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Fire Symbols

A fire is a universally understood symbol for energy, passion, drive, motivation and creativity. Whenever you want to reference vigor, strength and enthusiasm, a fire symbol can convey this meaning effectively. This is why it is used by different businesses and industries in their logo design. Logos often incorporate different styles of fires and flames. The fire may be in a typical flame shape, or it may take a more abstract and fluid form where it is coming out like a wave, or from elements such as text, or from any other shape.

Here are some common industries which use fire and flame symbols in their logos:

Firefighting Company: Firefighter teams use flames and fires in their logos. Usually such logos incorporate a very familiar flame shape, which may be geometric, or abstracted.

Energy & Oil Company: Fire is a natural reference to energy and fuel. Oil and gas companies, motor oil companies, engine oils etc. all may use the fire symbol in their brand marks.

Restaurants: Restaurants and cafes also frequently use fire in their logos –this is to reference warmth and the 'coming-together' of people, for example, around a fireplace, and to reference the very literal connection between fire and food, and the energy it provides.

Sports League: Sports leagues may also use fire in their logos, in the form of flaming texts, flaming balls or flaming mascots. This is to show how passionate and motivated they are.

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