Simple Communication Logo Maker

Create a communication logo design that can become the perfect spokesperson for your media brand. With the help of our communication logo maker, now you can create original logo designs without any hassle. No need to pay exorbitant fees to graphic designers, neither spending long days with the exchange of design emails. Your logo design process is now as easy as 1-2-3.

Just pick your favorite media logo design, add your company name, and proceed to download your design – it’s as simple as that.

Communication Logo to Identify You

Your communication logo is not only responsible for telling people who you are; it is also designed to create emotional associations between your audience and the brand. Through careful use of design elements, our professional designers create attractive media logo design templates that convey specific brand messages to the public.

The specific media logo graphics and icons we use play a central role in it. From a dish antenna logo to a more abstract design such as a globe icon with opposing arrows surrounding it, we make sure to offer our clients enough design variety to help them make the right decision. We also use Wi-Fi signal icons in our logo designs, circle logos with arrows going around them, a target logo with a human silhouette at its center, and logos communicating movement.

All of our communication logo images are 100% original and created in-house. We also offer custom logo designs for brands that are more established in the market and thus have more comfortable design budgets. But whether you are running a local podcast and require a simple microphone logo, or are an emerging media mogul in your community with a fancy idea in mind, we have just the design to match your vision.

Creating a Free Communication Logo in Easy Steps


Explore our communication logo gallery and look for the perfect image to represent your brand. Browsing for designs is free; choose and shortlist as many as you want.


On your finalized image, apply our design editing tools to create a tailored look. You can change your logo colors, fonts, shape, size, and so much more. You can also add tagline, effects, and icons.


Once you’re happy with the final image, proceed to download your communication logo vector in png and other file formats for an extensive branding experience.

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Why Use A Communication Logo?

Your communication company logo can tell your clients about who you are as a brand, why you do what you do, and also about brand promises. What will customers get if they buy from you and not from your competitor? Believe it or not, a great communication logo image can convey all that and more.

While before creating such a compelling logo design would require thousands of dollars and lots of back and forth, now it’s as easy as almost free. Through our premade telecommunication logos, we offer affordable design solutions to media startups, local radio channels, and as well as provide small-to-medium media technology company logos. We also offer custom design solutions for media businesses with budgets to spare. So what are you waiting for? Jump right in and see what’s it all about.

Brand Your Communication Logo Design

Turn your media business into a thriving brand by having branded office stationery and documentation. We offer our communication logo files in formats that allow you to print your logo on your letterheads, flyers, brochures, and types of official documents.

Get your communication icon printed on coffee mugs, business cards, staff t-shirt designs, and anywhere else you want. Our extensive branding solutions promise to help you expand your brand reach by giving you opportunities to print your logo on any marketing collateral you want.

In addition to print-related branding, we also offer your mobile app designs. A mobile app will ensure that your communication business is more accessible to your customers and business clients.

Over 540 Communication Logo Templates to Choose From

With hundreds of unique communication logo symbols at your disposal, choosing the right one can be difficult. But make it easy by looking at your brand identity, personality, and character. That uniqueness will help you remain more focused on your search and yield better results. You can also check out our client reviews to see what our customers have to say about us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Communication Logo Maker

Do not forget to look at the FAQs page to find answers to more of your design queries.

Can I design a communication logo for free?

Yes, there are ways you can design a communication logo for free. For example, if you have even some basic graphic design knowledge, you can create a logo all by yourself. For entrepreneurs who are not well-versed with graphic design, a communication logo maker can come in handy. It offers free communication logos with standard to high quality file options.

You have to keep in mind that cost can be of different kinds. It can come in the form of limited options, unwanted watermarks, or low quality files. Therefore, at DesignMantic, we offer high-quality and high-value affordable communication logos to ensure our clients can get the best deals without worrying about the budget.

Will my communication logo png work on my Instagram?

Of course, it will. A communication logo png is the best file format for digital use as it doesn’t lose its quality when compressed to fit smaller sizes. It also works great on transparent backgrounds. So, all of this makes png files the best file format to upload your communication logo for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere to gain maximum digital exposure. We also offer our communication logo vectors in other file formats to ensure your branding can go without any glitch. As you finalize your purchase with us, you can look at the various file format options listed under the purchase to guarantee you can market your brand at all available venues.

How can I edit my phone logo to make it look unique?

The customization options at DesignMantic are varied and many. First choose your phone logo that you want as your brand identity, our modern customization options will help you make it look distinct and unique.

When you enter the customization panel, you can see the phone logo designed on a grid. It helps you determine how best to rotate your phone logo template or resize the image to suit your needs. You can also change specific parts of the logo by changing its colors. There is also an option to add a ‘text field’ that allows you to add your tagline or business slogan. You can also change the font of your phone logo image by choosing a new font from the available dropdown menu.

Which is the best style for a social media logo design?

Designers world over agree that there are around 5-7 unique styles of designing a business logo. For social media logos, the best style is the combination logo.

A combination logo mark is the merger of an icon and text to create the whole look for the logo. The reason combination marks work for social media logo design is they give double power to the logo. Not only your audience can recognize you through your unique choice of an icon but the presence of your business name alongside it helps emphasize the brand name.

Later, when your brand has gained some traction, the icon part of your social media logo can work as a standalone image just like Apple INC’s ‘apple’ icon or Twitter’s bluebird.

How can I make my own telecommunication company logo?

There are a few ways you can create your telecommunication company logo. If you have some working knowledge of graphic design, you can create it all on your own. Or you can hire a designer to do it, or use a telecommunication logo maker like DesignMantic to handle your logo design work.

For the quickest and most affordable option - without compromising on quality - your best course of action is using a logo maker service. The sheer variety of designs helps you choose the image that fulfills all your requirements for your telecommunication brand logo. If you use DesignMantic, we also offer custom communication logos for clients who are looking for more unique designs.

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