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5 Types Of Businesses That Can Use An Agriculture Logo -

Agriculture Logo

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Agriculture remains an important industry in the US. This billion-dollar industry helps USA export agriculture and food products valued at more than 130 billion dollars every year. According to the World Bank, development in this sector directly boosts incomes and living standards across the board. US has more than two million farms that help support a variety of agricultural businesses like farming, crops, fruit and vegetation, livestock, and so many others.

Being such a diverse industry, it posits a challenge when it comes to designing unique brand images for its different sectors, sections, and businesses. Agriculture is all about nature, and when designing an agriculture logo you have to keep thinking of new and fresh ways in which to portray nature. You also have to be vigilant about the type of agri-businesses you are representing through your design and have to make sure that your design is relevant to the nature of the business.

In this article, we are talking about 5 major types of agriculture businesses that can benefit from a unique agriculture logo. Read on to find out the rules and best practices to designing agricultural logos for a variety of agri-businesses.

• Farming And Crops

A farm owner who raises crops is the most common type of agriculture business. With millions of farms owned and operated by generations of farmers, competition is tough in this market segment. Therefore, giving crop farmers their unique business identity that can give them an edge over their competitors is an important task.

As a designer, make sure to highlight the crop in the design that is the hero of the farm. More often, farms are known for their specific crops among their regular audience. It is entirely possible that a soybean farmer will also have a separate field for corn. So, when designing such a farm logo, make sure to use fresh agriculture logo ideas and highlighting the crop that is the main attraction of the farm and enjoys a strong reputation in the market.

Agriculture Logo 1
Image Source: Behance

Agriculture Logo 2
Crop logo for agriculture farms

Agriculture Logo 3
Image Source: Dribbble

• Farming Equipments

Stores and shops that sell farming equipment are also an important part of the industry. These may include heavy equipments such as a tractor, wagon or a farm truck, or something that a farmer needs to work with on a daily basis such as shovels, sprayers, and mowers.

If you are designing an agriculture logo design idea, make absolutely sure to include elements of machinery into the design. These elements could be subtle, such as a gear, or more direct such as tractor logo or a wagon logo. Experiment with colors, too. Use various shades of green in your agriculture logo for a deeper impact.

You can also choose to emphasize whether the equipment store is local or a part of a national chain. Depending on the market you’re selling to, people may prefer to buy from locals or from perhaps a bigger chain with more variety and lower prices.

Agriculture Logo 4
Image Source: Behance

Agriculture Logo 5
Tractor logo gear with green sprouts

Agriculture Logo 6
Image Source: Behance

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• Fisheries, Livestock & Dairy

Not many people realize, but livestock is an important part of agricultural industry. It not only sustains the local and national food industry but also contributes in the country’s agricultural exports.

Though you may find a livestock farm logo featuring additional elements such as sunrises or pastures, a great way to break away from the mold is to feature just the animal on your logo shield. Such logos not only look quite interesting and original, they also fulfill the design criteria of being simple and easy to understand/recall.

Your dairy and fisheries logos can also be in wordmarks, however, we recommend using the combination mark logos for this part of business to represent the brand in a more solid manner.

Agriculture Logo 7
Image Source: Behance

Agriculture Logo 8
Landscape logo with cows and clouds

Agriculture Logo 9
Image Source: Dribbble

• Farmer Markets

Farmer markets deal with the retail side of the business. Farmer markets are mostly operated by farmer associations in an attempt to make fresh produce available directly to the consumer without any middleman. It allows big farm owners as well as small farmers to reach to their audience, promote their business, and expand their market.

If you have been commissioned to create a farmer market logo, you basically have to combine two different areas of the business together: production and retail. The production side of farming requires you to rely on natural elements such as crops, greenery, and water sources etc. On the other hand, retail is a completely consumerist concept. As a designer, it is your responsibility to bring these two together so the design is highlighting the balance between them without harming the design or its quality.

Agriculture Logo 10
Image Source: Behance

Agriculture Logo 11
Green and brown abstract logo design

Agriculture Logo 12
Image Source: Dribbble

• Fruit Gardens

Fruit farming is another major part of the agriculture industry. Agriculture logos usually feature trees and fruits in their designs. However, if you own a fruit farm or a fruit garden and want to launch your business as a brand, you’ll have to make sure that your fruit garden logo looks different to other, more generic agricultural logo designs.

You can use a combination style logo to ensure people have no trouble recognizing you as a fruit farmer. You can also use wordmarks, emblems, or monograms to make an impression.

Agriculture Logo 13
Image Source: Behance

Agriculture Logo 14
Tree logo with lemons

Agriculture Logo 15
Image Source: Dribbble

Summing Up

Agriculture industry is huge and diverse. It consists of a myriad of industry segments that support each other, and sometimes, overlap with each other. To create a distinct brand identity for each of these businesses can be a challenge as the products aren’t that different. However, by highlighting subtle difference and emphasizing regular aspects in a creative way, you can create stunning brand imagery for different types of agricultural businesses.

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