displaying your brand and communicating it every interaction point with your consumers. With that in mind, a well-designed abstract logo mark lets people know about the depth, sophistication, and intelligence of your brand at every opportunity.

DesignMantic’s logo maker allows you to get the original vectors of your abstract logo designs. You can use these logo vectors for printing companies or display your logo on your storefront, digital channels, staff uniforms, office stationery, and so many other places.

What are some of the most popular abstract logo shapes?

The three abstract logo shapes that we see more often than others, however, are:

  • - Symmetrical abstract logos
  • - Geometric shapes
  • - Firm Patterns

All three of these shapes and forms convey a different side of the abstract logo examples. With strong and firm patterns, you can send a clear, more direct message about your brand values. It may include abstract flowers logos or abstract alphabet letters - things that are easy to understand but still not literal.

Symmetrical abstract logos make use of the natural patterns available in the universe like in a mandala. Stable and repeated patterns, on the other hand, are closer to the popular definition of abstract. They may not be easy to understand, but they emphasize the brand’s uniqueness and originality.

Can I download my abstract logo png for free?

At DesignMantic, we offer our customers highly affordable and tailored price packages that cater to a wide range of budgets. We also employ top professionals to design custom logos. Therefore, you may not be able to completely get your abstract logo png for free but can decide to choose a budget price package that is always within your pocket under $50.

At the start of your business launch, you can choose a price plan with the least rates that will allow you to cover the basics of your branding. As your business grows, you can buy your custom abstract logo design in multiple formats, with more branding options, and more savings. Call or email our brand consultants to help you out to make a smart decision for your company logo.

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