Create Sports Logos with a Logo Maker

Make the competition bite the dust with a winning sports logo for your team! Use our outstanding sports logo templates to give your team an identity that’s fierce and formidable. Intimidating symbols, fiery colors, jagged fonts, they all come together to create a brand image that nobody will want to mess with!

Take your position, set your mark, and get designing!

Let the Right Sports Logo Play for Your Team

For a sports logo image to really work, it needs to be aggressive, confident, and fearless. Thankfully, our design library is full of sports logo designs that are the right balance of dominating and professional.

Variety of Sports Logo Designs

Aggressive monster icons and animal logo designs, such as lion mascot logo and wolf logo, etc., are great for contact sports symbols where you want to show off your superior physical strength. We also have sports logo design ideas such as a volleyball logo, skiing, cycling logo as well as golf logo, etc., for non-contact sports. Our best sports logos show movement, strength, and passion. Archery logos, baseball logos, and racing logos, etc., are all our popular designs that you can use to create unique brands for your sports teams.

Ready to Design a Brilliant Sports League Logo?


Peruse our impressive gallery of sports logo designs to find out which ones you want to work with. Browsing is free, easy, and quick.


Fully customize your sports logo template using our design editing toolbox. You can change colors, mix up typography, modify the layout, add more icons, and do whatever else you want to make it a winning design.


Continue towards download once you have made all the changes. Your download will be ready instantly and will be delivered to you in multiple file formats for a convenient branding process.

How to Create a Sports Logo the DIY Way

Our sports logo creator is a DIY solution. The Do-It-Yourself approach helps you find the best logo designs in the least bit of time, with the least bit of effort, and without putting a dent into your budget. The DesignMantic online logo maker is a browser-based application. Meaning, no need to download any program! Just browse through our sports logo gallery, find the sports logo vector you like the best and get customizing. The edit and customization is a place where you can truly make your logo your own. Change its colors, add more icons, modify the type, adjust the layout – the world is your oyster!

Once you are done making changes and are happy with the final look, proceed to download, and voila. You’ve got a brand new sports logo ready to fight for your team.

Why Do You Need to Brand Your Sports Logo

Branding is how you’ll make people know and remember your team. Showing off your team’s color, its mascot, and its specific icon is how you’ll give your sports team a unique and unifying identity. Display these details everywhere. Show off your logo of your sports team on jerseys, the sports equipment, the team uniforms, the office stationery, and anywhere else you can think of. Dare to dream! Some basic branding assets that you must take care of include the team logo on t-shirts, business cards, and marketing flyers, etc.

Our complete branding package includes a sports logo design in png and other file formats. It allows you to print the logo design on t-shirts and other promotional material for maximum exposure. Branded t-shirts are great to give away at corporate events, trade shows, and other business celebrations.

Make sure that people will hang on to your business card for a little longer by creating an impressive business card design. At DesignMantic, we can help you find the right business card design that gels well with your sports logo vector and presents a thematic feel.

What better way to announce your new team than to send out flyers to your fans and community? Ensure to make the best first impression by using a professional logo design and branding it on all your promotional flyers and brochures designs, and even on a city billboard, if you like.

Over 970 Sports Logo Templates to Choose From

Make the competition nervous with a dominating sports brand logo that is here to win! Look through our design gallery and find the image that does justice to the fiery spirit of your team. You can also order a custom sports logo for a full-on exclusive experience. If at any stage you feel overwhelmed, take advantage of our FAQs page and a Live Chat option to find your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a sports logo maker for my sports goods business?

Absolutely. A sports logo maker is a good design tool to create a brand identity for a sports goods startup. It’s easy, convenient, and affordable. It also does not require you to have any extensive experience or technical knowledge about graphic design. Just an eye of what will look good for your brand will work.

A logo maker by DesignMantic gives you the freedom to edit and customize the sports logo template to suit your brand needs and design strategy. You can make it look modern, conventional, or a mix of both. You can change its icon, choose different colors, modify the fonts, and make it look completely your own.

Where to find the best sports logos?

Your search for the best sports logos should include design databases such as DesignMantic’s sports logo gallery, and other mediums such as Behance and Dribbble, etc.

These platforms, collectively, contain thousands of unique sports logo images that can fuel your inspiration and help you get ideas. Stock image websites can also be a cool place to search. However, if you are looking to interact with a logo design that you like, sports logo makers like DesignMantic are the best place to choose.

Using our customization panel, you can tweak your chosen sports logo as much as you like. You can edit its colors, change its layout, add a tagline, introduce a new icon, and do so much more.

How to design an esports logo easily?

If ease is one of the main focuses of your logo design journey, consider a logo maker like DesignMantic to create an esports logo without any hassle.

You start by entering your search term in our search box and hitting Enter. The action will take you inside our esports logo gallery where you can browse hundreds of unique esports designs without any costs. When you choose a logo, click on it and enter the customization panel. There, you can make all sorts of changes to the design and bring it closer to your brand ideal.

When you are done, click on Download and proceed to pay and receive your esports logo vector directly delivered to your inbox.

What’s the difference between a sports league logo vs. sports team logo?

The difference between a sports league logo and a sports team logo is of the scale they each represent. A sports league is a business organization, comprising many sports teams that compete for the winners trophy. To design a sports league logo think in broad terms. The NFL logo and the NBA logo can be your inspiration.

For a sports team logo design, your inspiration needs to be focused on a specific message. Usually, this message is of boldness, strength, and sheer power that sports teams want to convey. Sports logos that contain animal icons such as lions, sharks, and eagles as logos, etc. are famous for the aggressive feel they convey through their designs.

Which type of sports logo fonts should I use for my app?

For a sports app logo, choose fonts that are readable even on smaller scales as app icon trays do not have a lot of room to begin with. Your chosen sports logo font should also convey feelings of high energy, passion, and competitiveness.

Our logo designers recommend using Neuropol, Subway, and similar fonts as they can help your sports app design look imposing and dominant. For sports apps that are directed towards kids or younger audiences, choose fonts that look easy, playful or charming, such as Quicksand Bold, Dodger, and Comfortaa.

If you want to represent themes of speed or racing, your sports logo idea should go with fonts such as Spy Agency font or Federal Service fonts, both in italics.