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Statistics indicate that there are more travelers in the coming years, the more reason to brand your travel agency to stand out from the crowd.

Watch this video to find out why you need to make that first impression and secure vacationers with an impactful brand identity design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important elements of a travel logo design?

Among the many important elements of travel agency logos, the one that is most critical is that it must be able to immediately convey a sense of wonderment, good times, and leisurely travel.

Structure-wise, an effective travel logo design would consist of a travel icon, complementing colors, and a beautiful font choice. Together these elements come together to create images in varying designs that help travel agencies brand their unique businesses in unique styles.

In addition to icon-based travel logos, you can also use wordmark logos or lettermark logos to brand your travel company.

Can I use my travel logo PNG for branding materials?

Yes, you can. Your travel logo PNG would be best suited for branding travel website logos, social media, and other digital platforms. A PNG file is a raster graphics file, meaning it won’t lose its quality when compressed.

When you buy a travel agency logo from us, all of our payment packages allow you to have access to the original PNG file of the logo design you’ve chosen. It helps you plan and execute your branding more efficiently. In addition to PNG files, we also offer JPG and PDF vector files that collectively take care of all your branding needs.

I want a free travel logo. Can you help?

DesignMantic offers you affordable travel logo and branding packages that are as good as a free travel logo. However, if you are looking for something completely free where you don’t have to pay anything to get travel logo ideas, then we can help you with that too. Just try our travel logo maker, and follow the instructions as you go along at checkout for a free logo.

The logic behind a free travel logo to give away is that we consider price is only one form of a cost. Most free logo files that you’ll come across in your search of a perfect travel company logo can have different forms of payment. Some design sites will rightfully require that you credit them for their hard work while some others may not offer altogether top-quality service.

If you still have doubts then you can learn more about it in our ebook whether to use a logo maker or custom logo for your travel brand.

Can my travel logo be in black and white?

A black and white travel logo is a great idea for a travel guru or agency that wants to portray a sense of luxury and sophistication through its design. It also looks minimal in its approach thereby sending a look of modern aesthetics.

While not a lot of agencies favor black and white in their travel logos, as they want to seem more exciting and enthusiastic, using black and white in your design can help you stand out. However, keep in mind that your design must be an extension of your overall business. For example, if you operate a wild-life and adventure travel company, black and white may not go with the image. The best way to know is to search for travel logo inspirations then decide on your own.

Then, choose colors and other details that match your business and overall design theme. And if you want to know more, then these creative travel startup branding may give you an overview of how the industry works.

Do you have separate travel logos for Instagram highlights?

As the most important rule of branding, always ensure that your logo design remains the same no matter where you display it. Therefore, it is not advisable at all to use a separate travel logo for Instagram highlights or other digital venues.

If you are worried whether the travel logo vector you’ll get from us will be suitable to display on various digital platforms or not, please rest assured. All of our logo designs come in high quality varied files and formats that allow you to have complete control over your branding strategy. The various formats we offer our design files in – JPG, PNG, and PDF – all help you display your travel logo designs wherever you choose, on branding materials like travel postcards designs, brochure, business cards and more, without worrying about application or quality.