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Whether you are looking for a ferocious animal logo to represent the brute strength of your sports team or want a cuddlier expression in your logo for your pet store, we’ve got you covered. Our intelligent animal logo maker will help you pick the right template to characterize your brand, and the process is as simple as 1-2-3. All you have to do is just pick your animal logo and proceed along with the simple steps. You’ll have your logo ready to brand and promote in almost no time

Create an Animal Logo for a Strong Brand Identity

As human beings share a lot of different physical and psychological similarities with different animals, we think of them in more humanistic manners. If you are also looking for a brand identity that makes your brand more human, go with an animal logo. A lot of famous brands do that.

Think of Puma’s lithe cheetah that makes you think of agility, strength, power, and force. Similarly, WWF’s panda logo invokes protective instincts in you due to its harmless and endangered status. The idea is to turn the business’ core offering into a human quality that is present in an animal and then using that animal to represent the brand.

Animal logo designs are also favored by unlikely businesses such as investment logos, security logos, marketing, and communication logos, etc. So, no matter what exact business you run, there’s always an animal logo image that can make you a favorite of your audience. See it for yourself.

How to Get a Pet Logo Design in 3 Easy Steps

Browsing, searching, and even editing the logo template is free on our website, so go crazy with experimentation. You can also take advantage of our custom logo design options where our designers collaborate with you to create an exclusive animal logo design for your business.


Browse through our animal or pet logo design collection, containing hundreds of unique designs, to choose the perfect logo for your brand.


Edit the pet logo template you’ve chosen by adding your business name, editing font, and colors, and even adding other design effects for a truly unique look.


When you are happy with the new pet logo, proceed towards download to get your animal logo PNG or PDF files right on your device.

Build a Brand Image with the Right Pet Logo

Not all animal & pet logo designs are created equal. There are particular characteristics that we associate with each popular animal or pet. We think of lions as brutally strong and powerful, even violent. So, this makes a lion logo an inappropriate choice for a pet care logo.

Similarly, a dolphin logo used to characterize an aquarium brand may look quite silly on a brand that wants to show people its cunning power. Eagle logo designs, deer logos, horse logos, falcon logos, and cheetah logos are some of the popular choices for brands that want to showcase potent power. Other brands that want to highlight their lighter side often go with puppy or dog logos, paw print, rabbit logos, and others that feature friendlier animals. Swan logos, kitty logos, and peacock logos, etc. are popular with beauty brands and such. Dairy product brands and other food-related businesses go with cow logos, rooster logos, and similar to showcase their range. Take full advantage of our extensive pet logo and animal logo gallery and choose your design with care.

Animal Logo and Pet Logo for Branding

Branding is a crucial step in making your logo work for you. It strengthens your visual identity and ensures that your brand gets the maximum exposure available. There are several different ways you can choose to brand your pet business logo. Here are a few of those

Using our pet logo vector files, you can print your logo to display on a variety of business assets. One of them is product packaging. Your pet logo displayed on your cat food brand product will help your audience immediately know your product and decide whether they want to buy from you.

Business cards are an important branding tool. Any business that wants to be taken seriously must have a stack of high-quality business cards designed and ready to go.

Using our T-shirt design maker for branding, you can ensure that you’ll get your animal logo design in various file formats to support all the different forms of branding.

Over 1000s of Animal and Pets Logos to Choose From

Looking for more? Don’t worry; we have so much more to offer than just stunning logos. Once you’ve visited our animal logo design gallery, take a look at our website builder tool to launch your business online. Our reviews and feedback section helps you see why our clients rate us so highly and keep coming back to us. We also offer a useful FAQ section to take care of most of your basic queries regarding animal logos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an animal logo?

The best way to create an animal logo design depends largely on your budget. The most economical and hassle-free solution is to use an online logo maker tool that can help you create a unique logo design in minutes.

The process is quite simple. Just look through the design gallery to find an animal logo template that fits your design requirements. Then edit the design further and add your company name and a tagline. Lastly, proceed to download and start promoting your new animal logo brand anywhere you like.

In addition to logo design, we also offer business card design, flyer design, and other branding and marketing solutions. Check out our complete branding packages here.

Which anima logo should I choose for my pet clothing brand?

The choice of an animal logo for your pet clothing brand depends on your target audience. Do you cater to dog owners exclusively or have a collection for other pets, too? Answering this question can narrow down your choices.

While choosing a cat logo may seem like a good idea for a dog apparel logo design, try to mix things up a little. Perhaps a line art design to create your dog logos, like Lucy and Co. has done. You can also choose a type-based logo and choose a more reflective brand name, such as WagWear. If you cater to a more diverse audience, you can use more than one animal on your pet logo image for maximum effect.

Is animal logo a good idea for a video game brand?

An animal logo is a really great idea for a video game brand. Ferocious and wild animals, like lions, cheetahs, and bears logos especially, are highly favored by video game makers as their brand mascots.

Since a logo icon is considered a reflection of the core values of the brand, using an aggressive animal like a lion for a wrestling video game or a boxing video game logo etc. can be quite cool. For a racing video game, animal logo icons such as a puma or a cheetah - animals that are popular for their speed and stealth - can emphasize your brand message. Similarly, a kitten logo for a video game directed at kids and an owl logo for a brain game app can work really well.

Which color should I choose for my pet store logo?

Remember who your target audience is when choosing any element for your pet store logo. You want to go for a vibe that is welcoming, compassionate, friendly, and wholesome. We suggest happy and warm colors like peach, lavender, pink, yellow, orange and such.

Your pet store logo design needs to strike a balance between cute and professional. Pairing an exciting color like orange, yellow, and pink with something neutral like beige, brown, or white could help. Green is also a good choice to add hints of nature to your pet logo. It helps people think of vastness, growth, and security. For more on colors, read our guide on how to select colors for your logo design.

Can I use a cute pet logo design for a non-profit organization?

It can be a great design idea, especially if you are using a pet logo design for a charity that works for animals. It will make your logo look more relevant.

Your pet logo vector is also suitable for an NGO that works for people but where animals play a central role. For example, a charity that connects care dogs with emotional or physical abuse victims. Animals on a logo design immediately put people in a good mood. You can use it to your brand advantage by displaying a cute animal on your charity logo. You can also use a pet image to create a pet shelter logo, a pet adoption logo, or even a pet rescue logo.