Wings Logos

Historically, wings are symbolic of a variety of meanings. They are used to depict heaven, freedom, movement, dreams, travelling and even intelligence and wisdom. The kind of meaning you want to convey depends on the kind of wings used; for example angel wings represent heaven or dreams or the quality of being a messenger, while owl wings are symbols for understanding and wisdom.

Because of the versatile nature of this symbol, a wide variety of businesses are able to use it for their purpose. For instance, you will find their use in:

Gaming: To symbolize the dream-like nature of their games and to emphasize concepts of freedom and creativity.

Media & Advertising: advertising companies also use modernist rendition of wing symbols in their logos to say how their work gives your business the proverbial wings.

Motorbike: Motorbike companies and motorbike clubs are also known to use wing symbol to depict fast movement, and the element of travelling.

Heavy Metal Bands: Metal bands and even other music genres use wings in their music icons to showcase the heavenly, dreamlike or “wise” nature of their music –one that draws inspiration from the human spirit.

Religious Institutions: Religious centers make use of wings to make a connection between spirituality and heaven.

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