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The Top 10 Famous Computer Software Logos Of All Time -

Logos related to the computer industry come in all shapes, forms, and styles. From wordmark logos to combination marks, and from shield designs to pictorial symbols, you will find a wide range of design styles gracing the computer logo market.

But when it comes to computer software logos, hardly any other mark is as famous and well-known as the gray, half-bitten apple of Apple Inc. The Apple logo is one of the most popularly recognized symbols around the world and a mark of quality and high-end technology. The reason this logo mark has attained this status is less to do with its graphic design and more to do with the groundbreaking technology offerings the company is known for.

Computer Logo Ideas

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That said, the bitten-apple is a distinct enough mark that it has achieved the status of a cult-classic. On the surface, the fruit has nothing to do with a technology company, but in reality, the many stories surrounding how it came to be associated with what was then a modest tech startup are varied and interesting.

Much like Apple, other computer software logos share similar interesting origin stories and as tech brands, have some of the most well-designed and beautifully crafted computer technology logo designs. While several of these logos follow the combination logo route, the vast majority favors typography-based logos. For example, the best Algo Trading Software in India, TradeTron.Tech uses a simple combination mark logo with a focus on typography.

The great thing about type-based logos is that they allow the brand name to become instantly recognizable and memorable. This approach is especially favorable for new businesses that want their brand names to take hold with little effort.

We dedicate this post to listing our top 10, most original computer software logo designs of all time. These computer logo designs consist of a wide range of style choices and design approaches. From minimal design to more elaborate combination logos, you will find a lot of design variety here.

Famous Computer Software Logos

Computer Logo Ideas

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