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Turn your fashion brand from drab to fab in minutes using our fast and easy fashion logo design software. Just enter your brand name to browse through thousands of fashion logos.

We have logos for all types of fashion businesses, from clothing logos, boutique, retail outlet logo, to cosmetics logos, accessories, and shoes logos etc. Whatever your business, we have the perfect fashion logo for you.

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What Do Top Fashion Logos Have in Common?

They’re chic, trendy, classic and have plenty of oomph factor. Your fashion brand logo can have those effects too if you use our top-of-the-line fashion logo maker.

You will love our fashion store logos because they are:

  • Professionally designed
  • High quality graphics
  • Attractive and memorable
  • Downloadable in minutes!

Your Fashion Brand Can Have a Logo Design Like This

Whether you’re starting out or an established small business brand, your fashion brand can have that stylish, classic or modern look to impress your customers. Now you can make your fashion retail outlet logos stand out from the crowd too. Just select a fashion symbol to get started.

Creating a Fashion Logo Design is Super Simple and Free


We have thousands of fashion symbols in our database. Select a fashion brand symbols that matches with your fashion brand image and message.


Adjust and customize colors, font, tagline or more shapes to make your fashion logo design unique to your brand.


When you're ready, download your favorite fashion logo design instantly to your computer in high resolution vector files.

Start a Fashion Brand Legacy Today

Now that you’ve downloaded your fashion brand logo, what’s next? Use it for branding your fashion labels, print materials, digital products like a website.

And if you're out of ideas, we’ve got you covered. Try our complete and ready-to-print fashion branding package which include:

And more, all ready for print in minutes.

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Choose from Thousands of Fashion Logo Ideas

We do the heavy lifting for you by providing you with thousands of readymade beautiful fashion logo templates created by professional designers who have years of expertise in creating stylish fashion logos. And you get all this for just $37, downloadable in minutes.

"I was so pleased with how effortless and easy contacting their customer support is. I made an error in one of my design selections and the customer support team (Richard) was so kind and diligent in helping me resolve my error. I must say, as a new small business owner, I am so truly thankful for designmantic's affordable high quality products!!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a fashion logo need to communicate?

Overall, a fashion logo needs to communicate its association with style, the branch of fashion it deals with (clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.), and the brand’s unique character.

When selecting elements of your fashion logo design, ensure that each gels well with others and contributes to a unified brand story. For example, if you are using red in your clothing logo to portray passion and excitement, your font choice should be equally alive and interesting.

Keep your fashion brand message cohesive and uniform; only then you’ll be able to design a fashion logo image that you’ll be proud of.

What are the trendy fashion icons and images I can use in my logo?

The most trendy fashion icons and images that have always been in vogue are clothing icons such as cocktail dresses, evening gowns, cute casual style frocks, and others. These icons can be displayed in a variety of ranges: illustrated, hand-drawn, 3D, or in line art logos.

Often, fashion retailers that are involved in more than clothing, opt for a logo style that isn’t this specific. So, for example, you’ll see shopping bags icons, hat imagery, barcode icons, and others being used to create smart fashion logos.

Following the current trend of simplicity and repetition and movement in fashion logos, opt for minimal fashion logo designs so you can be immediately on trend without trying too hard.

Is a fashion logo png more helpful in branding?

The short answer is: yes. A fashion logo PNG helps immensely with branding. It allows you to display your logo on a variety of digital platforms, in various sizes as required by each, and not worry about any drop in quality.

However, if you are looking for branding on more platforms than digital, you need more file options such as vector files. With a fashion logo vector, you get high-quality files in an easy printable format (PDF) that allows you to showcase your fashion store logo anywhere you want. Since vectors are scalable, you don’t have to worry if resizing the file will be an issue.

So if you are looking for a cohesive branding strategy, we recommend you get your fashion logo files in more formats than one.

How can I make my boutique logo match my brand image?

It’s not as difficult as it may seem. You’ll just need to be very careful in your design choices to ensure that every element you select in your boutique logo is a perfect match for your brand image.

For example, if you’re selling vintage clothing, your boutique logo cannot sport a modern icon - and the opposite is true as well. Also, if your brand is all about hand-sewn or custom pieces, a run-of-the-mill fashion design logo is a big no-no. For such a brand, use an illustrated or a custom logo that looks more natural and authentic. Wordmark logos work well, too.

Use this approach in your font choices, colors, design effects, and tagline too, so you’re 100% sure that your boutique logo design is a perfect representation of your unique brand.

What type of font should I use in a clothing logo?

Your choice for a clothing logo font mostly depends on three factors:

a.The kind of clothing store you’re running

b. The image you want to send to your customers, and

c. Whether the font matches with the rest of the design or not

For a modern and cleaner look in a clothing logo design, opt for font styles that are non-Script, such as Regencie or Quicksand. For a clothing store logo that is into classic designs or luxury attire, we recommend statelier fashion fonts such as Trajan Bold for the luxury, high-end style and Angelina for a soft, feminine, 50s look.

However, most important, you’ve got to make sure that the font you’re using mixes well with the other areas of design and doesn’t look out of place.