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Hands Logo Symbols

Hands are one of the most occurring symbols in logos. They are features in different ways –sometimes they appear as a chain of 'holding hands', sometimes they are seen as cupped hands and sometimes they appear in the form of gestures and signs. Hands symbols often give off a serious and stable look to the logos –which is essential for companies or businesses that deal with aspects of human life which involve trust and care.

You can do well with a hand symbol in your logo if you are one of the following:

Health Care Business: Hospitals and clinics can give off a feeling of trust, care and dependability with the use of hands. These hands often appear as hands holding a heart, or as holding hands.

Childcare Service Provider: Preschools, daycare centers and other childcare businesses can give off a feeling of care and community with the use of colorful hand chains.

Non-Profit Organization: When you want to say you care about anything, you can show it being cupped or held in your hands.

DesignMantic offers a range of logo templates that feature the hand symbol. They are available in different styles and colors, and can be accessed through the free logo design tool. Just enter your industry name and check out the available options!

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