Make a Spa & Massage Logo

Looking for a spa & massage logo for your new wellness brand? Well, look no further. At DesignMantic, we take the difficulty out of design; so come, and create the most intelligent brand logo designs in just a few clicks. We offer the most original designs at the most affordable rates. If you are after a fresh brand image, this is the place to get it.

The Perfect Massage & Spa Logo for Your Brand

As a health and wellness service provider, you need a brand massage logo that immediately puts people at ease. At DesignMantic, we give you all of this to help you create a stellar look for your brand. Icons such as beautiful yoga logos massage stones, and lotus flowers are popular for massage logo designs. Graceful swan symbols, delicate hand images, and body silhouettes are perfect for beauty logos as well as spa and meditation logos.

If you do not want icons and are into wordmarks, we have letter logo designs for creating typography-based branding. So, no matter what you are looking for, our design gallery has exactly what you need to thrive as a brand.

How Does A Spa & Massage Logo Help Your Brand Image?

Communicate what your spa center logo is all about by using icons, colors, and fonts that highlight the best of your brand. Softer design details that are easy on the eyes identify the logo as related to health, wellness, and beauty.

Use our intelligent spa and massage logo makerto create a compelling brand image. Powered by AI, our logo maker gives you access to hundreds of unique salon logo and sauna logo designs. You can pick and choose any that are closest to your brand identity preferences and then modify the details to create a customized look. Customized massage logos help you solidify your brand image.

And the whole thing takes only a minute.

Creating a Spa and Massage Logo Design in Minutes?


Explore our spa & massage logo gallery for the latest in health and wellness brand identity designs. Our designs are unique, professionally-crafted, and fulfill all brand design guidelines.


Refine the spa logo template you have chosen for your brand by tweaking the design details. You can modify colors, fonts, and sizes. You can also add effects, include more icons, and modify the layout. Also, add a tagline for a more unique brand image.


Once you have made all the design changes you wanted, continue to download your spa and massage logo vector. The printable files allow you to display your logo on several branding elements and strengthen your brand identity.

Branding Your Spa & Massage Logo Design

Extend the power of your brand by displaying your spa and massage logo design on your business cards. Use our Business Cards Design page to check out the latest design ideas and see how your logo looks on various business card.

Print your massage services logo on all branding elements, including your spa services flyer. It helps keep things simple for everyone. A branded flyer or brochure makes you look professional and serious for business.

Do not market other brands by displaying their product packaging around your spa. Use custom spa equipment such as shampoo bottles, oil bottles, towels, and mugs, etc., to create a unified design theme across your establishment.

Over 340 Spa & Massage Logo Templates to Choose From

Our spa and massage logo gallery gives you hundreds of designs to choose from. Each of our designs is created by professional designers, so when you buy from us, know that you are getting the best of the business. To make the design process even easier for you, we offer industry-specific FAQs and a 24/7 helpdesk. To see why we are the favorite design place of hundreds of happy entrepreneurs, do check out our reviews section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a professional spa and massage logo quickly?

If you are looking for speed that doesn’t sacrifice quality, use our online logo maker to get things done. The logo maker will help you create a professional spa and massage logo in less than 5 minutes if you want.

The process is simple. Choose a spa and massage logo template, make brand-preferred changes to it, and download your logo. It sounds quick enough but can take a bit of time if you don’t know what you are looking for. However, if you have clear ideas on how your spa or massage logo should look like, you are in for a quick treat. Just follow the steps above and your logo will be ready in less time than it takes to book a spa appointment.

Do I need to download your free spa logo maker?

Our free spa logo maker is a browser-based program. To use it, you don’t need to download it. Simply click on the Logo Design or Logo Maker tab and follow the simple steps to create a logo without ever leaving your browser.

It is an AI-powered SaaS application that allows you to create unique brand logos without having to grapple with complicated design applications. No matter the level of your graphic design skills, you can create a spa logo design by simply clicking on different buttons and choosing from the many design options available.

To see how the logo maker works, start your design process now by clicking here.

How much does a massage clinic logo cost?

It would depend on who is creating the massage clinic logo for you. If you have hired a design professional, the cost can be on the expensive side of things. On the other hand, a massage clinic logo maker app like DesignMantic is quite affordable and efficient.

To make the most of your budget and branding needs, use our custom logo design services for your massage clinic. We offer the best graphic design work at the most competitive rates. Our mission is to make high-quality graphic design available to all businesses. To that end, we have kept our prices economical while never letting our design standards slip.

So if you are looking for cost-effective high-quality massage logo images, give our logo-making services a go.

How is a med spa logo different from a beauty spa logo?

The major difference between a med spa logo and a beauty spa logo is aesthetics. For a medical spa logo the design will be simpler and more understated. Pastel colors and other elements that can infuse a sense of care and calm will dominate.

For a beauty spa logo, the design brief is livelier. You can use bright colors, elaborate fonts, and charming visuals. The idea is to celebrate beauty. On the contrary, a med spa logo should encourage you to put your feet up and let your hair down. Self-care is the mantra here.

To get these distinctions right, make sure to take advantage of the variety in our spa logo gallery and spend time choosing the right image.

What elements should I include in my massage therapy logo?

One of the classic elements that is often present in any massage therapy logo are relaxed and wave-like lines. The idea is to make the audience think of human body curves with these relaxed and easy lines.

Sometimes in massage therapy logos, these lines are more obvious when they are used to create human silhouettes out of white spaces. Other times, we see them in a more subtle way to create more interesting massage logo ideas. Hand icons, spine curves, yoga poses, and lotus flower logos are some other popular elements you can use in your massage logo images.

To see all of these and more designs in action, our logo library is a great place to start.