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The Positive Side Of Negative Space Logo Designs -

The trend of employing negative space in logo designs helps set harmony and establish balance between various design elements, which is especially beneficial in logos that leverage type and myriad shapes. Even by actually using less, Negative space serves to add more to your design efforts, in addition to imbuing your logos with cool optical illustrations and evasive illusions. When used strategically, negative space adds double or deeper meaning to your logos and ups your branding game by rendering your logo unique and memorable. Simply, the use of negative space lends a more minimal look to your compositions.

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Experienced designers have been capitalizing on negative logos not only to craft memorable logos that set their brands a notch up the next guy, but also to keep their logos clean and uncluttered. We think that the entire point of having negative logos in the first place is to foster a synergistic quality that offers the audience an ‘Aha’ moment eventually when the reality finally dawns on them. While the logo design doesn’t only rely on this realization to make a mark, that ‘Aha!’ moment is just the icing on top of the cake that permits the design to communicate across more of its target message than can be perceived at a glance. While it takes a trained eye to actually relish in and appreciate the ingenuity emanating from these negative space logos, anyone can feel the mirth and joy of unraveling what the logo denotes and unveiling the hidden meaning beneath what meets the eye.

When it comes to using the negative space trend, a brand doesn’t really matter; the trick lies in the creativity of the designer and their willingness to experiment that actually makes the trend work. Here we have assembled a collection of stunning negative space logos and strived to show you their positive side which you might never have noticed before.

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Evan is an Expert in Digital Marketing. He has been working in the social media space since 2008, with a focus on design services, user interface planning, branding and more. Currently, he is leading content marketing efforts at DesignMantic and has played an integral part in the success story of DesignMantic through strategic marketing campaigns. Evan is also a design pro, who has shown a predilection towards DIY design projects.

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