Car Logos

What do you find common in a bull, a horse, a ram and a jaguar? Apart from being animals, they are all part of famous logos of popular car brands in the world. If you are planning to design a custom-made logo for your car brand keep the prospective audience in mind along with their targeted age groups.

Designer car logos are frequently used by –

Car Company: An attractive and appealing car company logo is sure to grab the attention of visitors and transform them into potential customers.

Motorcar Repair Workshop: The auto repair workshop logo must be professional, creative and distinctive in order to successfully market the services. The overall design says a lot about who you are as a professional.

Vehicle Manufacturers: Every brand bears a badge and every vehicle has a name. The perfect combination of the two can make a huge difference to the brand identity.

Car Rental: A friendly car logo for your rental business can make it approachable and motivate customers to choose you for their journeys.

The outstanding templates featured by DesignMantic can help you personalize your car logo design needs. Just start with a steering wheel logo or a tire logo and then you can browse through multiple attractive design templates, colors, fonts and limitless customization with just a few clicks.

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