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Now you can fuel-up your transport brand with a clever and smart transportation logo that’s ready in no time and packs a great punch of quality. From logistics logos to truck logos and from ship logos to plane logos, at DesignMantic you’ll find logistics and transport logo designs of all kinds, in a single, easy-to-use design studio. Design your own logo now!

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Get Logistics Logos to Elevate Your Brand

A logistics logo is meant to give your transport business a leg up among the competition. To stand out from the crowd and make your own mark in the industry, consider using one of our original and professionally designed logistics logo templates. Choose from swoosh logos to truck with arrow symbol around, to speeding delivery van logo designs.

Each of our logistics logo design has been hand-crafted by professionals with years of experience and skills. You’ll find the perfect balance of symbols, icons, colors, and fonts gracing each template. Plus with the amazing variety of customization options available, you can truly add your own touch to the design, thereby, making it even more unique and brand-centric.

To find out the latest variety of logistics logo designs available, head over to our gallery now.

How to Create a Transport & Logistics Logo

Step 1

Start by browsing through our gallery of transport logos and find the one that’s stops you in your tracks. Creating a stunning transport logo design has never been easier. Just pick a logo template from thousands of options from our database to get started.

Step 2

Using our top-of-the-range customization tool, edit the transport logo template to make it a true representation of your brand. Add more details, play with colors and fonts, try different sizes, and see which background works best – all within the browser

Step 3

And don’t worry about files formats of your transportation logo design. The process is super-fast and easy. In just a few, handy clicks download different files of your favorite logistics and transport logo design for use instantly.

Best Transport Logo Ideas for Your Brand

One of the best things about DesignMantic’s DIY transport logo maker is that it is a browser-based platform. Meaning, without leaving the website and without downloading any other program, you can create all your logistics and transport logo designs right here, right now. And what a variety of templates we have available!

From stationery trade logos featuring trucks and dumper truck logos to more dynamic designs such as globes with connecting dots symbols or globes with arrows around them, you can find everything here. Whether you’re looking for a wordmark logo or want something pictorial, we have hundreds of designs to satisfy all your transport logo inspirations! To look at all we have to offer, start browsing now.

Don’t Stop at Just a Transportation Logo

Yes, having a captivating and brilliant transportation logo design is critical but when it comes to business and branding success, you’ll need more. That is why we offer an affordable branding package consisting of Business Card Designs, Flyer Designs, T-Shirt Designs, and so much more.

Brand package that are easy to select, download or print, and affordable too! We offer budget friendly transport logistics brand design packages for you to pick readily and use in marketing. Pick a set now!

Business card designs professionally crafted for professionals like you. When you pick your logo, your brand identity design is ready too. Just select a layout of your choice!

Custom graphic design for all types of banners, car wraps, trucks and more are also at a click of a button. We offer in-house custom designs for your convenience!

Over 2000+ Transport and Logistics Logo Templates to Choose From

Haven’t made up your mind yet about which logistics and transport logo symbol you should go for? Not to worry. With over 2000 transport logo templates in our gallery, DesignMantic offers you the best of design variety. From vehicle logos to track logos, wordmark logos to dynamic swooshes that represent movement, and from delivery logos to mobile mail logos, we do it all. Just start browsing now and find your perfect design today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Transport and Logistics Logo Maker

What are the important elements of a transport logo?

A well-designed transport logo uses three important elements with great intention and detail. These are: symbols, colors, and fonts. A symbol gives the logo relevance to the industry it represents, colors help create a mood for the brand, and fonts tie up all the other details together.

When you are looking for a good transport logo image, pay attention to templates that get all these three things right. With our logo design tool you’ll find several such images that tick all your design check boxes. But for more design freedom, our customization panel helps you make changes to the transport logo template so you can create a more personalized design.

To see it in action, choose a design now and see for yourself.

What kind of symbols should I use in a transport logistics logo design?

Your choice of symbol for your transport logistics logo design depends on the kind of business you are running. For a home-delivery service, a mailing image on a delivery truck icon may work well. For a large shipping company, a globe icon with a plane circling it may look more suitable.

Depending on your niche service area and the type of logistics or transport services you provide, your transport and logistics company logo can be anything from a truck logo to a ship logo and from an airplane logo to a bus logo.

Alternatively, you can also choose to use a wordmark logo and let go of symbols altogether. Wordmark logos are great for prioritizing the brand name and are an industry-favorite approach.

How can I make my truck logo unique?

Giving a unique look to your truck logo may be a complicated art but we make it easy. Our top-of-the-range customization panel helps create stunning, unique logo designs that transform a business into a fully-fledged brand. Another aspect to look at is the figure and ground relationship in a transport logo that will make your brand image distinctive.

The customization panel consists of areas of simple design change as well as advanced features. In addition to changing the icon, colors, and font, you can also alter the layout, work with the grid, and even introduce scale and position changes. The tool also helps you add Textfield so you can add your business name and trucking logo slogan in the design.

To see how it all works, choose a template now and start designing.

Which fonts are best to use in a logo for a logistics company?

The best fonts for a logo for a logistics company, or even a transport company for that matter, need to fulfill three criteria:

  • Be easily readable even on a moving vehicle
  • Preferably something in Sans Serif for a modern, cleaner, and professional look
  • Scalable with no loss of quality

At DesignMantic, our artists use fonts such as Swansea, Quicksand bold, Marcellus, and Trajan Pro from the Serif family to design impressive and professional-looking logos for logistics companies.

To see even more fonts in action, explore our design gallery now. You can also change fonts using our logo studio tool if you want more customized designs.

Can my shipping company logo be used in branding?

Absolutely. The whole purpose of a logo design is to be used in branding and gain recognition for the business. To make your shipping company logo a valuable branding asset, we, at DesignMantic, offer unmatched branding solutions to help you get started.

Our branding solutions include your chosen shipping agency logo design in multiple file formats so you can display your logo on a variety of platforms, such as your website design, your city billboards, on your social media, anywhere you want. We also offer business card printing, website setup, printing of marketing materials (t-shirts, for example) and also of office stationery.

Browse through our different pricing options to choose the best branding package to help your business take off.

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