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Need a security company logo that intimidates the competition? Welcome to DesignMantic. Packed with the power of clever designing, our security logos can chase any competition away. Fortify the strength of your security logo image using our hassle-free and smart logo maker tool.

Modern Security Logos for Inspiration

There are so many different icons that you can employ to create a modern look for your security brand. Shield icons, armor symbols, sword icons, and lock icons, etc., all work great. But your choice for the best logo designs for your security brand will depend on the kind of security services you provide.

For a cybersecurity logo, a lock icon or a keyhole icon on a cloud is a more suitable image but for a company that provides security guards, a better security company logo design will be shield logos, armors, or security helmets. Fingerprint logo, shield and wings, a checkmark, fort icon, and a Spartan helmet logo are all compelling security logo inspirations. Choose any of these (or explore more from our library!) to create a security brand identity that your clients can identify you with.

What a Professional Security Logo Can Do for Your Company

Your logo is your brand’s speakerphone. Use DesignMantic’s security logo vectors to amplify your brand message and convey its character and values. Our professionally designed security company logos give your brand credibility and distinction. And with only 10 seconds to spare – in which your audience is forming opinions about your brand – the stakes are incredibly high.

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Browse the latest security logo templates from our collection. Select according to your brand preference and shortlist as many as you like.


Make tailored changes to the security company logo design according to your brand needs. Add tagline, change colors, add graphics, adjust the layout, and do so much more.


Go on to download your security company logo once you’ve finalized all the changes and get your logo file in multiple formats for complete branding.

Readymade Branding with Your Security Logo

Create a consistent brand identity by printing your security logo design on your personnel uniforms. Our security logo vectors in PDF format allow you to scale and print your logo in any size, for any surface without damaging the image quality.

Business cards are essential assets to a brand. Our business card design and print packages enable you to display and print your security brand logo on your business cards and other promotional and marketing material for your brand. These include company letterheads, envelopes, and office stationery, too.

Workplace identification cards are the staple of modern professional life. Our security logo design samples come in multiple formats. You can enjoy complete branding for your business by printing your logo on your office ID cards, security t-shirt design, and other business assets.

Over 540 Security Logo Templates to Choose From

We understand that your security service firm needs to build a brand image of power, strength, reliability, and trustworthiness. That is why we have created hundreds of unique and smart security business logos that make your brand message impactful and confident. Each security logo in our design library has what it takes to make a brand look neat, polished, and professional.

So, do not over-think it and start using our free logo creator today. We also offer website builder, social media header designs, email signature designs, and other branding services. Our Live Chat and FAQ sections are here help you navigate this journey that may be new to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to design a cyber security logo with a logo maker?

A logo maker, like DesignMantic, can make it really quick and easy to design a cyber security logo. You simply browse to find the perfect logo symbol, whether it is laptop logo with a lock, fingerprint logo in a shield, or even a gun logo design, in the customization design studio add your brand details, and continue to download.

The process does not require you to have any technological knowledge of graphic design. The whole thing can be done within a few clicks. You can change the colors, fonts, and more details by simply clicking on different icons. Each change can give your security logo image a new look. Once you are happy with the final design, continue towards payment and download.

How to use my security guard logo to brand staff uniforms?

You can print your security guard logo to brand your staff uniforms using the vector file that comes with your logo design package. The file format is perfect for printing your logo design on multiple branding and marketing assets.

Our complete branding packages are great options if you are serious about transforming your security business into a successful brand. Choosing one of our packages, you can get not only a unique security company logo design but others such as website designs, flyer design, and envelope designs, etc., too.

To look at our complete branding solutions, you can check here.

What are some good icons for a security services logo?

Some of the most effective security services logo icons include eagle logos, shields, lock logos, keys, and swords logos.

The idea is to immediately convey a sense of safety and protection. That is why we see a lot of security service company logos using more obvious images such as guns and other armor in their security logo details. However, if you want to keep it low-key, some useful icons can be a shield surrounded by stars, a minimal key icon, or a watchful eye logo.

To find out even more unique security logo ideas, check out our design gallery now.

Where to get the best security company logo from?

It largely depends on your budget and brand needs. If you are just starting out and need a security company logo for your startup, a logo maker can help you with it. The process is free, convenient, and requires no hassle.

If you want a more exclusive design and can bear to wait for a few designs to get an original security firm logo, hiring a graphic designer may be a good idea. Another way to land yourself a one-of-a-kind security logo is to order a custom logo design from us. Our design packages have varied price ranges to suit different budget needs. To find out more details about it, check our custom design page.

Are your security agency logos royalty-free?

Our security agency logo templates are created by professionals to be used by multiple businesses. Therefore, those designs are not royalty-free and come with usage terms and conditions.

A royalty-free design will be a custom logo that our designers create specially for your security brand. Since such a security agency logo will be an exclusive design, you can own its copyrights and royalty. You can also choose to use it anywhere you like without any usage restrictions.

To learn more about how to use a royalty-based security agency logo template, talk to our design expert through online chat right now.