Make Your Home & Garden Logo

Beautify your home improvement business by creating a home and garden logo for your brand. We offer tons of creative and professional logo designs, endless customization, and a super-easy process.

Who Should Get a Home & Garden Logo?

If you are wondering whether a home and garden logo is the right choice for your business, take a look around our design gallery. Our home and garden logo designs are inspiring and beautiful that are perfect for home improvement businesses, gardening companies, florists and decorators, even property managers or interior designers.

We have logo designs containing home logos, tile icons, window images, flower logos, and so much more. Our designs containing tree logos, for example, are great for florists, gardening companies, and landscaping businesses. Our home logo images are ideal for home improvement logos, remodeling businesses, real estate agencies, and even architecture firm logos. So, throw your design caps on and get creating!

The Key Role of Your Garden Logo

With the help of an effective garden logo design, you tell your customers and your rivals what you are all about. If your garden logo image is professionally-designed and looks well-executed, you send a message of credibility and professionalism to everyone around you. Prospective clients will trust you more and prefer you over others whose brand visuals are sloppy and generic.

Our AI-powered garden logo maker connects you with the best, most balanced business logos designed by our experts.

How to Create a Home & Garden Logo in 3 Easy Steps


Browse through our extensive gallery of home and garden logo templates to shortlist your designs. We have everything from illustrative logos to 3D logos and from vintage logos to the most contemporary.


Edit your chosen designs by modifying their colors, fonts, and layouts. You can switch up logo icons, work with the design grid, and also add your brand taglines. All of this is available so you can customize your home logo template as per your brand needs.


When you have made all the necessary changes to your garden logo design, proceed to download your logo files in multiple file formats and get them delivered right in your inbox!

Brand Your Home & Garden Logo Design

When it comes to promotional materials, t-shirts are the classic and most popular branding material. Use our complete branding package to get your home and garden logo design printed on your t-shirts designs, staff uniforms, and office stationery for maximum exposure.

Business cards are a necessary networking and marketing tool. At DesignMantic, we not only offer exclusive business card designs for your home and gardening business, but we also offer website design, social media header design, and a whole lot more.

Using our home and garden logo vector files, you can print your logo design on a bunch of marketing materials, including flyers, brochures, letterheads, envelopes, and such.

Over 270 Home & Garden Logo Templates to Choose From

So, you feel ready to see what a home and garden logo can do for you? We have hundreds of unique and original designs to help you achieve your goals. In addition to the logo templates, we also offer custom home and garden logo designs if you’re after something exclusive. Do look at our customer reviews to find out why our clients think we are awesome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a home and garden logo for my landscaping company?

Yes, you can. Landscaping is about creating beautiful outdoor spaces. With a home and garden logo, you can show your landscaping company’s flair for outdoor architecture in a more natural and organic style.

A home and garden logo template combines outdoor greenery with a lot of home imagery. You’ll find images such as a vines logo around a pillar, a house and a tree logo, and a fence on grass logo, among others. As you can see, symbols like these are perfect for a landscaping company logo, lawn maintenance logo, and other related businesses.

For more variety of home and garden logo images for your landscaping company, check out our gallery and look at the latest designs.

How many free logos do I get from a garden logo maker?

While the DesignMantic garden logo maker is a free tool to use, we do not offer free logo designs at the moment. When you finalize a logo template for your gardening business, there is a small fee to pay before you can download your personalized logo.

We have put these pricing plans in place to ensure that our graphic design artists are being paid fairly and at competitive rates. We do not believe in free labor, nor do we think small businesses should not be able to enjoy the many benefits of personalized branding. Therefore, we offer our garden logo design services at affordable rates. It helps our clients get the design solutions they need and our designers get paid for their work.

Will a flower garden logo work as my flower shop sign?

Since both these visuals use florals as their primary element, a flower garden logo is a great choice for a flower shop sign. To make it look more impressive, use nice pastel colors like powder pink or baby blue to decorate the logo.

For fonts, go with something simple and delicate. We use Regencie and Gabrielle when we want to create floral logos that evoke emotions of femininity and grace. If you rather create a flower shop logo that looks more solid and powerful, a lotus logo in black and gold is a design example to follow.

How to make my gardening company logo look organic?

Your best bet to ensure that people understand that your gardening company logo represents an organic business is to use the word ‘organic’ in your brand name.

The thing with gardening company logos is that all of them use elements of nature in their designs. Flower icons, tree icons, and images of grass stalks, etc., are common to all kinds of gardening or agriculture logos. Therefore, to make the most distinct impression, your brand name must do its part. On the design front, keep things simple so your brand name can shine. Just a single icon (or max two) with no more than two colors and a simplified font should be your design brief to create an organic-looking gardening logo image.

Can another person use my garden maintenance logo?

Our home and garden logo gallery is available for anyone to use. Therefore, it is possible that someone else may like the exact garden maintenance logo template that you have chosen for your business.

However, brand personalization is the keyword here. Our logo templates are only to give you a canvas to work on. Using our customization toolbar, we encourage you to modify the template as you see fit, and bring it closer to your brand design requirements. The more unique changes you make to your garden maintenance logo design, the more distinct it’ll be from any other similar design. Therefore, take advantage of our editing panel and create a brand new and one-of-a-kind logo for your garden maintenance company.