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Skull Logos

Most people already know a skull is used to represent themes of death, mortality and evil. However, few are aware of the fact that this symbol is also used for other meanings such as spiritual power, transience or to denote new avenues of consciousness or awareness. The skull is also used to denote ‘toughness’, time and concentration.

The human skull appears quite frequently in the following logos:

Motorbike: Biker clubs, motorbike companies, automotive businesses frequently use the skull in their logo to give a meaning of toughness and transience. The popular colors in this industry, for skull logos, are black and white, maroon and brown.

Tattoo shop: Most tattoo businesses use the skull logos because it is also the most demanded tattoo. The reference is easy for people to understand.

Metal Band: Metal bands, heavy metal and grunge bands also use the skull symbol.

Video Game: Gaming companies, gaming websites, and businesses that make or sell gaming accessories also use the skull logo –as a reference to the mythological and paranormal nature of the world of gaming.

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