Mountain Logos

A mountain is synonymous to far-off untapped lands, the pristine nature and unrealized dreams. This is why this symbol is perfect for companies and businesses that wish to purport this outlook in their logo. If you want to say your business taps into the dreamlike, unreal quality of things, a mountain symbol is perfect for it. Some of the most common businesses niches that use mountain symbols in their logos are:

Travel Agencies: For saying they take you out of your familiar zones to something far-off and amazing.

Property: Hotels, holiday home rentals and even real estate businesses dealing with the buying or selling of property use this symbol often. Mostly, you will see blues, oranges and greens used in these logos to create a sense of warmth and dependability.

Adventure Foundations: Whether they are seasonal adventure foundations, rock climbing groups or adventure camps –using mountains in their logos allows them to reflect the nature of their activities.

Water Companies: Because spring water is known to be one of the purest sources of water, bottled water companies also use mountain symbols in their logos.

You can use a minimalistic version of a mountain in your logo, a geometric rendition or even a more realistically drawn look. If you want to experiment with styles and options, check out DesignMantic’s logo generator which allows you to tweak and experiment with multiple mountain logos!

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