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Speak Your Mind With These 20 Communication Logos -

Communication Logos

Featured Image: iStock/Pogonici

If you have been given a task to create a communication logo, consider your work cut out for you. While all business logo designs need to be highly effective and memorable, a communication logo demands it as a must. Designing a visual identity for a company that is selling itself as gurus of effective and successful interactions, articulations, and expression, you need to make sure that your logo design does not leave any room for ambiguity or tepid discourse.

It means you need to be extra vigilant in your icon choice, color combinations, and font selection. Communication iconography is not a diverse field; therefore, you may feel limited in your range of icon selection. You can, however, overcome it by combining icons, using creative color choices, and investing a bit of time in some custom typography.

There’s just one thing to keep in mind here. The communication industry is closely related to the tech world. Therefore, make sure to include design details that help your audience immediately connect the logo as relevant to the tech industry.

Below, we share 20 creative designs for communication logos that fulfill this long list of demands and deliver the goods.

1. Wordmark Communication Logo

It doesn’t always have to be an icon. Your communication logo can very well be an epic wordmark logo and still look fantastic. All it takes is a custom font style and some color creativity.

Communication Logo 1
Image Source: Behance

2. Go Color Crazy

Sometimes, you can choose to include more than one color to add dimension to your design. It becomes necessary in projects that are looking for a minimal design with the maximum impact.

Communication Logo 2
Image Source: Dribbble

3. Visualize The Brand Name

Your brand name must make an appearance in your logo design, and this appearance needs to be more than just a word under the logo. Consider using imagery that helps visualize your brand name in an attractive way.

Communication Logo 3
Image Source: Dribbble

4. Proper Representation

To design a logo for a communication company that aids the health services, make sure you add details that portray your connection to both sides of the job.

Communication Logo 4
Image Source: Behance

5. Think Outside The (Chat)Box!

When your art brief allows you only so much wiggle room in your icon choice, explore other apps and avenues of creativity. In this piece, the purple gradient color is adding personality and character to the logo mark.

Communication Logo 5
Image Source: Dribbble

6. Two Is Better Than One

In this chat logo design, the chat bubble sign uses details of a mail envelope, hence communication more than one meaning in a single image.

Communication Logo 6
Image Source: Dribbble

7. Experiment!

Don’t play safe. Your communication company logo needs to be a memorable piece of design. So experiment not only with icons, colors, and fonts but layout and presentation too.

Communication Logo 7
Image Source: Behance

8. It’s More Than Communication

A communication logo mark can help you represent more than just the communication part of a company. You can use it to portray teamwork, organization, and even consultancy services.

Communication Logo 8
Image Source: Behance

9. Boost Your Design

Here, the popular communication icon, the chat bubble uses some details of internet symbology and elevates the design work.

Communication Logo 9
Image Source: Dribbble

10. Add More Icons

The human silhouette is an important communication logo icon. Using it in combination with other relevant symbols can help you tell your story more effectively.

Communication Logo 10
Image Source: Behance

11. Think Details!

By adding little variations to your communication logo icon, you can introduce different layers of meaning to the design. Here, the mail icons have been made into chat bubbles, thus adding more value to the logo.

Communication Logo 11
Chatbox logo in orange and brown

12. Distinctive Elements

Add some playfulness to your tech communication logo by adding unique elements in your logo design. Here, the chat bubbles are made to look like owl eyes in an interesting twist.

Communication Logo 12
Glasses logo made with two chat icons

13. Use Unique Icons

Communication business is about a constant exchange of ideas and streams of discussions. An infinity icon is a different but great way to represent this part of the business.

Communication Logo 13
Abstract logo for communication

14. Global Communication

This communication logo design uses a globe with networking lines connecting various parts of the world to each other.

Communication Logo 14
Globe icon in a communication brand

15. Multiple Symbols

There can be more than one icon in your communication business logo. It works especially well for companies that had a diverse range of clients and/or offer a host of varied but related services.

Communication Logo 15
Musical logo with three icons

16. Simple Concepts

Communication Logo 16
Image Source: LogoPond

17. Dark Background

If you feel that blue is being too much all around you in communication brand logos, consider using a darker shade of the color or a whole other color altogether to give your design a different canvas.

Communication Logo 17
Image Source: LogoPond

18. Visual Communication

Communication is hardly auditory or oral anymore. Design, for example, is all about visual communication. Do not feel restricted to using limited icons if your brand name gives you the space to experiment.

Communication Logo 18
Image Source: LogoPond

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19. Choose A Matching Symbol

Logo design is a trade of visuals that make an impact. If your brand name is something unique, consider using a matching image that leaves an impact on your audience.

Communication Logo 19
Image Source: LogoPond

20. Be Playful

Childlike imagery is popular in tech design. It takes you back to your childhood. A time of wonder, curiosity, and creativity – things that the tech industry highly values in its people.

Communication Logo 20
Image Source: LogoPond

Wrapping Up

We hope you like today’s collection of creative communication logos. As you can see from these designs, creating a communication work logo requires more than combining the design elements. You have to think creatively to come up with ideas that are intelligent in their concepts but simple in their execution.

Hopefully, these designs will help you get some ideas and inspire your subsequent work. All the best & happy designing!

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