Bear Logos

Bears are symbolic for courage, leadership and great physical strength. They are used to convey a feeling of positivity and prosperity, because in the native traditions, bears were regarded as a good omen. They also represent authority. On the flip side, bears are also illustrative of the soft, dream-like and fuzzy quality of childhood. This is why they are also used as symbols of love and care.

This dual meaning of a bear symbol - of great authority and courage, as well as softness and care, allows for it to be used by many industries in their logo design. For example, they are used by:

Toy stores: Toy stores, kids clothing brands and even childcare services use bear symbols in their logos. Usually, the kind of bear used in the teddy bear or the panda bear –sometimes a koala bear is also used. All these give off a feeling of love, cuteness, care and softness.

Clothing Retailers: Polar bears or grizzlies often also appear in clothing logos. The kind of bear used depends on the type of clothing. For example, a company dealing with heavy winter gear may use polar bears in their logos. Similarly extreme gear companies may make use of grizzly bears in logos!

Basketball Teams: Basketball clubs and teams, and even other sporting teams use the bear as their official mascot –to symbolize physical strength, courage and authority.

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