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A Guide to Making a Great Sonic Logo: The Symphony of Brands -

The brand building often relies so heavily on the visual matter that other facets of a comprehensive brand identity — such as audio logos or sonic logos — are often forgotten.

Or at least underappreciated.

Yet, sound plays a critical role in human experience.

From survival to communication and relationships to memory formation, we keep going back to sound and audio cues to live full, thriving lives.

So when we build a brand, not capitalizing on a sonic brand identity can be a huge slip-up.

Comprehensive identity development demands that you consider all the different ways the brand message can be communicated — including, a matching sonic identity.

What is a brand’s sonic identity?

Your brand’s sonic identity is its audio-based logo.

Think of the famous Ta-Dum by Netflix or HBO’s Static Angel. Combined, these two sonic logos reign over the streaming experience. When either of these sounds is played, you know you’re in for some thoroughly great content.

But good audio logos don’t belong to the entertainment industry alone. Some of the best sonic logos have come from the food and beverage industry. A few great examples include McDonald’s ‘ba da ba ba ba’, Coca-Cola’s melodic logo that accompanies its ‘Open Happiness’ slogan, and the latest, Nando’s Afro-Luso-inspired beat at the end of their latest video ad. Some companies even take it a step further, utilizing professional dubbing translation services to customize sound or audio logos for diverse demographics.

Getting Your Sonic Logo Right

Remember that your sonic logo needs to be an extension of your visual logo and the rest of the brand’s cohesive identity. It should align with the brand experience you want to communicate and help convey the brand’s character to the general public without being in their face all the time.

To get your research right for your sonic logo design, here is the video guide you’ve all been waiting for. Sound off in the comments and let us know how you’re going about building your brand’s audio identity.

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