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Want to zoom past your competition to more successful grounds? Take advantage of DesignMantic’s automobile logo maker and get your brand logo designed today. No need for a graphic design tool or to pay an exorbitant fee to designers. With our top-of-the-range automobile logo maker, you can now design tons of different kinds of automobile logo images right in your browser. So what are you waiting for? Pick a template, add in your brand name, and enjoy your brand new auto logo today.

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Automobile Logos That Sell

An automobile logo design can serve a great many relevant industries. If your business is searching for distinctive car wash logos, car detailing symbols , car accessory stores, sports car showrooms, auto dealer symbols, and even car racing clubs, all can benefit from unique and stand-out automotive logo designs from our auto logo maker.

But car logos aren’t the only thing when it comes to our collection of automobile logo templates. We also offer other types of transport logos such as bus logos, motorbike logos, truck logos, and even dump truck logos in various designs so businesses can represent themselves better. So whether you are running a car workshop service or town car service, our auto repair shop logos will help you get ahead of the competition.

Tons of Automotive Logo Designs for Professionals

An automotive brand logo is an important visual tool to help your business cultivate a professional image. Using different elements of the logo in a unified manner, you can tell your brand story to your audience appealingly and positively such as a beautifully designed limousine logo in black and gold colors will look utterly rich. A wheel on fire logos for an auto lubricant shop and a wheel logo surrounded with speed lines for an automotive wheels or suspension repair business, all add interesting details to enhance a brand image. Using DesignMantic’s automotive logo maker, you can get tons of such professional logo images right in your browser.

Create an Automobile Logo Instantly

Choose a Template

Pick from a huge variety of our automobile logo templates. From car logos to wheel logos and from sports bike logos to bike handle logos, we have them all.

Customize & Edit

Personalize your design according to your branding needs. Change your car logo colors, add more icons, edit the size, include your slogan, and do so much more.


Download the final copy of your automobile logo PNG in original vectors and other formats to enjoy comprehensive branding opportunities.

Speed Up Your Automobile Logo Branding

T-Shirt Design

Get your branding in full gear by using our T-Shirt design maker which allows your automobile logo to be printed on t-shirts and other promotional materials to on-ground marketing strategies.

Business Card Design

Don’t consider your branding complete if you haven’t got your auto services logo printed on your business cards yet. Try our business card maker for a brand new brand identity.

Website Design

Our Pro Package offers use of our fast and free website design maker. You can set up a professional, modern, and functional website at no extra cost. With 1 year FREE hosting, too!

Social Media Cover Designs

When it comes to branding, social media is the place where most of the digital marketing takes place. We help automotive businesses get matching social media cover designs for marketing effectively.

Over 1500+ Automobile Logo Templates to Choose From

Still not sure which automobile logo idea is the best for your brand? Worry not. With over 1500 original and unique logo designs to choose from, our automobile logo maker gives you an overwhelming variety to browse through. Not will you find and learn about iconic automobile logos choices, but we also help our clients with so much more: answers to frequently asked questions from businesses and clients, news, updates, and trends from our blog and expert articles from our professional designers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Automobile Logo Maker

How to design an automobile logo?

If you are going to use a DIY auto logo maker tool like DesignMantic, creating an automobile logo becomes a super easy job. All you have to do is pick a logo template from the extensive list, make any changes to it if you want, and proceed to download.

It couldn’t be easier than that.

With our large variety of auto logo designs available in our design studio, you can get a logo design for your car wash, car rental company icon, a car dealership logo, or any other car-related business. The process is easy using drag and drop tools so you don’t even need to have graphic design skills for getting your own automobile logo.

What do car logos with wings represent?

Car logos with wings represent speed, acceleration, strength, and balance. You may have seen several luxury car brands such as Aston Martin, Bentley, and others, use wings as part of their official brand logos.

The strategy is to capitalize on the association of wings with the sophistication, speed, and precision of flight. In other words, car logos that use wings. try to tell us that their automobiles are fast like a bird, but that speed comes with strength, balance, and dependability.

See our complete collection of car logos today to find tons of designs where we use wings and other icons to symbolize speed and precision.

Which font should I use in my automobile company logo?

The fonts you can use in your automobile company logo need to make your design look impactful, professional, and gripping. They need to make a statement.

That statement could be about your company as an innovative, modern, or ultra-tech business. Use a font style that can amplify the message you intend to send.

When our designers are creating modern and futuristic car logo designs, they usually go with Marcellus or Butler fonts. For a minimalistic style, consider using automobile logo fonts such as Qontra or perhaps Swansea. For a car business logo such as car detailing logos or a car wash, fonts like Bold Finger or Trajan Pro can be good choices.

Is a car outline logo a good choice for a car rental company?

Sure, why not. You can use a car outline logo for several kinds of automobile businesses, including a car rental service logo. An outlined logo falls under the category of abstract logos. Therefore, using it for a car rental can be a specially good idea as you’re not focusing on a single brand of car.

You can use an outlined automobile logo image to demonstrate any number of unique car brands. While you can use a logo design maker tool to make an professional car rental company logo, it’s best to avoid clip art for your logo design. To take a thorough look at our car logo collection, we suggest you visit our gallery and find out which design looks the best for your business.

Where to get the best auto logo design?

That depends a lot on what you mean by the best auto logo design. If you are looking for the best value for money paid, hands down the best option is an automobile logo maker. It is affordable, easy-to-use, and lets you have an original logo designed in only a few minutes.

Using an online logo maker service like DesignMantic, you can get an auto logo designed right in your web browser. No prior experience or design skills needed. Additionally, our price plans also offer extensive branding choices. So, not only do you get an affordable logo design, you get to launch your business as a brand with our help.

To know more about branding packages, check our pricing plans now.