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20 Abstract Logo Designs With Clever And Interesting Shapes -

Abstract Logo

Featured Image: iStock/wacomka

Abstract logo designs are more than just shapes and patterns. They are the perfect styles of designs as they allow the business and designers to represent multiple aspects of the brand in a single image. They are also great for those who want to avoid literal imagery and want to go for something more interesting and creative.

Abstract logo designs mostly rely on shapes to represent their meanings. However, they are often paired with typography to spell out the brand name. This approach works really well in the long run for the business’ success as the abstract shape can gain longevity as the brand’s signature logo mark.

Before you decide to represent your brand with an abstract logo shape, here are a few designs to help you get acquainted with them. Explore these 20 unique designs created by professionals and determine which shapes, patterns, and ideas seem the closest to your brand.

1. Sound Waves For A Music Company

Some industries are more suited to abstract design than others. For example, the entertainment industry. With an unbroken line and a few strokes in opposing directions, you can create a very subtle and highly on-point mark for a music company.

Abstract Logo Design 1
Image Source: Behance

2. Abstract Wordmark

Brands often use abstract wordmarks to characterize their brand names. In time, these abstract wordmarks can come to symbolize the whole brand itself, without any help from typography.

Abstract Logo Design 2
Image Source: Behance

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3. Inspired By The Master

Picasso was the master artist behind the abstract movement. Look at the image below that has been inspired by Picasso’s artistic style.

Abstract Logo Design 3
Image Source: Behance

4. Illustrative Abstract Icons

Abstract icons do not always have to undecipherable or complicated shapes. Illustrative abstract logos help create shapes from negative spaces, through elaborate drawings, and simple marks.

Abstract Logo Design 4
Image Source: Behance

5. Repeated Patterns

A lot of times, your abstract logo can repeat a single pattern multiple times to create a homogenous shape.

Abstract Logo Design 5
Image Source: Behance

6. Introducing Symmetry

Symmetry is an important concept of logo design work. Abstract logos usually rely on the uniformity that a symmetrical pattern provides to represent key traits of the brands, such as reliability, trustworthiness, and strength.

Abstract Logo Design 6
Circles in a pattern logo

7. Abstract Image With Intricate Patterns

Feel free to include something detailed and complicated to spice things up in your simple abstract shape.

Abstract Logo Design 7
B logo design with abstract artwork

8. Solid Abstract Shape

Abstract logos with solid shapes are perhaps the most popular forms of abstract branding designs there are. They are quite simple in execution and understanding and thus send very clear brand messages.

Abstract Logo Design 8
Clever logo idea for scary games

9. Brush Strokes

Use some simple brush strokes to transform a simple abstract logo image to something more clever. Keep the color choice and color style minimum so as not to overwhelm the design.

Abstract Logo Design 9
Brush logo ideas with minimum colors

10. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes and abstract designs go hand in hand. As solid and stable shapes, they add weight to the abstract logo without crowding the design.

Abstract Logo Design 10
P logo with geometric shapes

11. Use Your Brand Initial

You can create an interesting abstract logo image by using your brand initial and turning it into a solid shape that you can repeat. The white space can also help bring out the design.

Abstract Logo Design 11
Image Source: Dribbble

12. Abstract Letter Marks

Abstract letter marks work as standalone logo shapes. They are quite popular in the technology market as well as the gaming industry.

Abstract Logo Design 12
Image Source: Dribbble

13. 3D Abstract Logo

Use 3D shapes to design your abstract logo. The approach adds another layer of meaning and dimension to the whole design.

Abstract Logo Design 13
Image Source: Dribbble

14. Merging Two Shapes

This abstract logo design below merges the letter ‘M’ and the play button icon to devise a clever form. To achieve such a result, think of organic ways instead of forcing the design.

Abstract Logo Design 14
Image Source: Dribbble

15. Dynamic Abstract Logos

Abstract shapes do not rely on any rules or structure. Therefore, they are the perfect way to represent feeling and movement in the design.

Abstract Logo Design 15
Image Source: Dribbble

16. Intricate Patterns

Abstract logo marks with intricate patterns are some of the most soothing and calming logo designs there are. You’ll usually see them on spa logos, community logos, health and wellness logos, and such.

Abstract Logo Design 16
Image Source: Logopond

17. Saying It With Color

The tech industry is highly creative, imaginative, and inspiring. Abstract logos that are designed for tech brands often use bright, beautiful shades to enhance the appeal of their brand logos.

Abstract Logo Design 17
Image Source: Logopond

18. A Tiled Image

While most of the time an abstract logo isn’t looking to be literal, but sometimes unembellished and simple representation of the brand can be achieved with your routine 2D tiles.

Abstract Logo Design 18
Image Source: Logopond

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19. Encourage The Feels

Abstract imagery is about representing feelings, so let your imagination run wild as you think of unique ways you can capture a brand’s integral trait through a visibly emotion-inciting image.

Abstract Logo Design 19
Image Source: Logopond

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20. Flip The Shape

As shown in this image, one part of the abstract logo shape has been flipped to not only become the other half of the letter N but also to represent the curve of the river.

Abstract Logo Design 20
Image Source: Logopond

Feeling Inspired Yet?

Hopefully, our unique collection has given you an overview of what the world of abstract logo design is all about. As you get ready to create abstract images for your client, make sure you are keeping the brand idea in mind. While abstract logos may not have many rules but there is one rule in branding that you must always follow: if it isn’t working for the brand, it isn’t worth the effort.

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