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22 Computer Logo Design Ideas For Smart Businesses -

Computer Logo

Featured Image: iStock/vladwel

Finding just the right logo design for a business is not easy. There are a lot of things that need to be considered before a finalized logo can be launched and then used for branding as well. If you want something to make an impact, you have to be as creative and unique as possible. When it comes to designing computer logos for smart businesses, the situation is no different.

The competition in the industry is tough and businesses want to stand out with their logo designs. This is where things might get slightly challenging. You will find quite a few design inspirations and ideas but they may not be able to represent your smart business in the best way possible.

Here, we give you a collection of highly appealing ideas for computer logo design that you may be able to turn into a successful brand identity as well. Let’s get started!

1. Abstracts

These are actually quite popular in the tech industry. For smart businesses, having an abstract shape or pattern in a computer logo can be an effective strategy. It may go on to become a recognized symbol of your brand as well.


Computer Logo 1
Image Source: Behance/sixtynine design

Computer Logo 2
Abstract Logo for computer hardware


2. Just Typography With Line Art Or Symbols

With only a wordmark and maybe one or two symbols or lines with it, you can have a really impressive computer logo. This has and works very well for making a statement.


Computer Logo 3
Image Source: Behance/Sarem Ahmed

Computer Logo 4
Image Source: Logopond


3. Minimalist

Sometimes, you can say a lot with very less. With a minimalist logo for your smart business, you can create a brand identity that is evergreen and long-lasting.


Computer Logo 5
Image Source: Behance/Creative Ideas

Computer Logo 6
Orange computer logo for a business


4. Icons And Tools

There are certain icons and tools that can encourage trust and reliability. By using them in computer logos, you are sending out a positive message to your target audience. You can also combine or merge icons and tools with text to make a highly appealing computer logo.


Computer Logo 7
Image Source: Behance/Mai Reda


5. Go With Neon

Think it will look over the top? If you get it done right, then no. By having neon in the logo for your smart business, you can get an edge over your competitors. It can be good for marketing and branding too as it may be something different than usual and catch the eye.


Computer Logo 9
Image Source: Behance/Umme Kulsum Ummi


6. Recognizable

You can choose to get a recognizable computer logo for a smart business. Basically, this means having a design which tells the consumer what your company or business is about. It might even lead to a jump in profits.


Computer Logo 11
Image Source: Behance/H.M Adib Arian

Computer Logo 12
Image Source: Behance/Anika Rahidi


7. Black And White

A black and white logo design might not be the first preference but it can have a strong visual impact. In a computer logo design, two tone colors or just black with white looks quite engaging. 


Computer Logo 13
Image Source: Behance

Computer Logo 14
Image Source: Logopond


8. Creative

There are several brand identity designs that not only catch the eye immediately but also become memorable. Creativity in a logo design can really help your smart business make a mark.


Computer Logo 15
Image Source: Logopond

Computer Logo 16
Image Source: Logopond


9. Friendly

Logos that appeal to the consumer’s emotions can be quite successful too. If your computer logo is created in a way that it has appealing visuals, you will be able to build your branding strategy around it.


Computer Logo 17
Image Source: Behance

Computer Logo 18
Image Source: Logopond


10. Colorful

If you want to, you can even go all out with your computer logo for your smart business. Colors are very important in a logo and usually connect with the consumer instantly. By adding meaningful colors such as red, green, blue or pink, you can establish a unique brand identity.


Computer Logo 19
Image Source: Behance

Computer Logo 20
Image Source: Logopond


11. Negative Space

These spaces are highly effective in a logo. With a negative space in your computer logo design, you can make it unique and more attractive than your competitors.


Computer Logo 21
Image Source: Logopond

Computer Logo 22
Image Source: Logopond


12. Animal Imagery

Now, you might not see these commonly being used in the industry, but you can really send a strong message with a few animal images. Birds, panthers and lion imagery in the logo for your smart business can tell your audience that your brand delivers quality, speed and reliability.


Computer Logo 23
Image Source: Logopond

Computer Logo 24
Image Source: Logopond


13. Dynamic

When designed according to the brand and business, these dynamic logos can definitely attract consumers. You can even show movement or motion for effect in the computer logo design.


Computer Logo 25
Computer logo with boxes

Computer Logo 26
Image Source: Logopond


14. Flat Logos

Basically, a flat or two-dimensional logo is more user-friendly and can adapt to multiple platforms. It will help you attract more consumers as well.


Computer Logo 27
Globe logo for computer business

Computer Logo 28
Image Source: Logopond


15. Bold

Bold colors or contrasts in a computer logo will surely make it stand out. With a bold computer logo for your smart business, you will be able to build an effective branding strategy.


Computer Logo 29
Rectangle shapes for computer logo

Computer Logo 30
Image Source: Logopond


16. Classic And Timeless

These logos never go out of style. It doesn’t matter what trends come and go, your classic or timeless logo will always be appealing.


Computer Logo 31
Image Source: Logopond

Computer Logo 32
Logo design with bulb


17. Initials

You can choose a lettermark logo or have your company’s initial in it for a strong impact. It can make your brand recognizable with time.


Computer Logo 33
Image Source: Logopond

Computer Logo 34
Image Source: Logopond


18. Solid Background

A solid background can give your computer logo the boost it needs to catch the attention of the consumer.


Computer Logo 35
Image Source: Logopond

Computer Logo 36
Image Source: Logopond


19. Clear And Simple

With a simplistic and clear computer logo design, you can set your business apart. There doesn’t need to be a lot going on in a logo for it to be eye-catching.


Computer Logo 37
Image Source: Logopond

Computer Logo 38
Image Source: Behance/Trend Media


20. Shapes And Patterns

There are several shapes and patterns which can add to a logo’s overall appeal. By adding these creatively in your logo design, you can actually tell your target audience your brand story.


Computer Logo 39
Image Source: Logopond

Computer Logo 40
Image Source: Logopond


21. Versatile

A logo should be versatile so that it looks good on everything from merchandise like clothes and bags to digital and print media.


Computer Logo 41
Image Source: Logopond

Computer Logo 42
Image Source: Logopond


22. Modern

Modern, clear-cut logos are becoming quite popular and can be ideal in a computer logo design for smart businesses.


Computer Logo 43
Squares logo for Computer

Computer Logo 44
Image Source: Logopond


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To Sum Up

These are some great computer logo ideas that can take your smart business to the next level. You can now use your creativity and knowledge of logo design to come up with an engaging one.

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