Make a Beauty Logo in Minutes

Looking for a beauty logo that’ll make the competition green with envy? You’ve come to the right place. You don’t need to grapple with graphic designers, or the design software either. At DesignMantic, we make beauty logo designing easy for you.

Just pick a professionally designed beauty logo template from our collection, add in your brand name and slogan, and voila, you’re done! So what are you waiting for? Dress up your new beauty salon or beautician logo with one of our amazing logo designs and get ready to shine!

Brilliant Ideas for Your Beauty Logo Design

The beauty industry is huge. From beauty salons to hair salons and from wedding specialists to wellness spas, a lot comes under its umbrella. No matter if you’re looking for a salon logo or a spa logo, our logo designs have what it takes to set up a business for growth and success.

So start browsing right now to enjoy a vast collection of beauty icons such as swan logos, fairy logos, long hair logos, attractive women, butterfly and mermaid logos, and more. We also have a huge variety of edgier and modern designs such as a hair stylist logo with chopsticks in hair, African apparel logo for an ethnic fashion brand, and a bright lipstick logo for a style-forward make-up studio. And did we say that our process is super easy? It is!

Creating Free Logo Design Made Super Simple

Pick an Icon

Select a professionally designed beauty logo template from our collection according to your preferences. From whimsical to illustrative beauty logos, and more, we have them all.

Customize & Edit

Customize the template, edit the beauty graphics, add taglines, change color, and adjust the size in just a few clicks to personalize your design according to your brand image.


After completing the customization, simply click to download the design in a variety of file formats and flaunt it wherever you want whether branding materials or online.

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Importance of a Beauty Logo for Your Brand Image

Check any beauty business startup guide and you’ll find that having a beauty logo design is as important as the brand itself. As a brand identity marker, a beauty logo helps your audience associate positive feelings with your brand and triggers those feelings every time they see your beauty logo design. Through its layout, icon choice, color palette, and fonts, the secrets to beauty brand efficacy, you convey the brand’s character and personality. Therefore, it is extremely important to get all the details of the design right whether you pick an illustrative beauty logo or a minimal beauty salon logo.

At DesignMantic, our experts focus on cohesive and standardized beauty logos so whichever design you choose can help you communicate a consistent message.

Get Your Beauty Logo on Branding Materials

Beauty branding is an important part of getting your salon or studio off the ground. It is a process of consistently and continuously shaping your beauty brand and marketing it to the world. Through our easy-to-print beauty logo designs, you can get your symbol decorated on a number of branding materials such as office stationery, business cards, product and packaging, t-shirts, coffee mugs, flyers and brochures, and even on city billboards!

From business card design to envelope design, our complete branding package helps you create a consistent brand identity throughout all your business and marketing channels And the best part is, you can even customize your branding materials by availing custom design services from our in-house graphic designers, if you don’t like our pre-made templates.

Over 1020 Beauty Logos to Choose From

When we say we have hundreds (and counting!) of designs for you to choose from, we aren’t kidding. Our designers are busy creating beauty and skin care logos for you so you can feel inspired, revamp your brand, and set up your business for a resounding success. If you have any questions regarding how to design a beauty logo, see below our handy FAQs. To get the latest on design trends and all-things-branding, see what’s cooking in our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beauty Logo Maker

How do I create a DIY beauty logo?

A logo maker is the perfect tool to create an instant DIY beauty logo that’ll give your business the edge you’re looking for. Our own beauty logo app, DesignMantic, is a browser-based online tool that allows you to create stunning designs in minutes at affordable rates.

Our beauty logos include designs such as a lipstick icon in the shape of a hi-rise, delicate swan logo designs, female silhouette logos for a fashionable image, and abstract designs such as a crown logo, a mirror, and similar illustrations. To create your beauty brand logo, just pick a template of your choice, customize it as per your design needs, and your logo is ready for download.

Can my beauty salon logo be a wordmark?

Sure. Your beauty salon logo can be anything you want it to be: a wordmark, an illustrative design, a combination mark, anything. With intelligent font choices, lettermark logos can make a beauty salon logo design look absolutely rich and chic.

When you are making these font choices, make sure your font type connects well with the theme of your beauty salon logo. For a delicate, feminine look, use Script or handwriting fonts for a lovely effect. On the contrary, if you are going for an edgier look, pay attention to imposing Serif font choices but look for a bold and modern type from its collection.

Combining your font choices with the theme of your beauty salon brand plus the feel of your logo helps you in creating a harmonious overall look.

What are the uses of a beauty parlor logo PNG?

A beauty parlor logo PNG has plenty of uses, especially in the digital world. Due to its unique format, PNG files are preferred as the ‘format of choice’ for displaying on website design, social media, blogs, and everywhere online you can think of.

As raster graphics files, they never lose their image quality when compressed for different sizes. Therefore, no matter where you are using it for your branding purposes, with a beauty logo PNG you can be certain that your image quality will not be harmed.

While a PNG is the best format for digital applications, at DesignMantic we offer you your beauty logo design files in JPG, JPEG and vector formats too so you can brand your business without limitations.

What colors would suit my unisex salon logo the best?

A unisex salon logo is a representation of inclusion. Therefore, you cannot go with colors that have traditionally been associated with one gender or another. So steer clear from pinks and blues, and use shades that could be either a combination of them or completely different colors.

For our unisex salon logo designs, we gravitate towards classic black and white, shimmery gold, bright reds, and even browns and green logos. Sometimes you can also combine these colors together and leave the neutral tones to represent the gents salon logo and a colorful shade to represent femininity. However, for a unisex logo that’s non-binary, your best bet is to use colors that people don’t associate with one or the other gender.

Please suggest some unique designs for a haircut logo.

For unique haircut logos, first think about what makes your hair salon brand so different. Knowing your unique selling point will help you choose a similarly unique hair logo.

For example, for a modern and chic hair salon that offers modern haircuts, we have a hair style logo featuring a female with chopsticks tied in her bun. We also have traditional scissor icons featuring additional symbols for a truly stand-out look. These include scissors in the shape of a mandala, a pair of scissors cutting a strand of hair that spells the brand name, and even scissors in the shape of a shield with a crown in the middle.

For more beauty logo inspiration, check out our design gallery now.

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