Make an Insurance Logo on the Go

Let your insurance logo image shine as a beacon of hope, trust, and care. Use our insurance logo maker today and create a trustworthy brand identity for your insurance company in minutes.

Make the Perfect Insurance Logo to Identify Your Brand

The right symbol is the most important part of an insurance company logo. Find the most appropriate symbol for your insurance company logo design right from our logo gallery. We have everything from health insurance logos to freight insurance logos and from car insurance logos to home insurance logos. All you need to do is add your business name and see the logo templates start rolling in. Our famous insurance logo symbols consist of animal icons, medical cross icons, keyhole, and many others. To find your perfect insurance logo, click on the button below.

How Does Our Insurance Logo Maker Work

It works like a well-oiled machine – smooth, efficient, and a joy to use! With the power of AI, it is an incredibly intelligent and easy logo design tool. To make it work for you, all you need to do is add your company name and click enter. The rest is taken care of in straightforward, intuitive steps. Shortlist a few icons from the hundreds of unique ones you’ll get, personalize your favorite one, and download it to your inbox. If you know what you are looking for, the whole process takes less than 5 minutes!


Start exploring our insurance logo gallery to look for the latest, most popular insurance logo designs. Keep your brand requirements in mind as you shortlist the templates.


Make changes to the insurance logo template to convert it into a unique and customized logo design. Add a tagline, change colors, modify font, and do so much more.


Once all changes are done, move on to the next step to select your payment plan and download the logo. We send over the original files including the insurance logo vectors in PDF format.

An Insurance Logo Design to Identify With

Every insurance business needs a logo. If you have got the budget and time for it, then hiring a graphic designer is worth the effort. Since most SMBs and startups are running on a tight schedule not to mention budget, using an insurance logo maker is an impressive convenience. To use our online insurance logo maker, you don’t need to have graphic design knowledge or experience. Our logo mockups and templates are designed by professional artists and only need a few personalization tweaks to be ready for business. Whether you are looking for the most value, shortest time, or the simplest solution, our online logo maker delivers you effortless results.

How to Brand Your Insurance Company Logo

You need to take your files everywhere when you are in the insurance business. Make them work for you as your branding assets by displaying your logo on your files, folders, and the rest of the office stationery.

Your insurance logo needs to go on your app as well as the business cards. Thankfully, our insurance logo vectors allow you to do both without ever compromising on image quality.

Over 540 Insurance Logo Templates to Choose From

If you are looking for variety, we’ve got it right here. With hundreds of unique designs to choose from, you never have to settle with anything less than the best. Keep exploring our gallery till you’ve found an insurance logo idea that checks all your boxes. Also, take a look at our review section to find out why our clients love us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an insurance logo for free?

You can create a free insurance logo if you design it yourself. Any offer of a free insurance logo design comes with a variety of hidden costs, such as the inclusion of a watermark, low-resolution images, or account creation fees.

At DesignMantic, we offer you a straightforward logo design process in exchange for a small price. We use this amount to pay graphic design professionals who have created your insurance company logo because we do not believe in free labor. Every insurance logo you buy from us has been handcrafted by someone and comes at a cost that any small business can afford.

For this small fee, we give you a high-resolution insurance logo vector that you can immediately brand and promote to launch your business successfully.

How do I download your car insurance logo maker?

To use our car insurance logo maker you do not need to download it. Our logo maker is a browser-based program and you can use it directly online, without downloading anything.

To start the process, simply click here to enter the insurance logo gallery. Choose a template of your choice and add your business name to it. Personalize the logo by changing colors, fonts, and icons and make it more exclusive and unique to your brand. Lastly, download the logo to receive the original insurance logo vector directly to your inbox. All of this is achieved without leaving your browser, and in best cases, under 5 minutes!

Where to display my insurance agency logo?

Where and how you wish to promote your market your insurance agency logo depends entirely on your business strategy. Some businesses focus on the local market while others take as much advantage of online marketing as they could.

So, talk to your marketing people and figure out what your strategy is going to be. If you are concerned about whether your insurance agency logo image will move smoothly from print to digital, you don’t need to be. We provide you with original vector files to allow the scaling of the insurance agency logo without damaging the resolution. So, no matter how small or large the size of your logo, it’ll keep looking nice and attractive wherever you choose to display it.

Why do general insurance logos contain shield icons?

A general insurance logo needs to inspire trust, reliability, and confidence. Since a shield or an emblem is always the sign of authority, prestige, and high character, most insurance businesses use it on their logo.

If you want to follow this popular example, we have tons of shield logo icons for you to choose from. You can also go a different route and introduce credibility to your logo through a different symbol. A falcon logo icon, the statue of liberty symbol, lion head on a crest logo, or a flaming torch logo are all signs of strength, integrity, solidarity, and trustworthiness.

To increase the effectiveness of your general insurance logo, any of these icons are greatly suited for the job.

Do you offer life insurance logos with branding?

We do. All of our life insurance logos come with a complete branding solution, including business cards, letterheads, envelopes, website development, social headers, and much more.

We offer all these services for all of our clients whether they are looking for life insurance logos or any other type of insurance logo design. We aim to equip SMBs with all the tools of the trade that can help them compete with big businesses in the market. Therefore, our branding solutions are comprehensive but affordable.

To take a look at our services in detail here is a great place to start branding.