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No graphic design skills, no logo design expertise required when you use our gaming logo designer to build up the adrenaline of your fans and players. Just type in your gaming company’s name to browse through thousands of gaming logos right on your desktop.

So Many Gaming Logo Templates to Choose From

Whether you specialize in and require card game logos, board games, computer gaming, sports game logos or online gaming, we have just the right gaming symbol for you. Professional logo templates, ready to edit, and downloadable in minutes.

How to Create a Gaming Logo


With thousands of gaming icons and mascots to choose from, you’re bound to find a symbol that fits your gaming brand. Just select one to get started.


Now all you have to do is customize your gaming logo design to your taste and gaming persona. You can change fonts, colors, text and shapes etc. to your heart’s content, for free!


Ready? Our gaming logo maker allows you to download your design instantly in high resolution and vector files, all ready for branding and printing.

Use Your Gaming Logo Design to Stir up Social Media…

Got your gaming logo design, now what? Use it on social media headers to instantly impress your community with your superior quality social media images whether it's Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

… Or Create a Cult with Gaming Brand Designs

If you want to make a splash with your gaming logo design, then use it in branding and marketing materials. Whether you want to use it to create a cult with outstanding t-shirt designs and merchandise, or establish your gaming brand as a business, you can do so with our complete branding design solution.

And more, all ready for print in minutes.

Amazing Gaming Logo Design Templates, Unbelievable Pricing

Your gaming logo design doesn’t need to cost you a bomb. All our logo templates are free to try and design until you choose to download. For high resolution and vector files you only have to pay a small price of $37. Unbelievable, right? Try it today!

"Very easy explanation, very quick search model, big variety of different design ideas, so I will advice it!!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a gaming logo always have to be in bright and bold colors?

The reason you’ll find the majority of gaming logos in bright and bold colors like deep purple, red, orange, gold, and bright pink is that these logo colors excite the emotions and put you in a mood to experience something spectacular.

However, not all kinds of video game logos contain these bold and blinding colors. If you have created a game directed at kids, for example, you’ll be better off using mellower shades of these colors. So instead of bold and bright purple, use lavender and instead of shining orange, perhaps a more welcoming and warm sunlight color.

Basically, your choice of gaming logo color must correspond to the kind of game you’ve developed and your target audience.

Is your gaming logo maker free for professional use?

Definitely our gaming logo maker is free, it is certainly the most affordable and convenient option available for gamers, gaming clubs, online gaming portals logos and even for making gaming avatars. We offer high-quality designs so business owners can create professional logo designs without emptying their pockets.

Not only do we offer you high-quality, professionally designed work, but all designs from our gaming logo maker are scalable. This means, awesome image quality, and easy printing options – so all of your branding is taken care of in one economic package.

Can your gaming logo maker app help in my gaming club branding?

Absolutely. Using our gaming logo app, you can get a gaming club logo design delivered to your device in a number of file formats. These include JPG, PNG, and PDF so you can easily display the design on a variety of marketing platforms without any trouble.

This ease of having your gaming club logo design displayed anywhere you want helps with recognition, gives you more visibility, and enhances your gaming club brand. Our raster-based file types give you complete control over how you want to manage your branding. And having your gaming logos in varied file formats makes your job that much easier.

Can I display my gaming logo avatar on my YouTube channel?

Sure, why not. When you get a gaming logo avatar from us, you receive the file in several formats including PNG. This enables you to display your gaming avatar with complete freedom on your YouTube channel.

Not only YouTube, our gaming logo PNG files are perfect for all kinds of social media and digital applications. Using the PNG files, you can display your gaming avatars on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as your official website.

We also deliver to clients the vector files of their logo designs. So if you want, you can print your avatar and even display it on your city’s biggest billboard without hampering the image quality.

Which video game logos are best for my gaming clan?

That mostly depends on what kind of gaming clan you’re running and the video games your community members like the best. While most gaming clans use the video game logos of their favorite games and use them as their own gaming clan logo, we recommend against it.

If you really want your gaming clan to become something and gain a professional standing, get your own logo designed now. Using our easy and affordable online video gaming logo maker, you can now get a professionally designed logo ready in minutes.

Our brand designs are totally budget-friendly and we have several packages available to suit different needs. So no matter how small your budget may be, your very own gaming clan logo is now just a few clicks away.