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24 Fresh Agricultural Logo Ideas To Grow Your Brand From The Ground Up -

Agriculture Logo

Featured Image: iStock/fotokostic

Carving a unique identity for yourself in the food and agriculture industry can be more challenging than you think. The product, to an average consumer, isn’t that different. After all, it’s all fruits and vegetables. So what makes you different? How are your apples better than your competition?

Distinguishing yourself in such a saturated market is demanding work. But with the correct agriculture logo and a larger branding strategy, the task is doable. Using the right elements in the right balance will help you create a visual identity that you can encourage your consumer to associate with fresh produce of the highest quality.

Below we have sourced for you 20 logo design works by creative professionals that can help you achieve your brand identity goals.

1. Add Black To Create An Impact

You are going to see a lot of green in agriculture logo designs for obvious reasons. To cut through the noise, add something completely different – like the color black – to create an impact.

Agricultural Logo 1
Image Source: Behance

2. Line Art

Line art logos are the latest trend in agriculture branding. They help create a visual story without overwhelming the image with lots of icons.

Agricultural Logo 2
Image Source: Behance

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3. Creative Typography

You can use creative typography to design your farming brand logo. The brand initials can take the shape of an agricultural icon or perhaps the typography can be styled to look like a graphic.

Agricultural Logo 3
Image Source: Behance

4. Use Shades Of Green

Yes, green is a popular color in farm logos. But like all colors, it comes with a variety of shades. Don’t stifle your creativity when selecting color palettes for your green farming logo. Use different shades of green such as Pantone color of the year 2017 (Greenery), to create a layered effect.

Agricultural Logo 4
Image Source: Behance

5. Creative Brand Name

If you do not want to rely on the design alone, think of creative brand names to give you the distinctness that you are looking for.

Agricultural Logo 5
Image Source: Behance

6. Use A Shield To Surround Your Design

You will often see that shields, emblems, and other vintage styles of logo design are used to create modern agriculture brands. The idea is to use the nostalgia of classic design to lend relevance to the brand.

Agricultural Logo 6
Image Source: Behance

7. A Chain-Like Effect

Growth is a central element of agriculture business branding. Leaves growing from other leaves – producing a chain-like effect – can be a great idea for an agri-business logo.

Agricultural Logo 7
Green leaves logo for agriculture

8. Watered Pastures

Pair water droplets with your plant logo for a unique and interesting effect.

Agricultural Logo 8
Water drop logo in green and blue

9. Care For The Planet

The designer uses leave impressions as ‘caring hands’ that have cradled the planet in their palms.

Agricultural Logo 9
Green globe icon with two leaves

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10. Feature The Soil

Green color, featured alongside brown, can make your agriculture brand logo look more authentic and ‘earthy’.

Agricultural Logo 10
Flower logo for farmers

11. Human Connection

Showing human emotions like hands in the air in obvious celebration or familial representations can make your brand seem more relatable and relevant.

Agricultural Logo 11
Green plant logo depicting agriculture

12. It Can Be Somewhat Abstract

Abstract images can be combined with literal, solid shapes to create remarkable designs.

Agricultural Logo 12
Spiral logo in green

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13. Think Different

Think of a different and unique design if your goal is to be identifiable among the masses.

Agricultural Logo 13
Image Source: Dribbble

14. Let Nature Be Your Inspiration

When you are designing an agriculture logo image, look to nature to discover how the elements look in their natural habitat.

Agricultural Logo 14
Image Source: Dribbble

15. Wordmarks Work

You will find most agricultural logos using icons and symbols to brand their business. But wordmarks can lend your business a unique identity.

Agricultural Logo 15
Image Source: Dribbble

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16. Use Icons In Literal Way

Think of your brand name, brand philosophy, and brand character. Pick out a few phrases and words that leap out to you. Then think of unique ways in which you can represent them on your logo.

Agricultural Logo 16
Image Source: Dribbble

17. Earth Tones In Bright Shades

Earth tones are popular in agricultural logos. To use them differently, say with some shine or gloss, can help you stand apart.

Agricultural Logo 17
Image Source: Dribbble

18. Use More Than One Language

If you are selling to a diverse market, using more than one language to distinguish your brand name can be the ‘yellow helmet’ that can help people spot you from miles away.

Agricultural Logo 18
Image Source: Dribbble

19. Abstract Agriculture Logo

Abstract logo images are uniquely beautiful. Using solid shapes, regular patterns, and truly intriguing designs, you can carve out a niche for yourself.

Agricultural Logo 19
Image Source: Logopond

20. Design The Fields

Field icons, as well as other pasture images, are popular agriculture logo symbols. Designing fields in different ways can help you tell your unique story without sounding like everyone else.

Agricultural Logo 20
Image Source: Logopond

21. Use Colors

Don’t be afraid to use design elements at your disposal to create something unique. Somewhat brighter shades of the color that everyone’s using can help shine some light on you.

Agricultural Logo 21
Image Source: Logopond

22. Different Font Weights

Using different font weights – one lighter, the other bolder – can help you emphasize the message in your logo. Alternatively, you can also use two different – but complementing – font styles to achieve the desired effect.

Agricultural Logo 22
Image Source: Logopond

23. Different Font Styles

Continuing the previous point, as an alternative, you can also use two different – but complementing – font styles to achieve the desired effect.

Agricultural Logo 23
Image Source: Logopond

24. Keep It On The Minimal Side

Show your connection with modern technology with a farm logo that is minimal in style and creative in execution.

Agricultural Logo 24
Image Source: Logopond

The Takeaway

Launching a new brand, especially in a market where it can be hard to distinguish your product from the rest, can be daunting. Therefore, we hope that by using design intelligence, you can overcome this challenge and are able to start an agriculture business that is as fresh and new as your produce.

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