Make an Agriculture Logo in Few Clicks

DesignMantic’s agriculture logo maker is super simple to use. It lets you create iconic logos at affordable rates, and without worrying about complicated design programs. Find agriculture logo designs ranging from farming logos to winery logos, farm house logos, etc. Pick a logo design that you like, customize it, add your business name, and proceed to download. It could not get any easier than this. Take advantage of our efficient logo creator to create your agriculture logo in minutes!

Create Unique Agriculture Logos for Your Business

Many businesses use agriculture logos as their official brand markers. You can use a professional agricultural logo as a poultry farm logo, as a local petting farm logo, and even as a logo of a landscaping company. Their association with the color green, earthy elements, and organic layouts make agriculture logos a perfect fit for several different nature-related businesses.

At DesignMantic, we offer you a vast collection of hundreds of unique agriculture icons that you can use in your business logo. We have sunflower logos, white picket fence logos, field logos, water logos, pine tree logos, and so many more. You’ll also find animals, sun, and other relevant symbols of nature featured on these logos.

Our expert logo designers take great care in producing harmonious and well-mashed agricultural logo templates. So use our unique ideas to create a unique agriculture logo today.

What Can an Agricultural Logo Do For You?

A logo is a unique piece of graphic design that creates a unique brand identity for you. With the help of a fitting agriculture logo, you can tell your customers who you are, what your brand can do, and how you’re unique from every other business of your kind.

These perceptions, or brand images, require a lot of hard work to create. Therefore, our world-class graphic designers create custom agricultural logo designs that can effectively tell your brand stories about your organic farm logo, manufacturing or agricultural production company brand identity. Using our intelligent logo maker, you can communicate important information about your brand to your audience. For example, if your agriculture brand is organic, if your farmhouse is colonial or modern, or what kind of animals you have on your farm, etc.

You can employ our branding solutions to help your brand image further, and launch yourself as a contender in your market.

Creating Agriculture Logo Design Made Super Simple


Explore our incredible agriculture logo design gallery to find the farming logo you want. We have hundreds of unique designs, each aimed to fulfill your specific design needs.


Tailor your agriculture or farm logo design to your exact specifications. Change color, font, size, and whatever else you want. Add advanced level design effects to the template up a notch.


When your design is final, click on Download and proceed to get the original vector file of your agriculture or farm logo brand. You are now free to use it anywhere you want.

Create Your Agriculture Brand Identity Instantly

Branding your business involves displaying and promoting your brand colors and character at every interaction point with your consumers. For an agriculture or farming brand, these interaction points could be your product packaging, your official uniform, business identity design , as well as business premises.

Get your agriculture logo design printing done on the packaging that you use to pack and ship your products to your customers. The vector format will ensure that your logo image quality is intact, and the design keeps its quality no matter the kind of print surface.

At DesignMantic, our branding package also offers you farm logo files to print your agriculture logos on several promotional and official materials. Some of these could be your uniforms t-shirt design, official envelope designs, signboards, and other relevant places.

Use our enhanced branding package to order agriculture business card designs. The business card lends legitimacy to a business and makes it more official. Our business card maker allows you to customize your design according to your agricultural organizational needs.

Over 900 Agriculture Logo Templates to Choose From

Choose a relevant search term to browse hundreds of agriculture logo templates created for businesses like you. You can search by industry or with a specific search term you have in mind. It could be nature logos, flower logos, tree logos, barn logos, or even agricultural machinery logos. In addition to logo designs, we also provide web design and custom graphic design services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What images will best suit an organic farming logo?

To make your organic farming logo stand out, you must not rely exclusively on images and symbols. The reason: almost all organic farming logos will use elements of plantation and vegetation in their designs. Therefore, you need to think of more creative ways to ensure your organic farm brand design has a distinct identity in the farming crowd.

One of these ways is to use the word ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ in your brand name or slogan. It will immediately let the audience know that your business is more than just a regular farm. You can also use cleaner, more streamlined font, and color choices for your agriculture logo designs. Ample use of white space, soothing shades of green (instead of bright, shiny hues), and simple fonts will do nicely for organic logo designs.

Can you help me create a modern agriculture logo design?

Of course. There are few rules for creating a modern agriculture logo design. When you start browsing our gallery for potential templates, look for logo designs that are simple and minimal. A bunch of leaves under a semi-circle depicting the sun logo, an abstract swirl in green and white, and a line art logo showing a field and a palm tree are all modern designs.

For colors, focus on designs that use no more than two colors (3 is the max). The colors must not be glossy or shiny. Instead, keep your agriculture logo sophisticated and elegant. Similarly, choose fonts that give a clean finish to the whole look. Quicksand bold, Regencie, and Trajan Bold are some of our favorite styles.

From where can I find the best agriculture logo vectors?

It mostly depends on your budget. If you have money to spare, you can hire a graphic designer to create custom designs for your agriculture company logo which will always contain the vector files of the logo. However, for most new entrepreneurs, we recommend using an online logo maker like DesignMantic for best agriculture logo vectors.

Our logo maker helps you create original designs by allowing you a wide range of customizing options. We have structured our pricing plan in a way that no matter your budget, you will always get the best agriculture logo within the price.

Our logo vectors will help you kickstart your branding right away, with our design team always available for a consultation if you need them. Contact us here.

What kind of businesses use agriculture logo images in their branding?

Any business that is related to farming or agriculture in any way can refer to our agriculture logo ideas to use for their branding and marketing.

Our logo maker can be used to create agriculture chemical logos, animal breeding farm logos, industrial farming logos, farm machinery logos or equipment, crop processing, seed businesses, and others. Our agriculture logo image gallery consists of a ton of variety to suit the branding needs of these various kinds of agribusinesses. As you start browsing through our logos, focus on images that are closest to your business type and brand image.

Once you have finalized your design, you can download your agriculture business logo in several file formats. It allows you to start your branding immediately and effectively.

What type of farming logo images are suitable for my company?

When looking for farm logo images for a farming equipment company, think of designs that use tools as their primary images. These tools come in elaborate illustrations, as abstract designs, or in any other way you like.

Tractor logos, gear logos, windmill logos, and similar are some famous examples of agriculture machinery logos. You can use fields, sunflowers, suns, farm animals, cows logos and other such elements with these designs to make your design more relevant as an agriculture business logo.

To look at our complete variety of agriculture equipment logos, visit our database now.

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