Lion Logos

A lion is a symbol of strength, courage and leadership. It also provides a strong reference to legacy, heritage and royalty. Whenever you have a business or an organization that wants to put forward these messages in their logo, it is a good idea to explore the lion symbol in the logo.

A lion symbol frequently appears in the following industries:

Sports Teams: Sports teams and leagues make use of lions and crowns to convey their dominance and strength. Often, these logos appear in orange, gold, yellow and red with hints of blacks and browns.

Financial Institutions: Well established and expert financial institutions tend to prefer to opt for the lion symbol to denote their prowess in the field.

University or School: Educational institutes often have emblem style logos which feature a lion -sometimes the lion appears with a crown or a staff.

Media Company: Media and advertising companies also make use of the lion symbol to denote their risk-taking, authoritative nature.

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