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Consider your search for the perfect computer logo over– because we have exactly what you are looking for. Professional, original, and distinctive computer logo designs for your next big venture! Whether you are launching the new tech startup of the era or starting a small computer repair shop, our computer logo maker has what it takes to give your brand the perfect visual mark you are hunting for. So start your exploration now and check out our computer logo gallery for the best designs.

Why Use a Professional Computer Logo Maker?

With a professional computer logo maker, you can help carve a distinct identity for your brand. Businesses that benefit from a professional computer logo are varied and belong to different industries. For example, it can be used for a computer repair shop logo, an online retail company, as part of an online tax consultant logo, for a networking firm logo, and even as a medical logo for an online pharmacy.

Using our computer logo maker, you can discover hundreds of original computer logos such as mouse logos, pixel logos, laptop logos, desktop logos, abstract computer logos, hardware logo, computer chip logos, and so many others. This variety of icons and symbols ensures that all the different kinds of computer-related businesses can benefit from our design services and set their brands up for success.

Creating a Logo Design As Easy As 1-2-3

Browse a Template

Browse through our hundreds of unique computer logo templates to pick the right one for your business. Browsing is free, so keep looking till you find the right one

Edit & Change

Make changes to your final computer logo brand. Edit colors, fonts, and icons. Add shadow, shine, shapes, and more for a truly customized look, for free


Download your computer shop logo in png, jpeg, and jpg formats to allow for an extensive branding campaign. No extra charges will apply, just a nominal fee.

A Computer Logo Design to Identify Your Brand

As a new business owner, you may not think of a logo design as a necessary business asset. However, let us assure you that a unique computer brand logo is the most critical asset you could ever get to market your business properly. A professional computer logo design will give your business a unique identity and help it stand apart from others in the market.

Through a careful mix of logo design elements such as icons, fonts, and colors, you can create a strategy regarding your brand image and perception. The various combinations of these elements can influence if your computer logo looks more corporate, quirky, or technical.

To make the best impression, choose a computer logo vector that represents the essence of your brand most accurately and professionally.

brand logo

How to Use Your Computer Logo to Build Your Brand

Choosing a computer business logo that is true to your brand image is only half the battle. The real thing starts when you begin the branding process. Branding means getting your logo and business out into the wild. Let people see your brand logo, form associations with it, and become interested in it. You do that by making sure that your computer company logo is visible on all things related to your brand: your staff uniform, your office stationery, your official documents, and even on your office coffee mugs.

Thanks to our complete branding packages at DesignMantic, the multiple file-formats you receive your computer logo vector in is to ensure that you can print your logo design on a variety of materials and surfaces. We also offer website design, app design, business card design, and social media header design. All this to give your brand the best chance it can get!

Over 2000 Computer Logo Templates to Choose From

How do we make certain that all business owners who come to us leave with the best visual identity designs for their businesses? We do it by providing variety. As you look through our database, you will find hundreds of unique computer logo designs, each different from the next, to cater to individual brand needs, entrepreneur preferences, and market demands. Not only logo designs, but we also offer website design, social media cover design, and business card design services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Computer Logo Maker

You can also check out our FAQs section to find out answers to the most common queries regarding logo designs. You can also check out reviews from our past clients and see how awesome we are!

How to make a computer logo?

If you are using a DIY logo maker like DesignMantic to make your computer logo, the process is insanely easy. Just pick out a logo template from the computer logo maker, edit it to bring it closer to your brand identity, and download the file to use your logo anywhere you want. You can also choose to hire a graphic designer to create a custom computer logo design for you. However, that will cost you a lot more. There is a middle ground, though. Buy one of our custom design packages that are a lot cheaper than what a designer may charge you, and let us create a one-of-a-kind computer brand logo for you. The logo will belong to no one but you and will be a unique representation of your computer business.

Is the E logo a popular icon for computer businesses?

The ‘E’ logo represents the ‘electronic’ part of the computer industry and is considered a popular icon to design computer business logos.

For a long time, the small case ‘e’ has served as the brand identity for Microsoft’s internet browser, the ‘internet explorer’. Therefore, the icon helps millennials connect the e logo immediately to the computer and internet market. This immediate connection helps with brand memory and brand recall.

If you want to capitalize on the power of the e logo design, we have tons of unique computer logo templates that you can choose from and create a distinct look for your internet service brand. Not only this, you can also find other alphabet logos too.

Can I use a logo app to design a computer center logo?

Of course, you can. A DIY computer logo maker app such as DesignMantic offers new businesses a great avenue to fulfill their commercial and brand design needs. Your computer center logo will be unique and light on the pocket too.

Our browser-based app helps you create a logo from start to finish right in the app. To begin the process, search for ‘computer logo designs’. Shortlist a few from the tons of computer logo design ideas, and proceed to customize the design as per your brand guidelines. You can change colors, icons, and fonts. You can also add more design effects and also a tagline if you want.

When you are done, go ahead and download the file after paying a nominal design fee.

Will a laptop logo suit my computer repair business?

Yes, a laptop logo is a pretty relevant icon to represent a computer repair business or even for a computer repair shop logo, even if you also repair desktop computers and other related parts.

The laptop logo design is modern, minimalist, and quite clean in aesthetic terms. Using sharp colors and minimal design fonts, you can create a stunning computer repair business logo using a laptop icon.

The DesignMantic logo gallery hosts a variety of laptop logo templates that you can browse and explore. We offer a variety of designs, shapes, layouts, and fonts. We also add new designs almost every day so keep checking to find your most perfect logo image.

Suggest some great icons for my internet company logo.

One of the most popular icons that you can use to design an internet company logo identity is the WiFi icon. Next comes icons that depict connections and networks in other, subtler forms.

Your internet logo could be dynamic strokes going around a globe logo, a semi-circle surrounding your company name, a dish antenna logo, an infinity logo, and many other similar icons. Since the internet symbolizes connectivity, the icon you choose must have an element of connectedness in it. When you look through our design database, you will find that all of our internet business logos utilize one way or another to create network imagery in the design. It can even be in the form of pixels logo that are designed to show movement.

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